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U.S. Declares War
Victoria Nuland & Israel Declares War On Russia


By Jim Kirwan


More sanctions against Russia have been stashed and could be used at any time when Washington feels the time has come. This message follows a U.S. video conference where Obama spoke to European Leaders to tell them ‘that Russia is not playing by the rules.’ …We would think there’s been no ‘cease fire’, no agreements made in Minsk, no pullout in East Ukraine which is much more calm than it was weeks ago. But the rhetoric is the same. Why? ...”

k) That’s basically very simple. The ‘plan’ was written months ago, based on the idea that Kiev was to have leveled all resistance in Eastern Ukraine when in fact the exact opposite has happened. Porky’s thugs along with the Right Sector and US advisors all got their asses handed to them, which was not part of the plan. Now the only thing left to do is to continue as scheduled; beginning with 600 American paratroopers that will arrive literally ‘TOMORROW’.

When the casualty counts in Ukraine, include dead “Americans”, then Obama, NATO and the EU will declare war on Russia for “causing the entire affair”. Giving the world yet another Vietnam, but this time in Eastern Europe: This will also guarantee the end of Ukraine, the EU and the beginning of the all-out War on Russia.

Doctorow: “Well the question of arming Ukraine is one of really divulging, to what extent the United States (That has taken no formal part in any of these discussions) and its allies in NATO have been busing supplying weapons of various kinds; which they have been. It is what you want to make of it. So far the Russians have been very calm about the weapons flow, they’ve just discovered, and I hope they remain so calm.”

k) However Russia has also already warned the West about this path and unfortunately no one can predict with certainty what will happen once America’s paid gunslingers land tomorrow. Russia has repeatedly said that they will not tolerate NATO forces, much less so American Troops in Ukraine. That on top of right-sector mercenaries that have shown themselves to be virtually useless as “fighters” in this not so shadowy global war which tomorrow will move directly to their next planned steps: Even thought their first round was a massive failure in all aspects of everything to do with Ukraine.

RT: “If despite all the odds the “cease-fire” holds, do you think the EU and the US will eagerly drop sanctions against Russian anytime in the near future in the further year?

Doctorow: “Easily no. I don’t expect the war-party of the United States which has been ‘on a roll’ ­ which has seen its most fervent wishes fulfilled, over the course of the last 12 to 14 months, is about to roll over and die. So I think that sanctions will stay in place, so long as the more reasonable and peace-minded leadership in Washington, in Paris and in Berlin are able to keep things under control.”

k) Here’s what that same leadership said in the video conference at the beginning of this report.

Obama: “Russians and separatists failed to abide by commitments” He told them Russia is not playing by the rules.

Germany’s Merkel can file more sanctions if Minsk agreements further violated for Sanctions.

Severe Sanctions” added Britain’s Cameron. “Exactly a strong reaction should in case of breech.” added the fake leader of France.

k): All of which makes crystal clear the fact that the EU is determined to self-destruct on orders from Israel and the West, which is the second tier of the plan to end Russia first, the EU second and of course Ukraine… that seems to be something which the war-hawks are determined to execute.

This story begins at 42 sec into the program and ends @ 8min plus: This is the amazing story behind the headlines in today’s article. This marks the beginning of the next round of aggression in Europe, Kiev and Russia, executed across the board by US Inc.

Flying Lies - The Great European Disaster: http://rt.com/shows/in-the-now-summary/237765-russia-sanctions-cat-japan/

Hate Speech from Victoria Nuland on Capitol Hill

Beginning 57 seconds in and ends at 8minutes plus in the link: “The US is taking its claims against Moscow to a brand new level with fresh accusations about thousands of Russian troops in Ukraine (and all of this without one shred of evidence for anything she said).

At a congressional meeting the assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland stated as “absolute fact” that there had been a massive Russian Invasion.

Secretary: “How many Russian soldiers are in Ukraine today?

Nuland: “I would say it’s in the thousands and thousands.”

RT: Well that’s despite the recent acknowledgement by Kiev itself, here’s Ukraine’s top general: ‘We are not militarily engaged with any regular forces of the Russian Federation…”

“…Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has launched a rhetorical assault: “Russia and its separatist’s puppets have unleashed unspeakable violence and pillage. Hundreds and hundreds of Russian heavy weapons and troops have poured across the border. A commercial airliner was shot down this summer.”

RT: When thrown together like this, all of these points go unchallenged”

k) And given her earlier remarks concerning the EU, this diatribe amounts to her figurative ‘Fuck Ukraine’ which this unprofessional fusillade was meant to convey.

MH 17 was shot down but there is still ongoing investigations and there is no indication that Russia shot it down. But the way Miss Nuland put it, it seems that Russia has. With regard to the statement of Russian heavy weapons and troops in Ukraine: Russia has repeatedly asked the US and NATO to present proof of that, other than some dark patches from some satellite picture. Also the OSCE monitors have said that they have never observed any crossing of military equipment, at the border crossing points that they monitored.

So a lot of questions here. Victoria Nuland has sought to put the responsibility for the conflict in Ukraine entirely on Russia’s shoulders.

VN: “We have made clear that Russia is responsible for fueling this war in Eastern Ukraine.

RT: There was no mention of the fact that it was started when Ukraine’s elected leader was overthrown as a result of violent protest at Maidan, and the fact that the US played an important role in this.

Barrack Obama to CNN “The protests in the Maidan and Yanukovych then fleeing played a role in this, after we’d brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine…”

RT: Now that there is finally some chance to make peace in Ukraine the majority of US lawmakers as well as some members of the Obama administration are pushing to send weapons too Ukraine. So at this point one could ask: Who is really fueling the conflict in Ukraine.” This begins at a few seconds in and ends @ 4min.

RT News March 5, 2015 12 o’clock (MSK) http://rt.com/bulletin-board/237933-rtnews-march-5-12msk/


There are much larger issues in play now, thanks to the shadow players that are not in the public spotlights surrounding Ukraine. The reasons for that have to do with the fact that this entire quagmire was not supposed to happen. Instead Ukraine was supposed to slaughter the Eastern regions in Ukraine in order to furnish ‘cover’ for the collapse of the dollar that was supposed to happen today.

However since that didn’t happen then the international spotlights are being turned back again to focus entirely on Russia ­ again. This time to hide the collapsing dollar worldwide—which has been the classic beginning of so many wars that were started just like this!



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