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Towards The Final Countdown
Part One

By Dr G S Chiappalone
Doctor of Metaphysical Science

My Motto: Take it or Leave it !


I plan to continue to release, on this website via these essays, details of the Final Phase as we hasten to the End.

At the same time, I will comment on current world trends and changes that may be relevant to our journey out of here.

Interlaced will be points and topics of interest which will highlight the mosaic of our existence.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I write, but if it helps you understand a little more of what’s going on, the exercise will be well worth it.


If you have been following my writings and have understood them to some extent, you will know that the aim of all the activities now on Earth, and in this Galaxy, in fact, in the whole Physical Universe, are to eradicate all Evil and the Matter which it created, along with all its sycophants, miscreants, robots, Archons and Demons.

This Physical Universe is a temporary aberration whose time has come to an end as far as we on Earth are concerned.

This evil aberration is called the Kingdom of Zion in ancient texts.

Its Rulers, the ‘Chosen Children of God’, are the ones created by Evil for Evil. They were created with the specific purpose of harnessing and exploiting the non-Evil ones who were and are the trapped True beings. I use that term because their consciousnesses were made of true Light in contrast to the evil ones who were made of the pseudo-light of Darkness. The True Ones were created long before this Physical Dimension came into being and were unfortunately trapped by changed local circumstances within this doomed bubble called the Physical Universe. Many did escape this precipitating Universe and they are to be found in Divine Dimensions safe and sound.

This Universe has many sub-dimensions which are still physical.

There are, however, a myriad of Universes which are of a Divine Nature and are not at all Evil or temporary as this one is.

You are now asked to elevate your consciousness a little and realize that this ‘God” of Zion who has these evil demonic children is not a benevolent god. In fact, it is an artificial Mind that in this region has been called numerous names including Jehovah, Yahweh, the Molloch, etc., etc. It and its children are well identified, as I have said many times in John 8:44 of the extant Bible which in the main is a compilation of stolen and often perverted texts used to serve the ambitions of the Children of this evil ‘god’, Jehovah.

If you are familiar with my stepladder explanation of consciousness, you will know of the numerous Classes of Consciousness that exist in both camps - the (permanent) Good and the (temporary) Evil.

Aliens who have always existed, and whom many people are realizing are a valid part of the Greater Reality, fall into these categories and are also players in this War of Essences.

Thus, we have Avatar Energy within physical beings, including Aliens, that sustains the ones to be rescued, and Evil Energy in Evil Aliens of all physical types who rule the Physical Dimension as they see fit. But the ultimate goal of the Evil Ones is the extraction of energy from the trapped Theomorphs, the Children of the True God Essence that were trapped when this dimension became solidified. And so we have the biblical story of the ‘Chosen Ones’ of the Evil Mind and the ‘Goyim’, who are as cattle to be used and exploited as they see fit.

A glance throughout History reveals this to be the case in all business and warfare that has ever been conducted on this level. That is the case in Alien levels too, but of course from where we are we cannot verify that fact. You will just have to trust me on that point.

In the main, Evil higher consciousnesses are called the Demons, the Archons. And they have subservient artificial creations of their own, namely such beings as the evil Greys and the Evil robots in Humanity.

This is what I wrote in my book “One world” in a chapter called “Scientific Ignorance”.

My conclusion is that science and the major part of Mankind have the seeds of their own destruction planted deep within their bosoms. Even without the Gnostic Nous, the knowledge of the warring two creations, the Divine Creation and the Evil Creation (topics I wrote about in earlier books) a thinker would have to conclude, just from the exposed nature of much of science and Mankind, that many of its members are Demons from the darkest recesses of Hell.

  • Who else but demons could think up bombs to annihilate millions at once, as most countries have done by developing the various types of nuclear bombs?

  • Who else could dream up microwave-producing technology to bounce off the ionosphere in order to deleteriously affect the mental function of other populations for military advantage, as the Americans are doing with their HAARP program?

  • Who else but demons would think up the scheme of introducing deadly diseases and viruses into communities to eradicate those they labelled as "undesirables", as scientists have done with HIV-AIDS? (And now with Ebola?)

  • Who else but demons would irradiate sections of their populations with nuclear material to see the experimental results of such biological interference, as the Russians and Americans have done and as the British and Australians did to the Aborigines?

  • Who else but demons would release poisonous gas on defenceless populations they considered undesirable, as the British did to Iraqis and Kurds early this century? (Remember, I wrote the book last century.)

