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Towards The Final Countdown
Part Two

By Giuseppe Stephano Chiappalone
Doctor of Metaphysical Science
My Motto: Take it or Leave it !


The whole world is suffering in ever increasing ways.

Here is a predicted consequence of evil’s destruction.

Are you amazed that hardly a word has been uttered in the Main Stream Media (MSM) about this?

Why should you be? You know, if you have understood my work that Science, History, Religions and the Media are there to create and promote Evil’s Illusion at all costs that the Truth is hidden from the ‘Goyim’.

What we see instead is a continual feeding of banality by the MSM to distract the fools from any serious thoughts that could lead them to the fact that something may be very, very wrong.

What we hear and see and read in the MSM is absurdity. Our newspapers are filled with trivia; our broadcasts are time-wasting interludes of meaningless: how to rejuvenate your skin, how to colour your hair the way the film stars do ‘cos you deserve it, how your football team is going to do a lot better in 3 years’ time, how the cure for cancer is just around the corner as long as people donate enough to keep (useless) research going, how the Government is going to be more caring by increasing taxes, reducing pensions and spending more of infrastructure in the next 20 years, etc., etc. You get the picture.

In Australia, we are fed the exact opposite to the truth with regard to the downing of MH17. Even though nothing officially has been deciphered, the Australian MSM says Russia shot down the plane and killed the Australians on Board out of malice. Nothing, as I said has been diagnosed. No identities of corpses (believed to be long dead before the plane hit the ground) have been proven and yet the MSM does its best to fill the masses with hate and scorn for the Russians. If it sounds like the Propaganda of WW1, WW2, The Vietnam war, The War against Iraq, etc., etc., etc., you are spot on. How else do you think the demons in charge can move the fools to WAR? It works every time.

Extrapolate for a moment, the enormous consequence of what the above video about sterilization of the Pacific Ocean means.

Starvation of many species, including Humanity, is an obvious consequence.

Sterilization of all species is another.

Hence, for more reasons than one, we ARE the Last Generation on Planet earth.

Do you recall I said we shall be the ‘Generation which will not know Death’ in my early writings?

There is no answer for radioactive destruction on such a massive scale. People can take all the Iodine they want but it won’t stop them from starving to death.

Enter the scenario of Cannibalism which I said long ago would resurface on earth. Demons and miscreants will have no qualms about eating other humans, whether their intended meal is dead, or alive, and needs to be murdered, when starvation is the predominant status.


This is just one chapter called Temporal and Spiritual Law from one of my books called “The Kingdom of Zion”.

It truly is the Endtime and our suffering, apart from increasing exponentially, is unavoidable until Viables are extracted out of this vile, doomed Physical Dimension.

I wrote this long ago but the thoughts expressed in the book are even more relevant today as more and more people are awakening to the mechanisms that abuse them, exploit them and impose ever-increasing Misery.

I warn our American cousins particularly that the Archons in control see them as feral rats and are preparing to ensnare them, abuse them, starve them, and kill them.

This chapter goes a little way in explaining why that is so.

We of Worth, of Light, Of Love, controlled by evil Archons, have always been used and abused and treated as swine, fed BS and slop, programmed by the TV and Media to do the bidding of our evil Masters. But now, we are all awakening, and you need to know not just why that was so but also what is going to be done about it.

Inspite of my warning not to physically confront the demons in control, many will, and they will compound their misery with the resultant Civil War and the persecutions already planned by those in charge for those seeking Paths to Freedom and the physical Revolutions to do just that. There can be no Justice on this earth as I explain in the chapter below.

It is my hope that you understand what I write and that with this understanding your fears will be lessened as those of you who are to proceed to a New Dimension do so with renewed Vigour, Hope, and Joy that will allow you to minimize your misery and that of those around the world.


Temporal and Spiritual Law

(Be mindful of the fact I wrote this book long, long ago.)

In this world, do not confuse Law with Justice. The Law here represents vested interests, not justice for people. In the Kingdom of Zion there exists a system of apparent law and order, worldly and spiritually. And yet, in this system of "order" there exist exploitation and suffering on an almost unimaginable scale. The vast majority of people in this world do not have sufficient food, clothing, water, or shelter; they do not have productive employment or the prospect of bettering their lot.

