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The 2016 Tower of Babel
Part Two

By Jim Kirwan


The Dream of Euripides © 1973

This is an illustrated view of the world divided by the .001% on top,

over the real world that is always under attack

The consequences from the differential's that separate these two world views, is the resulting consequence of failing to correct any of the imbalances that brought the world to this level of self-destruction, in 1973. The image here doesn't clearly show the 365 bodies, draped in rags, that fill the circle and its bisecting bar that illustrates the billions of faceless victims of these continuing wars, that multiply with every passing hour.

Thanks to the massive overreach in Oregon, just capped off by the assassination of LaVoy Finicum, by foreign privately owned mercenaries, pretending to be federal or state officers that were supposedly needed to prove how dangerous “WORDS” can really be—especially when those words describe the truth behind the mask of state sponsored terrorism.

Followed by this official note:

To the Provost Marshall in Oregon'

We are people of We the People in Harvey County, Oregon

We are in fear for our lives and property as a result of criminal mercenaries operating under color of law,

Calling themselves 'FBI' agents.

These men are pretending to represent the lawful government of the United States, while engaged in criminal racketeering and murder on our shores.

These men are employed by the French Banking Cartel

known as the International Monetary Fund which is an Agency of the United Nations. They are provoking Acts of War on our soil when they and their corporation no longer have any natural right to be here. Their contract to provide governmental service here is over.

We require the immediate assistance of the combined

American Military and civilian police forces

to first identify and then remove these murderous foreign agents

from Harney County, no later than Tuesday February 2, 2016

by 5:00 PST.

Time is of the essence because this is a life and death situation.”

Signed by three members of the Harney County Safety Commission

BTW: Nothing came from, the Provost Marshall

Is there Really French Mercs Posing As FBI in Berns

17 min VIDEO

Back to the real life situation: Even after they failed to prove any violence came from the Defenders of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights the 'mostly appointed' government officials in Oregon proceeded to act as if these Second Amendment protected teachers of the settled-law and the Constitution were still officially charged, as if they had officially and violently attacked the people and officials of Oregon and the USA with illegal firearms and open violence: As if a military style attack had been perpetrated against the people and the State of Oregon itself.

Ironically where the truth was and still is, is that it has always been the Outlaws who are impersonating the legal government who were responsible for the violence and massive crimes against the people and land owners in Oregon going back over decades: It is they who have always been directly responsible for all the violence and fake charges under color of law, that have forced Harney County to go from the wealthiest county in Oregon to the poorest County in the State now.

These same impostors have done real violence on the ground and in the courts against the people of Harney County and the people of Oregon, intensely over the last fifteen years in particular.

In the current case of the most recent arrests, none of the supposed defendants were ever confronted with their supposed crimes,, which they have now been arrested for ­ right after fake-agents murdered LaVoy Finicum. On top of that the “crimes” that each defendant was alleged to have committed DID NOT HAPPEN. Yet in their courts this fake government is working in lockstep with a Kangaroo Court that the old USSR would have been proud to claim. The only problem is that when and if this matter is ever investigated by real lawyers and an honest political investigation, it will soon be discovered that everything the current court has done ­ has been in direct violation of all the natural-Rights, supposedly protected by the United States Constitution. However this will only happen if and when the people decide to defend themselves with their own lives, against the treason that calls itself the United States today.

Late last year these same fake-government thugs began something called jade-Helm 15, to try and scare the people in the states that had expressed a desire to secede from the Union. Magically that supposed drill did not materialize as the promised threat that 'it' had been advertised to be.

Ironically thanks to this overkill and the supposedly hard-line approach to the people that came peacefully to Harney County, to talk to the people there, about their rights and the Constitution of the United States - what has instead transpired is that because of the outrages, the lockdown of the civilian population the closing of roads the closing of the school and the militarization of the town, which they immediately blamed on the few people at the Refuge ­ for all the discomfort which also involved moving about 40% of the townspeople out of their homes to house troops ­ not to mention the military buildup at the airport for all the world to see: Then they announced an ALERT, as if there was about to be a bloodbath ­ with many casualties,, and of course all of that was blamed on the people at the Refuge, who only went to town to buy supplies occasionally, or to attend publicly announced meetings, where, as it turned out, they were for the most part not allowed to speak.

Throughout all these fake preparations to paint “the Outsiders” as savages and armed enemies of the world: In the end that did not take because the criminals misread everything, according to everything they have always lived for: Namely because their only loyalties have always been to violence, theft and murder, as their first choice when beginning any undertaking.- this time was to be no different when they laid their criminal plans to kill or kidnap everyone in that convoy that was headed to yet another county, to spread the words that these Outlaws are still so deathly afraid of.

Everything depended upon Finicum firing on them, as they were convinced he would—at the very least. But when that didn't happen they tried to plant that automatic. It's all on the video, as they surrounded his dead body, then tried to convince the world that he was interrupted in the attempt to fire upon his attackers: And yet - that too FAILED.

But all the plans to arrest everyone they captured, had already been put into motion. So they decided to proceed as if they really had been attacked, even though there was absolutely no evidence to support anything at all even remotely like that. Maybe that was somehow connected to all those bullets they fired into the truck after everyone was safely out of it. Anyhow that is what finally EXPOSED these criminals for what they've always been ­ criminals hell-bent on overthrowing the State of Oregon and the USA, to fulfill this mufti-billion dollar “DEAL” that's already been signed with the Clinton's and Uranium One. In fact Hillary, when confronted with the problems still blocking the total-takeover of the Hammond Ranch, she supposedly said: 'Don't worry about it I'll have the merc's take care of it'

What no one on the Dark-Side expected was that they would so mess-up this targeted assassination of the entire bunch of peaceful people that were just going quietly to a meeting in John Day, to meet with their expanding base.

The arms carrying second amendment believer's were supposed to use their weapons to defend themselves, but because of the women and the innocents that went along and the obvious trap that had been set up to kill them, they did not fire back which produced this massively screwed up attempt to finally get the fire-fight they were certain they would ultimately achieve, only to suffer again from their failures to know who they were dealing with, so now the WAR they never expected is on: But it's not their war - it's the WAR ON THEM that we've waited for over fifty years to finally start: To free ourselves from this relentless-slavery and from their occupation of what was once our country!



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