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The US Department Of War

By Jim Kirwan


In 1991 Paul Wolfowitz revealed himself to the world.

USI changed the name of the US War Department after WWII to the US Department of Defense. This bit of public disillusionment was done to sooth the potential anger of the wider world; which enabled the US to practice what Israel uses for Mossad’s motto:

To underscore this article it must be remembered that the US derivative debt is $700 Trillion and climbing. That figure by the way is ten times “the value” of the entire global economy.

Once this situation is understood, then the population of the planet can comprehend why everything USI does now is under so much pressure, because the supposed power of USI is ending.

This is what has driven the current post-rational ideology that’s driving the world crazy: Because the only outcome for this non-policy is total chaos around the world.

This was part of what Patrick McGoohan was trying to expose with “The Prisoner” way back in the late 1960’s—but obviously that was just too early for many to actually ‘get-it’.

The Future in Reverse

What USI wants the world to accept now is a unipolar world wherein every other nation can be forced to unconditionally accede to Full Spectrum Dominance. The fact that Russia and China, not only still exist and are growing, while the West is crumbling, is infuriating to everything that was already supposed to have taken place. USI says “Russia and China have been surrounded and are being marginalized”—clearly another total lie which is contradicted by events that continue to happen weekly. Proving the exact opposite is true once you listen to and observe what’s been going on in the world over the last full year.

According to the West, “Russia has been isolated”: The reality however is that it’s the dying West that’s becoming more and more isolated with every passing moment. Comment explored beginning @ 11min into the video.

Is World War III On?

This could be titled: ‘The Outlaws Try to Take it All’

The hypocrisy of all the international violations to the sovereignty of former nations by USI, NATO and Israel has never been addressed. Meanwhile, what the western powers still claim they’re doing in Ukraine is “legal” which is an obscenity.

The crimes committed by the UN come under discussion @ 17min 25sec. Explaining that what the UN is doing now, is directly reflective of what caused the failure of its predecessor the “League of Nations”, created by then President Wilson, the same outlaw that gave us the Federal Reserve, also created the League of Nations in 1918 and which was dissolved in 1946.

What Germany did to the League of Nations, prior to WWII, the US is again doing to the United Nations: Which is being done to insure that it too will be dissolved, because the UN has been totally ineffective in doing what they were created to do for the wider world in the first place…

If the Outlaws could take it all?

What has been ‘at stake’ here are the projections of false Amerikan Ideals: Because that “projection” is based upon the false idea of “America as an honest broker” of anything, anywhere in the world that ‘Amerika’ gets involved in. What really happens, wherever USI shows up anywhere, is that all avenues for any type of solution immediately break down. USI has no partners, because they believe themselves to be the only global power that matters. This continues to happen because USI recognizes just ‘FORCE” as the only answer that they will accept for any problem; anywhere in the world today.



Every discussion ends only in bombs, bullets and slaughter:

That’s always been the design for every regime change

Anywhere on earth.

USI will do anything to avoid actual engagement…

This discussion on CROSSTALK would have been twice as effective if they had chosen to use the proper name for the United States today—which is USI. Because once the public understands that the USA died in 1913, when we sold off our right to make our own money to foreign bankers: And at the same time we allowed foreigners to create the United States Incorporated, a private criminal corporation which ended our relationship with the US Constitution that has enabled everything that threatens the entire world today.

At the very least; we ought to revert back to calling “the Defense Department” what it has always been: “The Department of War” for a nation that has always been the aggressor…?


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