We find that beneath any appearance or illusion of order, justice, goodness, and peace there lies a simmering hunger, discontent, injustice, inequality, poverty, strife, war, disease, and death. This is on purpose. The rich definitely exploit the poor and they do so mercilessly. Here is one example: The annual US trading surplus went from just under 2 billion dollars to almost 20 with the establishment of NAFTA. The slave labour of the poorer countries increases the profit for the greedy, richer ones substantially. GATT agreements do the same thing.

The Kingdom of Zion is defined by the nearly endless exploitation and suffering found in the human kingdom, the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Exploitation is universal, and abuse, corruption, and injustice are rampant in all societies, in all nations, worldwide. Yahweh had purposely closed this world off from the Light, from true goodness, justice, love, peace, joy, and the grace and glory of the True God and the evil mess is the result. In place of all that is right, good, and true, he has implemented a system of "law" and injustice. This is why all that is wrong, evil, and untrue is imbued in our media, our systems of government, education, religion, economics, politics, and especially the judiciary which follow the law of abuse, injustice and exploitation, never justice, no matter how great the pretence is.

Yahweh has reversed the Divine plan for this world, and substituted suffering for true growth and joy, punishment and disappointment for true love, and relentless exploitation for true progress. It is obvious that we are living in a world of pain and suffering, where only the "fortunate" seem to escape suffering. It is imperative that we ask "Why must this be so?", if we are to reach any semblance of truth. Having completely usurped authority and power in this world, like any dictator, Yahweh went about enacting his own set of laws which were completely totalitarian, unfair, and oppressive in the extreme.

Yahweh's Bible and the scriptures of Zion are a how-to book for perpetuating ignorance, unawareness, suffering, conflict, exploitation, injustice, and evil, even though superficially they may appear meritorious. And, secular laws are at least as bad. The effect is suppression of one's True nature and severe evil programming, pollution and indoctrination as we shall see, to allow maximal exploitation in situations set up especially for that purpose.

Laws do not solve problems, temporally or spiritually. We must remember the source and spurious authority of all laws, to understand why laws do not change the evil system, do not get rid of evil or injustice, and only institutionalise it.

This is why all of our laws make evil worse. Every governmental law creates unseen problems, and very often generates more corruption and more problems than it solves. Actually, the more laws there are, the more evidence there is that people are not following or even aware of the law and its increasing complexity, or else are finding ways to get around the law.

And, it doesn't matter whether we have three laws or three million, there is no decrease in unlawful activity, crime, abuse, exploitation, suffering, and victimization. This is for two reasons. Firstly the laws are there as mock structures to catch those who are the targets to be punished. The evil ones flaunt them with the disrespect they deserve. Evil has no respect for anything, not even Evil.

In a similar way, so-called and apparent spiritual "laws" are merely the means of enforcing the control, authority, and oppression by evil, to serve evil. Hence, evil always increases under this evil system.

The totally despotic, imperious, and arbitrary laws of the Kingdom of Zion are designed to entrap, punish, and spiritually assassinate the True Beings. Again, this is evident on the gross level, as we find in governments, worldwide, and on spiritual levels, as we have seen in religions. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual punishment is dictated as an excuse to make people comply with "the law". But Yahweh's spiritual "laws" (and forced compliance with the laws) are just a mechanism to create, administer, and perpetuate those mechanisms of evil programming, pollution and indoctrination which maximize suffering. In fact, there is no need for, and no existence of, suffering or punishment in the remainder of the Divine creation.

Pain and suffering were designed by Yahweh for the explicit purpose of maintaining control and exploiting the energy he required from True Beings.

In this dimension, there is an absence of true authority, wisdom, and love. By attacking the True Beings in this way, he has made them lose their Divine energy and awareness. As a result of suffering and the relentless barrage of programming, pollution, and indoctrination, we are more easily programmed, conditioned, and controlled in our thinking and behaviour.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are living in a world of intense mind control, propaganda, brainwashing, and self-destructive programming. Society's addictions, escapism, dis-eases, stresses, conflicts, suffering, and wars are endless. And the promised cures, solutions, and salvations are but a mirage.

As we look more deeply into why things are the way they are, we find that there is little spiritual awareness or sense of what is right, good, or true in society. And, in that vacuum, there are endless laws, and an equally spurious system of punishment, as if laws can compensate for the loss of spiritual connection with God.

