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Is Trump A Populist Or A Pro-Zionist Spoiler?


American Free Press

• The Donald appears in commercial endorsing Israeli leader, but says Saddam, Qadaffi should not have been removed.

Donald J. Trump, as this newspaper has reported, has clarified views that resonate with Americans who want a secure border and support applying tariffs against floods of imports that undercut American manufacturing. Trump also told a large Tennessee audience after the campus shooting in Oregon that he opposes federal “gun-free” zones, while arguing against gun control in light of such shootings. But Trump’s ties to Jewish and pro-Israel power circles and some of his foreign policy statements raise serious questions about whether he can be trusted with his finger on the nuclear button.

At the 2015 Birch Run, Michigan Lincoln Day Dinner—a regular event for the Republican faithful across the nation—Trump spoke of his close friendship with Israel, at the 28:44 mark in the video.

“I’m very close to Israel . . .  very close. I have a great relationship, very close. Far better than our president has,” he told the jubilant Birch Run audience.

Trump proved his close ties to the Israeli government by doing a recent television commercial, broadcast in Israel, to politically support Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.

“I know Bibi very well. In fact, he asked me if I’d do a commercial for him,” Trump told Hugh Hewitt’s daily radio show. “In fact, I’m the only so-called celebrity that did a commercial for him.”

Trump went on to tell Hewitt that President Barack Hussein Obama spells bad news for the Jews of America and abroad.

“I think he’s one of the worst things that’s ever happened to Israel,” Trump said.

Trump’s father, Frederick Christ Trump, Jr., fueled Trump’s early real estate ventures by reportedly working with Jewish real estate mogul Murray Kushner.

Fast-forward to today, and Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, switched to Judaism to marry The New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner—Murray’s nephew. In another wedding, Eric Trump, Donald’s 30-year-old son, recently married Jewish TV producer Lara Yunaska.

In New York City, Trump hired the legal services of the late, well-connected Jewish attorney Roy Cohn—who in the 1950s assisted Joseph McCarthy during the Wisconsin senator’s quest to expose Communists in government. Cohn went on to practice law in the city for 30 years.

Such ties prompted Brother Nathanial Kapner—a self-described Eastern Orthodox monk who says he broke with Judaism to expose Jewish influence via his popular Internet videos—to remark, “You don’t become a Manhattan real estate mogul without seeding the Kosher pot.”

Trump’s foreign policy outlook has evolved into a mixed bag of hawkish and less militant statements.
Trump appears hawkish about Iran, saying the regime cannot be trusted regarding its claim that its nuclear program is only for commercial energy and not for weaponry. However, he has as of late professed a more restrained worldview overall, telling Fox News in an October 1 interview that, as president, he’d seek good relations with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. But he carefully added that he does not trust Putin.

Trump mildly defended Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, telling Fox News: “In Syria, we’re supporting the rebels, but we don’t even know who the rebels are. Assad’s a ‘bad guy,’ but you could get [someone] worse. And all the migration [into Europe and eventually the U.S.] is because of that [Syrian] civil war.”
He added he’s concerned that 200,000 “young, strong men” will migrate to the U.S. without their backgrounds and intentions being known.

Trump even suggested that “the world would be better off” had assassinated Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and murdered Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein not been removed from power by U.S., North Atlantic Treaty Organization and coalition forces.

“Of course it would be [better off],” Trump told ABC News, while calling Libya a “disaster” and Iraq “a mess.”

Another factor rarely mentioned is that Trump and the Clintons have been friends for years, as evidenced in several television interviews in which Trump praised Hillary and Bill Clinton for their supposed good character and sound judgment. Several photos show that Trump, Bill Clinton and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg have been golfing buddies.

When one considers that, on the Democratic side, the press often reports as if Hillary has no serious rivals for her party’s presidential nomination, Americans could be in for a rude awakening if Trump’s popularity were to drop too much in the polls after Trump, using his star power, had already sucked the oxygen from all of his GOP rivals, thereby clearing the field for Hillary—knowingly or not.

In other words, a flimflam could be in the works to help Hillary win by default if “the Donald,” who began slipping in the polls in early October, were to suddenly come under fire in some new, trumped-up scandal.

Trump, a sharp wheeler-dealer, may have cultivated Jewish ties to give himself bargaining chips when he needs them—rather than becoming a mere toady of Zionist interests.

Still, voters need to carefully monitor his statements, ties and popularity ratings as the 2016 elections heat up.



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