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Israel’s Unending War
Has Failed

By Jim Kirwan


Too many secrets and too many Wars

After 65 years of this: The global-map remains the same!

So who profited and what’s been lost?

The world has been blackmailed into believing Israeli-fantasies for an imitation-global-power to be run by and for Israel only: This was the global-plan that has been in operation for over six decades.

This artificial-creation began with the global-colonial-powers that redrew the maps of the world after WWI. Their redesign’s continued with the end of WWII, which included the creation of a totally bogus state that calls itself Israel. As the above map clearly shows the disputed lands that have all been savaged by Israel’s unending and illegal-wars still exist. Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon have each been forced into continuing-wars that have left deep scars and they have suffered millions of their own dead in Israel’s wake: These former countries are on the borders of Israel and for that reason they have been targeted by the Jews, for total-obliteration. This is what Israel sees as:

The Continuing-Threat to the Jewish State”

Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Iran and Iraq are now facing the same unending wars, unless one-way or-another, those states agree to unconditionally-surrender to the Apartheid-State of Israel. USI has been the sole-supporter of these war-crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity which Israel continues to promote as part of Israel’s “right to exist”.

Under Israel’s self-declared policies no other state in the world has any rights at all and that especially includes the former United States which has surrendered its entire government to the whims of the Barbaric-Outlaws that continue to run the failed-state of Israel.

Israel is the only nuclear-armed and determinedly-inhuman state in the region: As such they have threatened many nations with nuclear-destruction unless the nations’ accede to Israel’s blackmail-demands. This policy of Israel has been at the black-heart of the status-quo, for the Middle-East and the world, for the last 65 years. This primitive-criminal-enterprise masquerading as a state must be ended or the world will be obliterated!

Who pays for these crimes?

Millions of people have been tortured, raped, plundered and slaughtered to achieve Israel’s demands. Libya was totally obliterated by NATO, the UN, France and USI—yet the world did not react! That failure led directly to the continuing Israeli-siege on Syria. We can easily see how many millions have been desecrated. How many countries and their supposed military-forces have been destabilized, plundered and reconfigured into shapes and beings that the original inhabitants cannot even recognize. But throughout it all how much has Israel actually-paid for what they have used proxy’s to do for them—since this began?

The upper-crust inside Israel live like kings & queens in unbelievable luxury and sumptuous surroundings, thanks to the working people in the US. Israeli troops are not being killed by the hundreds as they should be given how many countries they’re making open war on, with our troops every day and with new wars beginning every few months. This massive imbalance between the way Jews and Israeli’s are living now around the planet, versus those of us that do their fighting and their working for them while we die of thirst and hunger amid the ruin that we can no longer fix because all our money is going to the global-elite and to Israel each and every day goddamn it!

What will happen to “Amerikan support for Israel” once ordinary Americans understand just how vastly different the lives of most Israeli’s are from those of the now bankrupt Amerikans? Or what about the Israeli’s living here who are part of the “special few” who are Jews living as Amerikans and are living beyond the super-rich? My reps: Feinstein, Pelosi and Boxer all fit that mould ­ and needless to say—given that I cannot confront them because of the army of Secret Service Agents they live with 24-7, I can hardy wait to see them dragged from their luxury into the streets to be hung for their crimes against this country, and I’m not alone in that desire…

Israel claims to have the world’s fourth largest army. But their “forces” can’t and won’t fight in these wars for Israel: These are the wars that have continued unceasingly since Israel forced itself upon the world in 1948! Israel murders unarmed men women and children, sometimes for target-practice, sometimes for pleasure, but Israeli forces are incapable of winning any war on their own—ever! That has just, not happened, since the day that butt-ugly star-of-evil took to the global stage.

Amerikans would be shocked to know that their sons and daughters, and our men and women have been the defacto army of Israel for all this time. Since I’ve been tracking the shitty-little-country, they have taken at least $13 trillion from the U.S. and that’s only the amount that can be tracked. It doesn’t count all the stuff they routinely steal directly, or any of our special gifts, which this government continues to give to Israel, while Americans are starving to death on the streets of this broken-empire that no longer has any infrastructure worth talking about. Here’s what too-much of Detroit looks like today.

That 13 trillion could have gone a long way to fix our infrastructure and it would have made possible free medical care for all Americans ­ instead “we” have supported Israel against our own best interests each and every time. This has got to be stopped!

To Hell with Israel & every one of

The 545 club here, that makes them even possible today!

Israel uses US airpower and intelligence along with American supplied weaponry to keep Israel’s “enemies” (That would be any state that is determined to remain sovereign), at the mercy of Israel’s never-ending wars for Israel.

American taxpayers have paid and paid and paid to support the insanity espoused daily by Bibi Netanyahu and the group of filthy pedophile-Rabbi’s that have publicly declared “the Right of Israel” to totally-dominate the planet.

Yet ‘Amerikans’ fail to notice who or what they are supporting whenever they agree with anything that their own supposedly “American” Congress or the Courts or the Tarnished House all say ­ when they join in-lockstep with criminally-controlled-Israel: While Israel continues to try and terminate the planet and the world.

