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UN’s Attempted Genocides

By Jim Kirwan


The United Nations is the exact opposite of the supposed “United World Organization” that was created to enforce world order and international law by “protecting” the people of the world from tyrants, tyranny and all who seek “full spectrum dominance”! Currently there are two clear cases of the total failure of the UN: In Ukraine above and in the Illegal Occupation of Palestine by Israel. Because the Palestinian crime was never challenged the world now has a dictatorial Oligarch in Kiev: Declaring that he will kill anyone who disagrees with or fails to surrender to his newly created government.

Porky travels briefly to the captured town of Slavyansk

To address his victims

Tuesday, July 8, made a brief trip to the city of Sloviansk, the scene of recent fierce fighting between government troops and the militia in the eastern Donetsk Region.

The head of state talked with the people and assured them that the authorities were doing their best to restore normal life in the city as soon as possible,” the presidential press service said.

Poroshenko expressed hope that he would also be able to visit Donetsk and Luhansk soon too. He said the army operation in the region, commonly known as Donbas, was “a battle for Ukraine’s independence. This is how our nation is being tempered”.

kirwan - Porky has no military experience at all and his commanding general is a former body guard. The sudden influx of massive military hardware, weapons, state of the art jet-fighters, tanks and rockets from US Inc. has not yet been challenged by Russia: The same Russia that has been repeatedly vilified in Western Media as being the real force behind the resistance in Eastern Ukraine, while Russia has been pushing the UN and the EU to open a substantive dialogue to end the fighting. Those he’s talking to just aren’t interested!

There is absolutely NO PROOF of what Porky says below—the unanimity of which he speaks is all in his deluded brain…

The president said his peace plan would be implemented by all means. “There is no doubt that the peace plan will be implemented. It has won the support of the whole world, Sloviansk, Druzhkovka, Konstantinovka and Artemovsk. And it will be supported in Donetsk and Luhansk as well,” he said.

July 04, 2:58 World

One person killed, 20 wounded in east Ukrainian city shelling - militia

Porky requires total surrender before he will allow any dialogue!

It’s the same with Israel’s pork belly dictator Netanyahu

As well…

Poroshenko said he was ready for a dialogue with those who are prepared to lay down their arms and accept decentralisation. The leadership of the country is prepared for a dialogue with those “who are ready to give up arms and use future amnesty”, who “are ready for a political dialogue in order to elect new authorities” and those who support the restoration of peace in Donbas.””

kirwan ­ Under the United Nations Charter: There is no precedent for taking control over a nation, to seal off the productive sections of that nation in order to force its people to disavow their right to chose their government and their way of life at the point of foreign weapons. All that is being done while the dictator refuses to pay the nations legitimate bills while dumping the resources of the former Ukraine to feed the coffers of his own private wealth—but the UN says absolutely nothing about any of that.

He believes it necessary to enlarge the list of people who represent Donbas in order to resume the peace talks. “The talks must be resumed with the real masters of Donbas: metallurgists, miners and people who represent the biggest force today but who were pressed down by the power of weapons,” he said.

The Oligarch’s response is a totally unacceptable response to dealing with lifelong citizens that voted for someone other than the current dictator in Kiev. These continuing issues, on the global scene, have been referred to the Security Council of the UN, time and time again, where absolutely NOTHING has been done about either case. Ironically if there were any international laws in place the United Nations should be charged with “Aiding & Abetting” the war crimes which the UN and NATO are actually participating in and perpetuating with no end in sight!

Aiding & Abetting

The perfect example for what both the UN & NATO want to see accomplished now, is what they collectively did for Israel and US Inc in Libya: Because that’s the real solution they want to see in both Palestine and Ukraine!

In the meantime all these illegal global forces have given up on traditional warfare in favor of ISIS & ISIL which amounts to blowing the lid off Pandora’s Box to allow chaos to reign over the disputed territories that the WEST has not been successful in winning militarily.

That’s why Israel has announced a renewed series of criminal invasions against civilians in Gaza and probably soon in the West Bank as well ­ coupled with this massive farce inside

Eastern Ukraine. And nowhere in any of the violence has either the UN or NATO proved to be effective in protecting or defending any of the people who are routinely slaughtered, in not just the targeted nations, but in all the other nations that are directly connected to the targeted nations as well: “Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Belarus Latvia”. And The Black Sea is also about to be invaded by the West, but still there’s been no action or reaction from the totally criminal UN!

All of the above should be directly challenged militarily by Russia: Because whether or not this situation could bring on a wider war - this criminal march of USI & Israel must be challenged on all fronts or the world will face an even wider war - than the one we’re being threatened with now against the entire planet!

For proof of international culpability by the UN just look at the track record of the UN in Haiti (3 times), in Kosovo, throughout Southern Africa, in the Sudan, Rwanda and elsewhere ­ wherever the criminal forces of the West have chosen to invade and conquer, whatever they could not win in anything like a fair election…

If Americans ever figure out that Bush, Kerry & Barry have already sold out this country to the Trojan Horse of AGENDA 21, which includes the same forces that will not protect anyone on the planet from the global-cabal that rules us all… Then maybe there might finally be a backlash, before the little blue helmets join forces with DHS to begin slaughtering Americans in their homes; just like what’s being done today inside Kiev’s version of what Ukraine will be under fascism!

There is proof of the attempt to commit national suicide by the Oligarch’s running Ukraine. Here are the statistics that Porky chooses to totally ignore: Unless this changes back to the nations that Ukraine is dependent upon there won’t be a Ukraine any more…

Import partners - Russia 32.4%, China 9.3%, Germany 8%, Belarus 6%, Poland 4.2% (2012)

Export Partners - Russia 25.6%, Turkey 5.4%, Egypt 4.2% (2012)

revenues: $57.4 billion expenditures: $66.5 billion

Why have the nations supposedly reporting on the plight of Ukraine consistently fail to point out the nuts and bolts of Imports and Exports on which Ukraine depends for survival? How can Porky claim that he knows anything about governing when he refuses to acknowledge the basics behind the existence of Ukraine in the first place? If Porky gets his way Ukraine will cease to exist, because there won’t be anything to export or any money to buy imports with ­ duh! And that’s on top of his war crimes against the state he’s supposedly running!


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