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Diabetes Wonder Drug
Can Have Serious Effects

By Ted Twietmeyer


With diabetes now the silent epidemic, it is important for EVERYONE to have at least one fasting glucose test done periodically. This can detect the disease before it becomes serious. Now even people with NO family history of the disease are finding themselves type 2 diabetics. Type 2 patients are those who develop diabetes after childhood. You can walk around for many years with type 2 diabetes and have no clue you have it - until something serious happens like a heart attack, stroke or kidney failure among other things.

A relatively new drug (as of this writing) is being hailed as a wonder drug. Mitsubishi pharmaceutical  developed Invokana. This drug has the generic name canagliflozin. This drug is licensed to at least two big pharmaceutical companies who re-sell it as their drug, with the name Invokana.

While type 2 diabetes patients often go from pills to insulin injections, sometimes insulin just will not get their glucose level down near 100. This is often described by doctors as becoming insulin resistant among other names. When a patient no longer responds to insulin this is bad news. Continuing elevated glucose levels will cause kidney damage over time and lead to kidney failure, requiring dialysis to prevent death. Immediate placement on a kidney transplant list is mandatory. Under Obamacare, there is no way to know if hidden healthcare "advisory" committees will approve a transplant until that day comes.

Dialysis treatments are not something you can have done indefinitely, as the process is far from being as effective in filtering blood as real kidneys are. Often patients do not live long enough to get to the top of the transplant list, which is a year or more. It has been considered very bad when you kidneys are dumping sugar. Insulin normally pushes sugar into the muscles where it can be burned as fuel. Excessive foaming in the toilet while urinating is a possible sign of dumping sugar (glucose.) Men may notice this happening more than women because of the way they void themselves.

ANOTHER WONDER DRUG IS OUT (Wonder How it Was Approved by the FDA)

This is far from being a cheap drug - currently it runs about $12/day (one pill) or $360/month. Health insurance companies often reject paying for it until a doctor calls them.

What does this new wonder drug do? Incredibly, it violates the long-standing belief all doctors have had that dumping sugar through your urine is a bad sign for the kidneys. In fact this drug forces this to happen! Common side-effects of the drug are dehydration and a yeast infection in both men and women. This is because high glucose (sugar) levels in urine acts like fertilizer for yeast cells. In the dark and damp fed by sugar they can multiply out of control, requiring yet more medical attention.

Don't start this drug before going on any trip! Within a few hours of taking the first dose, kidneys go into overdrive and start sending the patient to the bathroom about once an hour. This goes on for days. Initially acts on patients like taking a diuretic to lose water. Continual drinking of water (not coffee, tea or soda which cause more water loss) is absolutely essential to prevent dehydration. After about a week of endless urination starts to let up, after much of the excess water and sugar in the body has been removed. Glucose levels can drop about 75 to 100 units, which is wonderful news for the patient.

Doctors may not tell you about other side-effects of Invokana. A family member began to have severe issues after taking the drug for about 13 days. It almost incapacitated the patient, making them unable to perform even simple things they wanted to do. It created plenty of tears and worry over nothing, yet the patient had no idea why they felt this way. But there it was on the drug sheet in the usual small print - depression and anxiety. These problems were listed as a rare side-effect.

When the patient stopped taking the drug, within about a day mentally they returned to normal. Oddly enough, their blood sugar did not spike upward as expected. The person waited about two weeks, then started taking it again as confirmation of these side-effects. Sure enough, depression and anxiety hit them bad within two days. Some unexpected anger issues arose as well. None of these issues were caused by agonizing over side-effects of taking the drug. In fact the patient was happy that finally something could help them lower their glucose levels.

Patients are warned on the manufacturer's drug sheet to take only ONE pill a day. Drug sheet packaged with the drug states that anyone who overdoses should "IMMEDIATELY GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM." This warning does not appear on the manufacturer website this way. Clearly this is not a very safe drug, especially for any patients with memory problems.

While mental issues and many other side-effects listed on the drug sheet may not happen to everyone, mental issues are something to be aware of. For some patients it could easily cost them their job when they cannot function. Most any patient returning to their doctor with mental issues (caused by the drug) would probably be prescribed a psycho-pharmaceutical pill instead of dealing with the root cause of the problem. It's common sense for us as lay people to deal with a problem by looking at "what has changed, what is different." This is what engineers do, too. But doctors often don't think that way, and apparently are not trained that way either.

Keep in mind as you read the following that low blood sugar (glucose) can cause you to pass out or become dizzy anytime, anywhere. Even while driving.


INVOKANA® may cause serious side effects, including: kidney problems, a high amount of potassium in your blood (hyperkalemia), or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). If you take INVOKANA® with another medicine that can cause low blood sugar, such as a sulfonylurea or insulin, your risk of getting low blood sugar is higher. The dose of your sulfonylurea medicine or insulin may need to be lowered while you take INVOKANA®.

Signs and symptoms of low blood sugar may include: headache, drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, confusion, irritability, hunger, fast heartbeat, sweating, shaking, or feeling jittery.

Serious allergic reaction. If you have any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, stop taking INVOKANA® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

The most common side effects of INVOKANA® include: vaginal yeast infections and yeast infections of the penis; urinary tract infection; or changes in urination, including urgent need to urinate more often, in larger amounts, or at night.

Yes, this is a real "wonder drug" - just like Actos and many other wonder drugs. So how did it get approved? FDA will approve almost any drug based on laboratory data, and volunteer test subject data. FDA often does not do their own lab tests or do new tests with new volunteer test subjects to prove the data manufacturers submit is valid and truthful. Doesn't that just make you feel warm and comfortable all over with any drugs you take?

Nothing is in this article is intended to diagnose or treat a disease. Opinions expressed are my own, except side-effects listed above are those by the manufacturer and are not mine.

Ted Twietmeyer





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