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The Truth Beneath
The lies we still tell ourselves today

By Jim Kirwan

CHANGE is a natural eclipse of the sun while

This CATACLYSM is the death of an entire star system

If we are to ever understand what has happened to us we need to clarify the events that we have so timidly accepted which has been done to use routinely, since we so blindly accepted our slavery, while denying our own abilities to resist the nightmare that our lives have become.

“…There was no talk of impeachment even after it was revealed that Obama has his own private kill list. And then he claims the right to kill people on that list without trials, even American citizens on American soil if he decides they are a treat.

Of course not because on those issues the democrats and the republicans are in full agreement. Listen, let’s not fool ourselves. What we’re seeing right now is NOT a government shutdown. Even if thousands of government workers were furloughed and public spaces were blocked off: Congress didn’t put their own paychecks on hold. Obama didn’t get kicked out of his plush presidential palace ­ no we wouldn’t want to treat our precious ruling-class like that now would we?

It’s the little guys that should pay the consequences. It’s the workers that should feel the pain. These politicians don’t care about you! This little hissy-fit we’re watching unfold; it’s a public relationship stunt designed to turn the right and left against each other and to keep you from coming to terms with the fact that the United States Government is out of control.

The U.S. Government needs to be shut down for real.

Not temporarily, not some federally regulated mass layoff, not some Tea Party two point O. This is a police-state that has engaged in wars of aggression all over the planet. It has made itself an enemy of the people in every sense of the word. Rather than arguing on how to re-arrange the deck-chairs on the Titanic: It’s time to come to terms that his ship is sinking.

The United States Government is a failed state!

Trying to get justice through elections or petitions is like trying to remodel a termite eaten, roach infested crack house. Nothing is going to change until the corporations and the banking cartels that control the system are brought into account. We’ve got no chance of bringing them into account unless we form a unified front. How do we form a unified front? Who designs the wedge issues, drop this petty bickering and focus on the three things that any sane person can agree on. That this war of aggression and this war against the people has got to stop. And that any institution that profits from these wars must be dismantled. That’s the common ground.

That’s the unifying idea that will allow the political and ideological factions to join forces against our common enemy. It’s time to use that unifying idea to build a network of resistance: A decentralized web of communication and cooperation that can bring these criminals to their knees.

This is not just an abstract idea. You’ve already proven that it can be done! In September of 2013 the left and the right unified and stopped the attack on Syria! That was a huge Victory! You altered the course of history there. But ‘make no mistake’ this is not over. (2)

The powers that be will regroup. It will try another angle. We’ve gotta be ready when they do it….” (1)

The above quoted article is the concluding portion of “The Blunt Truth About the Government Shutdown”. Add to that this unusually strong condemnation of the current situation. This is the long overdue explanation of the real-truth that lies beneath this folly we continue to tolerate, against our own best interests. This must be read and re-read to grasp what we have allowed to happen to us all too often, since our forefathers dropped the ball one-hundred years ago this December, in 1913!

Neither American political party is worth supporting. Each has interests inconsistent with those of the American public. The claimed political differences are mostly cosmetic, designed for marketing advantage. Both parties act in their self interest which does not coincide with that of the citizens or the well-being of the country.

Each party behaves like a self-serving criminal gang. The quaint concept of serving the public exists no longer. Routinely they exempt themselves from the rules and laws they impose on the rest of the country. Their policies enrich the political class while the rest of the country becomes poorer.

Mark Twain described Congress as our "distinctly native American criminal class.” Albert J. Nock went further, generalizing Twain’s somewhat parochial observation: Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.

Lest the reader think these two individuals confused or biased, a more complete collection of quotes on government is available here:
Do Only Dumb People Believe in Government?

How The Game Changed

As government grew in size and influence, the rewards associated with political office grew. Sacrifice and service were displaced with the opportunity for personal spoils. The motivation subtly changed from service to the accumulation of wealth. Mother Theresa quietly morphed into Gordon Gecko.

Today, politics is considered a lucrative career choice, not service to one’s country. The rise of the professional politician was never anticipated by the Founders of the nation. Yet, had the Constitution been strictly adhered to, the improper incentives that drove the change could never have occurred.

Criminal activity always promises higher returns than legal activity, especially for the less talented. This form of monopoly profit always attracts the most ruthless. Prohibition, as an example, provided the opportunity for excess profits that attracted many a thug. The beginnings of US organized crime syndicates are widely believed to have started as a result.

Monopoly profits now are possible for the ruthless who enter public office. Furthermore, as lawmakers their risk of being prosecuted for wrongdoing is reduced. Is it any surprise that we have the motley cast of political leaders currently vying for dominance?

Once the potential for excess returns was added to politics, morality and ethics were displaced with the “whatever it takes” approach of organized crime. Today’s politicians abide by the same ethics and morality that characterized the old-time bootleggers. In two respects dealing with bootleggers was more satisfying:

Dealing with a bootlegger was a voluntary transaction.

If you chose to, you presumably received a useful product in return.

The New Role of Constituents

The concept of political service has been replaced by that of masked exploitation. The public is no longer viewed as clients or constituents to be served. Instead they have become political prey. Politicians see the public as a collection of wallets and votes, fair game to be hunted as the means to expand power and wealth. Constituents are now the Soylent Green of the political food chain.

The political class assumes the public exists to serve them, not the other way around. Public participation beyond the lightening of wallets or the provision of votes is unwelcome. It is considered “interference” that must be deterred by the ruling class.

The political class is now a huge, voracious parasite. Like the plant in the Little Shop of Horrors, its needs have grown to the point where it threatens anything productive. Its needs now exceed the willingness for continued sacrifice on the part of the productive. The parasite threatens the very existence of the host.

The political Ponzi scheme of tax, borrow and spend has reached its limit. Either it will die when citizens turn on it or it will kill the productive, ensuring its own destruction.

It perishes in the end. Whether it takes civilization with it is the bigger question.”

1) The Blunt Truth About the Government Shutdown

2) Make No Mistake!

3) Guest Post: Citizen’s are the Soylent Green of Today’s Politics





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