In the case of Iran; Israel routinely screams that Iran wants to “wipe Israel-off-the-map”! The truth is, that it’s ISRAEL that wants to wipe every nation in that map above -


And replace all other nations with ISRAEL and only Israel. That’s what’s behind the last 65 years of blood & gore that is and was shed just to create the totally-fake nation of Israel. (1)

In the process described above, the world has seen that our future is going down in flames. Our money is worthless, there are no jobs, and with Deathcare, there will be no “treatment” for anyone that’s unlucky enough to need medical help of any kind. Our standing in the world is an insult to humanity: We have no future worth living in and again: Amerikans have failed to realize that the coming take-down of the nation is being run by DHS and Israeli-trained but US uniformed thugs, in cooperation with the NFL that will launch the coming takeover of the old U.S. beginning in the first few months of 2014 when this plan will replace our way of life.

The NFL’s Coming Role in Martial Law

On September 23, 2011, children, without warning, were abducted from their Denver schools by FEMA and taken to the Colorado Sports Authority football stadium. At my son’s middle school, we cannot even have my son’s aunt pick him unless she is registered with the school and shows identification. Yet, FEMA can literally abduct children from their schools without parental permission or notification? This is outrageous!

The drill went so far as to hire mock parents, trying to simulate a reuniting between the abducted children and “their fictitious” parents (see the DHS recruitment letter written to the Denver Public Schools listed at the bottom of the page). The mock parent would beg DHS personnel to release their children. This was nothing but a desensitization exercise to get Federal personnel to become callous the pleas of would-be parents. Let me take this opportunity to state that drills are done with the expectation that the drill will someday reflect the same circumstances in real life. This drill clearly showed the intent to separate parents and children in times of crisis. Carefully examine the following sign.

This is one of the signs outside of Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City NFL team. Notice the segregation of single females. Can you think of a legitimate reason why stadium authorities would segregate females…..?

At Arrowhead Stadium, home to the NFL Kansas City Chiefs, we see the segregation of women from other fans entering the stadium. Now, why would the officials at Arrowhead Stadium institute such a policy? Simple, they are conditioning the public to accept being separated from one another. What my insider sources tell me is that the future martial law detention camps will consist of men in one camp, women in another and children in a third camp.

FEMA/DHS tipped their hand at Operation Mountain Guardian when they snatched the kids from their elementary schools. I think it is highly likely that children will be taken while at school in order to lure their parents in to the public detention facilities. This also tells you that the coming false flag attacks will take place between noon to 2 pm (Eastern), 9 am to 11 am (Pacific) in order to have all of America’s public school students in school in order for DHS/FEMA to control them. The sigh at Arrowhead Stadium demonstrates clear intent that the NFL is working DHS in order to become martial law ready. This also signals that the NFL stadiums are going to be staging areas for martial law. Perceived trouble makers will be lured to their final destination of justice as they try and retrieve their children. I will elaborate more fully on this in the next part of this series. (2)

This is a metaphorical NIGHTMARE contrasted with DREAMS of what might have been. If we do not begin to act on what we know, this could become reality for far too many that failed to see what each of us already knows…

Whenever any nation went to war there was supposed to be a national-point and purpose behind the reason for people from any nation who are willing to fight and possibly die: Which is why wars used to be fought.

In this world; after the illegal-creation of Israel’s-wars that were not created for freedom from attacks by other nations—we now create wars just for privatized-profits that can run into trillions for the very-few—but which are designed to steal both national-resources and foreign territories that will be left in ruins; just because this can now be accomplished under the illegality of the one-world order.

Unending-wars: The creation of Cheney’s Shadow Government had no point other than global-domination. The populations that are forced to fight on all sides of these pointless blood-baths, are treated like cattle-at-best and road-kill for the most part.

But perhaps the most amazing fact of all is that the Amerikan’s who are supporting these continuing global-crimes-against-humanity ­ remain totally unaware of the fact that America is the real and most-deadly target of the global-chaos—once we allow this to begin here—then our lives as we have known them will cease to exist!

If anyone had bothered to notice it’s already crystal-clear: This 65 year old war has bankrupted the entire planet for the Rothschild’s Banks and the fake-Jews of Israel. All their names are known and have been known for years—yet those who always demand that the criminals be named, by those of us who write these notes, never do anything with the research. If they had: We wouldn’t be on this down-bound train that’s heading straight to Hell.

Further; these supposed ‘patriots’ never use what they’ve come to know: to change what’s going on here: Much less to end any of this in any of the other countries around this planet that have already become victims of Israeli-global-terror.

Each of us has skills that we could use, to alter the outcome of this nightmare—but all of us must show-up and use whatever we can to change all of what’s about to happen…

It’s been 65 years already: It’s time that the world comes together and puts a permanent end to the global-crime that is ISRAEL, forever!

1) After 65 Years Of War

2) The NFL’s Role in the Coming Martial Law



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