Even Yahweh's so-called "spiritual laws" are nothing more than a means to abuse, harass, stifle, confine, disadvantage, restrict, torment, and destroy the faithful True Beings rather than to uplift, liberate, enlighten, guide, or help them in any real sense. Remember, Evil is fighting a war against the Good, trying to subdue and destroy them. True Beings are fully capable of following their Divine inner guidance as long as their connection with the Divine is not cut off by evil.

So, Yahweh purposely cut that connection with the Divine. He then replaced God's spontaneous and automatic guidance, love, and nurturing with a system of punishment and suffering which declares that such is "deserved" and "righteous" because of "transgressions against the law" and/or "original sin".

Actually, Yahweh is the original sin, the blasphemy against the True God; and the True Beings are guilty of no original sin. To say they are is a lie. Divine Beings are not born of sin but born of their Father-Mother God; their spirits are created totally pure, good, loving, totally aware of their connection with their Creator, cognizant of their inner blueprint for spiritual growth, expression, and progress. It is only because Yahweh has totally interfered with this Divine plan in this corrupted sector, and, in fact, has blocked the True Beings from having any clear connection to their Divine Source and guidance, that he has been able to substitute a system of unremitting evil in its place.

The real targets of punishment and suffering are True Beings. The most evil beings are, in fact, rewarded with greater evil power, worldly authority, and material prosperity for doing evil. They are not punished on the spiritual level or any other level and they form the Black Brotherhood on this and other levels.

True Beings are a minority in this world, now comprising a very small percent as more and more are lifted out. Yahweh created the counterfeit beings, both robotic and demonic beings, to exploit, confuse and overwhelm the children of the Light. All consciousnesses of the various classes in this world have incarnated into physical bodies, and to all appearances, physical bodies look alike. In other words, it is not usually possible to look at the physical shell and know whether the being within is a True Being or an evil counterfeit one.

Under Yahweh's laws, it totally suits his purposes and the agenda of evil to have True Beings incarnate in families with evil parents, siblings, or other close relatives. The more likely an incarnating being is affected by evil, or traumatized or abused while young, the more readily will s/he be programmed and conditioned by evil and cut off from its Divine inner being. The shock and trauma of abuse and exploitation, ridicule and humiliation, and even outright psychological or physical torture, complete the brainwashing and control of the consciousness.

It is no mistake that True Beings are forced to incarnate in the physical with absolutely no memory of prior existence, though in every case, they have lived for longer than this universe has existed for they were created before the Celestial Error and Evil. The physical body has an in-built Filtering Mechanism which blocks prior knowledge.

The continuity of their spiritual existence is suppressed, and further denied in Yahweh's "holy" scriptures. They are told that they are not even children of God unless they believe the lies of the Bible. This is utter nonsense, totally evil and perverse. Regardless of what your scripture does or does not tell you, everyone has been brought under Yahweh's false spiritual Laws of Reincarnation and Karma (the means by which you are made to suffer "to make up for" some prior acts). However, the most evil ones are above the law.

In place of Divine guidance and love, Yahweh set up and has administered a false spiritual system of reincarnation and karma, in which beings are forced to incarnate in the physical over and over (countless times), and the good ones are disadvantaged and made to suffer "to learn their lessons". The one and only purpose of these spiritual laws is to slowly spiritually assassinate True Beings. Time after time they come back, cut off from the spiritual realm, programmed by the prevailing evil social systems (including the deceitful religions), forced to act in support of the evil system, trapped in evil relationships, abused, exploited, ravaged by disease and other conditions, and physically die, over and over.

The effect is designed to be cumulative, to separate a child of God from any connection to, or even remembrance of, its Father-Mother God. Yahweh, in all his evilness, has declared that it is the greatest violation of his law, the greatest sin, to have any other "god" but him.

The more spiritual a being is, the more a being rejects this world of evil and illusions, the more a being seeks connection with the True God, the more that being is made to suffer. This is the law of Yahweh and the Kingdom of Zion.

The way secular law works, someone does something wrong and then the lawyers codify it to make it illegal for others to do the same. For example, as recently occurred, a seven-year-old girl died in a plane crash trying to set a record for flying an airplane coast to coast in the US. So, the lawyers wrote a law prohibiting little children from being allowed to pilot an airplane coast to coast when trying to set a record.

Could anything be more absurd? Yet, this is why we have endless laws today, which no one but the lawyers really know about (each knows a section only) and which transgressors only become aware of after the fact, when the system seeks to punish them. It is not just cynicism to say that the law is a way of taking advantage of every act of wrong, stupidity, or evil done by mankind, and creating profit for the lawyers.

