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Dr Doyle Confirms CDC
Bringing Active XXDR TB HERE !


From Patricia Doyle



Hello Jeff  - I am sure that I have found proof they are bringing in sick migrants with a very rare form of TB which I believe is XDR TB.  In the article below it talks about three outbreaks in Vienna Austria.  Remember which country one of the European CDC flights went to?  A HA Austria, specifically Vienna.  There were two or three flights to Vienna..  Then when the plane returned to US it made a couple of flights in the US dropping off patients i assume.

Aha,  I thought I would not find proof but here it pops up at me. I just bet there are outbreak of XDR TB in Ireland and also Amsterdam and every place where the CDC is sending planes.

"The Austrian government has declined requests to reveal where other school infections are, citing data protection laws because they fear the revelation that TB is emerging in particular communities could lead to “social exclusion”. There are known to be at least three outbreaks in the capital Vienna alone"

I will post the full article below.  and yes, they are covering up the TB outbreak.  In Vienna a 14 yr old girl died of rare form of TB.  The government refuses to name her school or any schools involved in the outbreak as she is Muslim and a migrant from Chechnya  Austria does not want the fact that she is a migrant to disturb the peace.   Keep cohesiveness is what they think they are doing. They don't want the new migrants to be excluded.  Oh brother.   And what about the cost to the US taxpayers?  These flights are really increasing.

BTW I think I will go into business.  I can advertise on your website.  I am selling Elvis Presley or American Pharoah Prayer Rugs.  Also, selling horsehead hijabs and Burqas with or without bling.  Best yet, I am,selling prayer beads, alphabet ones with wording that reads, "you shouldn't have taken our guns"  Jeff, just kidding.  thought a little levity might help under the circumstances.

BTW those invaders to Europe are not grateful.  They are raping women and children. One child was only 7 (Germany) Sweden is having trouble with migrants raping women and children.  What kind of bums are we taking in?  I thought Islam was a religion that respected women.  Ha.



Tuberculosis Cover-Up? Over 80 Per Cent of Western Cases Are Among Migrants

Austria’s government is continuing to cover up the names of schools suffering outbreaks of Tuberculosis (TB) in the name of community cohesion, even as a 14-year-old immigrant girl living in Tyrol is revealed to have been killed by the preventable disease.

Considered practically extinct in the United Kingdom and rapidly dwindling elsewhere in Europe by the end of the 20th century, Tuberculosis is now staging a comeback among the continent’s impoverished migrant communities and putting others at risk. In Austria, the rates of new infections more than halved between 2004 and 2010, but have been rising since. Many, if not most of the new cases are among the migrant population: in 2013, the rate of infections imported from abroad outnumbered domestic cases for the first time.

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London, Dr. Masoud Dara of the World Health Organisation confirmed that in some European countries up to 80 per cent of all TB cases were found within migrant populations, but refused to comment on whether it was mass migration itself that was causing rates of infection in Austria to rise. He said:

“Our major concern is Tuberculosis in former Soviet Union countries. We have huge inequalities in Tuberculosis rates in both Western and Eastern European countries, where TB is mainly seen in migrant populations. In most low incidence countries [Western European nations], over 80 per cent of TB cases are among migrants”.

“The migrant population, especially if they are coming from Sub-Saharan African countries where TB infection rates are quite high ­ in some countries it is as high as 1,000 per 100,000 head of population [in contrast, Austria is 8 per 100,000], are more likely to have the disease”.

It emerged yesterday that an entire school class, along with staff, friends, and family of the deceased girl, a native of Muslim-majority Chechnya were being screened for Tuberculosis after she passed away at the end of May reports Mixed messages were emerging from Innsbruck yesterday, as the headmaster of the school insisted that parents need not worry, while a senior doctor from the regional health department told journalists “the risk of infection is high”, and that the girl had a particularly rare and severe form of the disease.

Tests on those potentially affected won’t be complete for twelve weeks.

The Austrian government has declined requests to reveal where other school infections are, citing data protection laws because they fear the revelation that TB is emerging in particular communities could lead to “social exclusion”. There are known to be at least three outbreaks in the capital Vienna alone.

The Eurosceptic, anti-immigration Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) has repeatedly warned against the dangers posed by a sudden influx of vaccinated people to Austria, who could potentially carry with them diseases otherwise erradicated in Europe such as Tuberculosis. An FPO article from 2013 outlines how Austria had just seen its first clases of Polio since 1980, after a group of four Syrian migrants arrived in the country.

Jeff -

I am really not this means we are paying millions for the evacuation of migrants from Europe to US hospitals.  XXDR TB means taxpayers pay for 3 years of hospitalization.  3 years.  Not to mention medication costs and housing relatives. Sickening.

I am trying to find outbreaks in Shannon, Ireland and Amsterdam, Holland.  I did find something about the rare form in the Netherlands found in migrants.  The article in Eurosurveillance was dated 2014.  I am searching for more recent outbreaks and in XXDR cases.

These (Jewish have a great word for them-) DRECK do not deserve American taxpayers to foot the bill or take them into the US.  Europe has plenty of hospitals but they are not willing to pay the bill or to take the risk of hospital spread.  XXDR TB is not like Ebola so if they are using Ebola precautions it WILL SPREAD THROUGHOUT THE HOSPITAL.

XXDR TB spreads via air. They will need to use full airborne precautions.  We don't know enough about the disease to safely treat this many cases.  and the planes are traveling daily and have been since the end of July.  August and Sept have been regular flights.

80% of these migrants are infected.  Who knows some may have been infected on purpose in order to spread it to westerners. This may be a new kind of suicide bomber.  Bio weaponeers are known to infect people and then send them amongst the enemy7.  Make no mistake westerners are the enemy.  These are rioting fools and one group of rioters that was shown on the tape were African blacks who were demanding MONEY.  They were throwing the food and water and yelling for MONEY.   Demanding MONEY.  How long before they loot the homes of the townspeople?  Iceland is right, they are not taking any migrants. Not a one.  Hope they take me?????? Patty Doyle Asylum seeker?   That can be taken two ways ha ha. Doyle the refugee from Plum Island.My island is being sold and I am (alas) a poor refugee!

Seriously, this is a terrible injustice on the US taxpayers.  I am sorry for others in the hospitals treating these people.  1. the hospital will be adding all sorts of extra charges to paying customers who are hospitalized at the time of the migrant or migrants.  2 the people in those hospitals are at risk of contracting this deadly form of TB.

The 14 year old girl who died of the disease died quickly.  Not long diagnosis to death.  A very virulent form of TB.  ....and Austria is hiding the names of schools with migrants diagnosed with TB, MdR TB, XDR and XXDR TB. This is treasonous murder.


As I stated, some of the National stops like Chicago, Houston, St. Louis, Hartford Ct, Teterboro, NJ, Washington DC and Atlanta also Galveston Tx all have hospitals set up to handle Ebola patients.  There were some 50 hospitals set up I believe. I do remember they started with 35 and increased it. Houston, Baylor College of Medicine.  St Louis is another with the Univ. of Mo Medical School hospital.  Ct. has Yale at New Haven and NJ has the hospital which took the complaining nurse.  DC has the NIH and Chicago has an Ebola center as well. Name escapes me.also in Houston is the school of Tropical Medicine in Houston.  Chicago has several hospitals able to handle infectious diseases and has biocontainment units which are:

Chicago Hospitals
• Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.

• Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

• Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

• University of Chicago Medical Center.

Atlanta Ga has Emroy

Univ of Texas Galveston

New Jersey has • Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick, N.J.

These are just a few with biocontainment capability.


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