  • Who else but demons would burn at the stake and slaughter millions just because their victims refused to believe the same ridiculous Dogmas, as the Catholic Church did to the Gnostics, Bogomils, Cathars, etc., whom it labelled heretics.

(Look up what the Catholic Church and the most evil of demons, Charlemagne, did to innocent people who were trapped in the supposed ‘Holy Roman Empire’. Christianity or Death was their choice.

  • Who else but demons would release unknown viruses and toxic agents into sections of the animal kingdom in order to eradicate those sections whom they saw as interfering with their profit margins? Australian scientists have recently released a virus to destroy rabbits, without knowing the transgenic complications. They did so against the advice of most other world scientists. Who is to blame if the virus kills unintended victims such as other fauna and humans?

  • Who else but demons would slaughter mothers and their babies of any aspect of creation for their oil, or fur, or flesh? If you are a meat-eater you are part of this demonic scene.

  • Who else but demons would covet the wealth of others enough to plunder without consideration of the consequences? Many have invaded other lands to exploit natural resources. The invasion of East Timor by Indonesia, sanctioned by Australia who hopes to eventually share in the spoils, is all about exploiting the natural wealth of the area. Greed is the motive. Otherwise do you think the invaders would give a hoot for the welfare of the invaded?

  • Who else but demons would be cruel enough to rape and impregnate in order to eliminate a subspecies of the same race as factions were trying to do to each other in Bosnia?

  • Who else but demons would practice active genocide as many nations have done against their indigenes and many still do against those they see as mortal enemies? Australia slaughtered its Aborigines and tried to eliminate all of them, just as the Americans and the Canadians acted against their natives, just as the Israelites are trying to do to the Palestinians today.

  • Who else but demons would carry out genetic experimentation without knowing the side-effects on consumers, progeny, the environment, etc. Deaths have already resulted from transgenic foodstuffs produced by our clever demon-scientists. They are so proud of their handiwork they are attempting to pass laws which will allow them to conceal when a food has been produced in a genetically-tampered manner.

  • Who else but demons would drain the minerals and the oil (which is its blood) from the Earth in order to use it to further cause destruction in a myriad of ways?

  • Who else but demons would have so little respect for the other aspects of creation that they would use them in destructive laboratory experiments and also clear out natural habitats for human profit, knowing it would kill the fauna?

  • Who else but demons would develop a scheme to control the world's grain production so the ones they decree to be "rogue" nations could be starved to death?

  • Who else but demons could think of applying death-dealing sanctions on nations whom they demonize for not co-operating with them, just as the United Nations has been pressured into applying by the U.S.A. against Libya and Iraq? Co-operation means bowing to their wishes, whatever they be, does it not? Who are the victims? It is the elderly and young children needing the unavailable supplies who are dying. Where is the justice in that?

It is demons who conceive the exploitation of war and deaths and the myth created around such activities in order to blackmail whole communities and monetarily enrich themselves as many Zionists have done following World War II. I will have much more to say about this in a forthcoming book "The Kingdom Of Zion".

(Deep breath, good chair, it’s a marathon: )

  • Who else but demons would think up schemes to lie, cheat and defraud others, for it makes them feel good? There are many, and you know some, I am sure, who delight in the misfortunes of others, even if they do not appear to directly gain from such misfortunes. But they do gain, for they are demons and receive a portion of the energy released by the suffering of the misfortunates. These types of demons, whom we all know and now recognize, cannot help themselves. They reveal their evil glee for all to see. They are exposed more and more every day. Realize that all these demons, in all the categories I have mentioned, are the instruments of the Molloch's (the evil demi-god, creator of the physical universe) evil exploitation and the seeds of humanity's eventual, and very imminent destruction.

The system is very evil and corrupt, but it is also very cunning. It blackmails non-evil beings into having respect for it. It retaliates maximally against those who flaunt its unjust rules. It goes further, of course, and sets up the unaware to punish them any way it can, in order to exploit them of energy. Visit a jail and talk to inmates and see how many have been unjustly set up by various mechanisms to have their lives ruined by the evil systems that exist. Recently, because of new biological techniques, hundreds of serious crime inmates have been found to be innocent victims of gross injustice in the U.S.A. Improved DNA testing has exonerated many prisoners who, it appears, were framed, just as they claimed they were. Many others remain in jail for the police confiscated the evidence which would have allowed further DNA testing.