Similarly, the violation of all spiritual "laws" profits Yahweh, the source of those laws. His false spiritual laws are for the purpose of exploiting and punishing the most hapless, unsuspecting, and readily programmed members of society.

The laws are not really to help us but to oppress us, to keep us subjugated to the evil archons, to keep us in a position of ignorance, vulnerability, and liability. This is true of all unjust secular and spiritual law. Yet, the evil ones profit by the law; they know and use the law entirely to their benefit, to grasp more wealth, power, and control. This is, of course, quite evil, and has nothing to do with spiritual goodness or worth, but evil cunning.

The most evil, having crafted laws to oppress everyone else, are not subject to such limitations; they are never really hindered by the law. If their evil acts come to light, they merely learn to be more subtle and covert in their actions, or rationalize their exceptions to the law. The most evil beings have never had any intention of being limited in any way by laws, secular or spiritual.

So, while they make and enact unjust secular and religious law, the archons do not in the least believe in the laws, morality, or religions of the masses ­ they only look at the "sheep" with contempt. In their perception, the "proof" of one's spiritual worth is the extent to which one is able to gather finances, authority, and control in this world. Surely, as their false "god" says, that is a sign of their goodness and "god's" grace and blessing. Who would dare to question the "word of god", when he proclaims that he elevates the "righteous" in his name?

Those who sustain and uphold the Kingdom of Zion and all its evil are favoured Sons of Darkness. They have no problem with evil because they are evil. Just as one small example, it is why Imelda Marcos could buy 10,000 pairs of the most expensive designer shoes, as she and her husband plundered billions of dollars from their country which consists of some of the poorest people on earth. Evil beings feel that they deserve everything, every reward for serving evil, for sustaining evil, for perpetuating evil, injustice, and suffering. That's how they make sure they have "sheep" to rule over, and shear.

Yet, it is not the exposed Imelda Marcoses who rule this world, but far more cunning, evil, insatiable, ruthless, controlling, and merciless princes of Darkness. They all feel that they are above the law; they have made a special deal with their "god". Clearly, fear, pain, and suffering are the forces that shape and control life on this planet, not some imagined benevolence or "love".

No matter how many millions of people are brainwashed or emotionally blackmailed into "loving" their equivalent of Imelda Marcos while they are being exploited, only fools mistake their torment and abuse as a supreme "gift" of "love". Yet, this is precisely how Yahweh and his select rulers have upheld their evil system of gross exploitation, "lawfully". They pretend to be the loving father and mother, looking after our every need ­ to be adored as God ­ but they are really just the opposite. They are evil blood-sucking parasites draining our resources, exhausting our Divine inner being.

Yahweh has a covenant with those whom he has made to hold the rulership of this world, and all its resources, in trust for him. Yahweh elevates those who seem to have an innate ability to rise in this world to the highest positions of leadership and trust via cunningness, deception, and exploitation. Select evil ones receive sponsorship and help along the way.

The elders, elect, and their agents take them under their guidance, and shape the spineless, immoral, ambitious, and weak recruits into "leaders", creatures of single-minded devotion to the global agenda of domination and exploitation.

These are the favoured Sons of Darkness, the archons, and their rise to all sorts of positions, including those of presidency and papacy, are guided both in the depths of hell and in the meeting rooms of the moguls of politics, media, finance, law, and religion.

Only those who willingly lick the boots of the protected archons need apply. The nurturing and protection of Bill Clinton is a good example. We have seen leaders such as Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, devoted to the New World Order, speaking out of both sides of their mouths, barely able to conceal their hearts of darkness, immorality, weakness, greed, ambition, and depravity. And yet, these are the very people whom the masses rely upon to bring "good" into this world.

Their actual role is to perpetuate suffering, deny the truth, build illusions, ridicule any opposition, propagandize about the goodness of life and how "fortunate" we all are, suppress any disclosure of evil and corruption on the highest levels, reduce awareness, destroy personal responsibility and integrity, enact endless laws and punishments, ensure that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, keep people from awakening spiritually, make a mockery of the grace and goodness of the True God, and subjugate the masses under a perverse and evil system of order.

Regardless of any apparent religious affiliation, they are among the elect of Zion.”



Dr G S Chiappalone

Copyright August 17, 2014


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