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The United States of Nothing


By Jim Kirwan


United States Incorporated was built upon this platform

that's always been ruled by this global-con we call

The Law”

The terms that are used to codified the needs of the Barbarians that want to own us all is simplified in this this very simple phrase

Human Beings Need Structure”

Ergo we need to be managed, controlled, and protected from ourselves.

Laws are in fact wholly arbitrary and they are written to protect the interests of those who write them. That’s why law in its current form exists. That’s why it is so heavily propagandized and lauded in countless TV shows where we get all teary eyed over ideas like justice and righteousness, and we assign only the highest ideals to those who make our laws and those who are heavily armed and will shoot us in the back to uphold them.

Yes, we are trained and taught over and again to obey the laws. We are threatened with frightening stories about what happens when you break the law. We are constantly shown examples of those who break the law. They are held up to us by the scruff of the neck, eyes blackened by police brutality and torture, all legal, of course, and we are told hair-raising stories of their dastardly deeds and the wrongs they’ve done to the innocent. The message is clear. Only bad people break the law. And when the law is broken, terrible things are the consequence. Without the law to steady the keel of social order our whole system would break down and devolve into chaos and disorder, violence and cruelty, and it would all go to shit overnight. It would end everything...”

... Laws and rules are written by human beings no different than ourselves. The only difference between those who write the laws and make the rules and the rest of us is that they have the pen and they are in the official “rooms” where our laws are written. That’s about it for qualifications. That is it for correctness, righteousness, accuracy, morality, ethics and every other adjective you might automatically assign to the concept of law. The bottom line is that laws and rules are a man-made thing. They are not necessary to human life. Human life can and has existed and thrived without a single law being in existence. The reality is that life on Earth can get along just fine without man-made laws being imposed on us, we don’t need them in any way, shape or form to live a good and meaningful life and do what we’re here to do in this world.

It is man-made law that needs us to exist, it cannot continue without us. It needs us to agree to acknowledge it and abide by it, but there is in fact no natural thing, no natural obligation for any humans to obey any man-made laws...”

...All the other animals on Earth understand what life is and who they are, and they know the real laws of the world, and they simply live by them. They don’t need animal police, and they don’t wage animal wars. They don’t have animal gangs who run around destroying other animals homes just for the fun of it or to hoard all of the food even though they could never eat it all, but only don’t want others to be able to eat. The animals wouldn’t put up with that for one second even if it ever did happen in their kingdom.”

kirwan: 'Man' seems to be the only animal that shoots and kills other animals, has them stuffed and mounted as a sign of our 'power' over other animals... POWER?

I’m afraid that whole hoarding and ownership thing is only in our kingdom, and it’s no more valid here than it is out there, only we’re not smart enough to realize that. Our minds can be gotten into and messed with so much that we no longer understand that we all have the right to food and shelter and life; or at the very least that no one has any conceivable right to prevent us from having those things. Animals know that without needing to talk about it. They have no compulsion to grab it all up for themselves and let all the other animals starve to death or be deprived of the use of the natural shelter all around. It’s natural, simple, straightforward, obvious reality.”

kirwan: In fact humans actually once lived according to 'natural law', before the Doomsday Book was written

Blowback & The Doomsday Book

This and other tangents are discussed further in a two hour interview

with Mitch Santell on American Freedom Radio, yesterday...

What Americans and the rest of humanity must come to understand is that the people of this planet have not been free for a very long time. And that's been true since a rogue Jewish Pope decided to carve up the lands belonging to the people that were living well and freely with 'natural law', around 1086 A.D.


What Russia did, beginning on September 30, 2015, has already changed the world. By the time the additional 52 more days have passed; the entire planet will have come to see USI & Israel for exactly what they've always been: They are just the latest Naked Barbarians that have failed a thousand times over in their criminally-attempted conquests to try to capture this planet, without a real fight.


We must refuse to comply with any and all diktats from

The New World Order

And then we can begin to tear them all apart from the top down.



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