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The Underbelly Of The Beast


By Jim Kirwan


This is the question facing the Greek people and Europe

With the ‘deadline’ of this coming Sunday.

The issue at issue over the last five years has always been the failure or the viability of the idea of the current-colossus of global-government ruling over every facet of every life on the planet ­ as opposed to a series of competing ideas, companies, nations and policies: Because that competition and realistic prices can make individual lives not just viable, but globally affordable as well. To get to that goal, the world must drive a steel-stake through the black-heart of the Global-Nanny-State, this Sunday, on or before the deadline which they set for the Greek people to surrender to Moloch for all eternity. Here’s the ‘NEW WORLD OPTION - that’s not debatable…

As if more proof were needed of this fallacy in trying to go along with the farce of this ONE-WAY route that’s making these demands: Yesterday we had a “glitch” in the markets and the airline schedules, as well as in a number of other arenas: Apparently no one can explain what happened, nor can anyone be guaranteed that this will not happen again. Is this just part of the fun of putting all our vulnerable and critical functions in a single basket for anyone to hack, steal or destroy?

The global-view of reality

Contrary to the compartmentalization of every problem, in the new world chaos, the preferred method - if we were to look at these problems from deep space or from Gerald Celente and his amazingly accurate thirty-five years or more of experience in dealing directly with these matters then we might see beneath the filthy-underbelly of that unknowable beast that history calls Moloch. What is happening now is a far, far different view from what most are saying about world-events today.

Gerald Celente: WORLD Economic Collapse U.S. & CHINA & RUSSIA to World War 3 43 min VIDEO

Included in Celente’s remarks are some of China’s fiscal problems which are about to spin out of control ­ if this not very carefully controlled, which is still unclear. This chart shows January to July in 2015 ­ this kind of growth cannot be maintained… Celente talks at length about this, beginning about 11min into the video.

Unfortunately there are no charts on the Federal Reserve or the IMF or any of the other totally artificial global-organizations

That are behind the current-crisis in Greece.

Here’s what China announced today by way of fixing the above problem.

China Soars Most Since 2009 After Government Threatens Short Sellers With Arrest, Global Stocks Surge


Remember nothing happens by chance - even this Glitch' sh*t going on.Yes, it’s not a recession/depression it’s a robbery.

It’s the transfer of even more power/wealth from the majority to the owners/Oligarchs (the 0,001%).” k - A comment left on the web.

Celente goes on to explain how ‘the Middle East could very easily be the kind of catalyst that could blow these markets (globally) to pieces.’

“Liars Cowards Freaks and Fools”. “That’s the outside geo-political event that everybody should be watching closely ­ What’s going on in Yemen; because the presstitutes aren’t reporting it and the United States is a part of it.”

Meanwhile most of the reporting is still claiming that whatever is happening in Greece will not affect the US ­ when the truth is that if Greece sucks it up and defaults on the fake-debt: That could well result in a permanent-split in the EU which would end the current financial structure being driven by the US through the IMF and the rest of the Outlaws.

Everything Worldwide is Rigged

Celente talks about the scale of this global fraud. This is the EU’s new headquarters building in Frankfort Germany, just completed. Just imagine how much stolen money went into this Orwellian structure ­ for the world to worship the Outlaws and their legendary thefts and privatizations, which obviously will continue to emanate from this obscenity in Germany?

Default is the only reasonable response to the senseless series of pogroms that have continued to increase debt and taxes as well as cuts to every humanity based program in Greece ­ based solely on this tyranny that represents only a handful of corporate officers masquerading as ‘a government’ over board-meetings, that represent only themselves.

Ordinary people have all been banned from any voice or participation in EU policies, which is why DEFIANCE is the only answer, to be given to the fake powers that continue to demand unconditional surrender to Full-Spectrum Dominance, wherein “resignation” is not even a possibility.

DEFIANCE is the only answer possible, from free-people everywhere, whenever global inequality is the only offer to the tortured-world of yesterday and today.

“The laws for the nobility are different than for the peasants and that’s what’s happened in the country. Anybody that has to deal with the government at any level ­ look what they do…”

… but if you steal trillions of dollars, ruin the lives of tens of millions of people, by foreclosing on their homes, robbing them of everything you’ve got, but you know what you get? You get dinner at the White House.”

FIFRA over a 24 year period stole over $150 million dollars, over a 24 year period, which is why we decided to prosecute them in a foreign country.

“That’s (one) second of stealing by the banks in the neo-feudal United States, that’s what’s going on. We are being pushed into a ­ Hey you think I’m making this up ­ every time you see the president the Secretary of this or that ­ they’ve got a plane ­ a 747 with red carpets and saluting everywhere: It’s the nobility.”

The only thing that can stop this neo-feudal-society is the will of the public to resist and the time to do this is now.

‘Your moment has come, Mr Tsipras, take back control of your country’- UKIP leader Nigel Farage (video)




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