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The University Of The Streets

Jim Kirwan

Universal Logo for the University of the Streets


I entered this University, before I graduated from highschool. There is no campus, except the streets and alleys of the cities and the wilderness of nature in the wider world. The student body is universal.

There are no formal degrees and no one who enters this school ever really graduates. This institution belongs to nature and to life itself, not to the constructs made by humanity. This is the only real education that anyone needs, if you want to survive in the world today. This is also the only remaining school that actually imparts any real knowledge in this totally screwed up place at the present time. You cannot be appointed to enter this University; you must find it and apply to be admitted on your own.

You can leave at any time, but that’s obviously pointless because if you really love life, then this is the only place where that passion can be nurtured or expanded on. The rules in this University, if or when violated, leave very little margin for second chances—because these courses are about life & death and everything in-between.

I passed on attending any of the several college’s and University’s that had awarded me a full scholarship, mostly because at the time I was unaware of the fact that I had already been enrolled in this eclectic University of the Streets…

It seemed necessary to bring this up now, as this information is central to the other article I wrote this morning, “Facts Not In Evidence!” (1)

I have a standing appointment on the third Tuesday of every month on the Rense Radio Network, for an hour of conversation with Jeff between 9 and 10 pm PST. With all that is transpiring now, it seems that this monthly appointment might be affected by real events during this weekend, unless something very extrodinary happens to grant the world a bit more breathing space.

I don’t personally know any of the other commentators on the web, so I can’t say for certain that there aren’t a lot more of us out there. But those who I read daily tend to come from the established formal system that is a huge part of the problems that have complicated, if not killed, the entire area of conversation surrounding what continues to attack the world 24-7 and 365 days a year.

I’ve been doing what I do, whether graphic or written for over fifty years and in that process I’ve had the chance to live three full lives that I never dreamt was even possible. I began with ‘political illustrations’ based on Dore’s illustrations of the Divine Comedy. I moved from that to studying Goya’s Disaster’s of War, sprinkled with some of Rodin’s sculptural contributions to the plight of humanity. From there I went into some of Da Vinci’s inventions, he created sixteen separate fields of endeavor for humanity; on his own. Then I investigated Hieronymus Bosch and then on into some of the more obscure artists of the fifties and sixties. By the time I did my first Opus: The State of the Nation 1966” I was still unknown in Oklahoma City where I was living at the time. But I’d already fought with the newspapers, magazine, galleries, museums, agents, lawyers and criminal-hanger’s on in order to make the future possible for me to exist in—thanks to the University of the Streets, and a lot of luck.

By the time I had my first and only one-man show in Long Beach California, I was already formerly labeled as a rebel and as one of ‘those’ on the early lists of the FBI and CIA. That was meaningless harassment mostly, but at that time, no one ever dreamed that this place could ever be taken over by the Police-State that’s assumed total control over everything now, except the actual round-up which they’re still planning on doing, just as soon as they think they can actually get away with it…

From 73 to the late eighties I was internationally published and the work was well received by people all over the planet. By the early ‘90’s with the sellout of all American publications to Bertelsmann in Germany, my international-contracts were cancelled. I slipped back into illustrating the book-covers for Black Lizard Books, (96 covers total) a four person publication in Berkeley, CA. That was a wild ride that went from zero notice to international notice around the publishing world, in just three years. The books were translated into five languages, and Black Lizard Books were beginning to be made into films at an astounding rate—(five of them in one particular September) until Random House bought us out, which of course ended that opportunity forever. (2)

In the meantime I began developing a series of flash-cards, hidden for the most part in a series of three Tarot Decks of 80 images each.

This is where the images come from that are frequently used to illustrate many of the articles I write.

I spent thirty years digging through the roots of the Kabala, the Trees of both Life & Death, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Astronomy, and the fringe elements of Science such as those areas explored by Immanuel Velikovsky. He was another, for the most part an unrecognized outlaw ­ but in science instead of in the much less powerful arts that had already been penetrated and compromised by the early 1980’s ­ thanks largely to Reagan & company.

What the world is facing now has been a very long time in the making. There have been many bloody desecrations of most of the pillars of what once supported this society, going all the way back in time. But this is ‘not’ over yet, in fact we’re finally just beginning to finally engage these bastards for who and what they really are—at long last!

Throughout this long and interesting journey what has surfaced is the real war between the fake-paper-world and the real world of flesh and blood and dreams. Under the banner of needing to be always “Politically Correct”, that eight decade long destruction of everything that makes people into human beings, the public lost a lot of ground. But we’ve also forced these evil-creatures out into the open, at long last: Now the real tests for all that’s really at stake now, for centuries, can finally begin—in this struggle to the death.

Ironically we might actually be able to avoid WWIII, IF things go our way inside Crimea. As mentioned in the previous article: What we will try to do in Crimea will have immediate reverberations throughout the world. What I failed to mention is that all those US bases in many of those far-away places depend upon the local populations for many things. Needs such as water and fuel to keep themselves alive, as well as communications that are always vulnerable ­ the further that those bases are from Western outposts, the more dangerous life on those bases will become.

What we have to remember is that most of the places where these bases are located: The public is still and was not in favor of having them there in the first place. Think about Okinawa, that’s been occupied since 1945 and the population has hated that occupation ever since it began. Other places such as in Germany have made some of these associations very profitable, but in many more places our presence is something that is definitely NOT desired!

These will be the places where things might begin to cease to work and that will translate into real problems for the world-wide terror-state that we’re trying mightily to maintain. Think about these bases as a huge set of domino’s, strategically placed all around the planet. When one or more of them begin to fall, that will endanger all the other domino’s and since this won’t start within a single place, but in several different places simultaneously: Then this will be far more dangerous to ‘the owners’ than they ever thought possible!

This possibility and the consequences that might easily come from whatever USI continues to illegally do to Ukraine in total, will determine if this charade will be allowed to continue beyond the end of this month.

Think about this and understand that the rules of the University of the Streets have always trumped the soulless faceless fools that have never understood the rules of real life in any respect that matters…

1) Facts Not in Evidence!

2) About Black Lizard Books



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