Can you imagine what went on in past generations, how many were wrongfully executed? How can anyone have any respect for such an abominable system? And yet, stay still; the system is just itching for you to move against it so that it can trap and punish you. It will be destroyed in good time in the way it is meant to be. It is wise to remind you to always act within its laws, regardless of how stupid and evil they may be.

"Science has hoodwinked us all into believing it has the ultimate answers ... in reality, it is our Frankenstein monster, a creature of our own design that now threatens to destroy us." In the introduction to his book Understanding the Present: Science and the Soul of Modern Man, Bryan Appleyard says, "I wrote this book in the conviction that science, more than anything else, has made us who we are; science is our faith and our age's unique signature.


My conclusion is equally simple: we must resist and the time to do so is now". He says that he feels "like the hero of the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, racing about town warning the sceptical that our neighbours are in reality alien invaders in disguise. There is much that stands in the way of acceptance of what this madman believes to be the truth because science, like the aliens that look and live like humans, is buried within us; it is concealed. In order to expose its workings we need to look beneath the fabric of contemporary life".


Speaking of people such as Stephen Hawking, Jacob Bronowski, and Carl Sagan, he notes that "All popularizers of science ... say the same kind of things. They say that science is a spectacle of majestic progression, that ... it is a natural and inevitable product of the human imagination, it has fundamental human significance, and it is ultimately capable of answering every question". They glorify their "god", and take every spurious theory as "gospel". Science has every answer precisely because it refuses to look anywhere else for any answers, and denies the greater truth. Sagan had gone the furthest and claims, in his book "A demon-haunted World", that the physical sciences are somehow spiritual! Can you believe anything science claims, especially after Hawking, whom many consider the father of Physics in this generation, rightfully said that all scientific theories are speculation and can never be proved to be correct?

Science is filled with "propaganda, dangerously seductive propaganda. It has become misleading, even offensive, to the lives we actually lead.... It is the rhetoric of what is sometimes called `scientism' ­ the belief that science is or can be the complete and only explanation". Appleyard also notes, "science possesses an intrinsically domineering quality", and "seems unable to coexist with alternative explanations or belief systems, ... but is it the Truth?" No, it is not.


Science is a bluff. Grinnell writes, "It is useful to think of science as a serious game played according to rules that are agreed to by scientists. These rules concern not only what counts as evidence but also the permissible ways in which the evidence can be presented.

As in every game, both these aspects must be taken into consideration if one is to understand how the game is played. In poker, for instance, the cards count as evidence, but the best cards do not always win. Against a successful bluff, the best cards may be folded before the hand ends". You might imagine that medical doctors would at least be open to whatever truth would help life, but doctors are trained as scientists and are masters of that "intrinsically domineering quality". The first unwritten and undisputed law of medical consultation is that the patient surrenders totally to the doctor, regardless what sort of lunatic the medical examiner may really be. We allow no other profession to dominate us so irrationally and pay for the humiliation.

Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., reveals in Tired or Toxic, "As has been true throughout the history of science and medicine, new truths threaten old egos, upon which much financial, as well as psychological security rests. For example, Semmelweiss merely suggested to his colleagues that invisible germs were carried on their hands. If only physicians would wash their hands after doing autopsies, before running down the hall to deliver babies, perhaps nine out of ten women would not die of childbirth fever. This simple request, that we now take for granted, met with derision, animosity, jealousy, hostility and anger. How could one man be any smarter than they were? But when it became common knowledge about town that his patients lived longer, his gynaecology practice boomed. Since this cut into the business of his fellow colleagues, they got hostile, bad-mouthed him, and they ostracized him".


Rogers observes, "Their jealousy stifled any scientific curiosity. They just sought any excuse to get rid of this embarrassing thorn in their sides. After all, if you don't kill 90% of your patients, it sets you apart from the pack; and when you deviate from the pack in medicine as a physician, you're automatically labelled a quack". The result was that "they kicked him out of the medical society. He died of suicide, penniless". This is not a historical example to be dismissed as the product of some bygone era of ignorance. This is exactly the way medicine works, now. Rogers notes, "You probably naively think, as I did, that this no longer goes on in medicine today". The fact is, science, politics, and the media have become more subtle, slick, and authoritative in their approach ­ the better to conceal their wrongs.

What is this war against the truth? The essence of the New World Order is to conceal wrong, to deny truth, to maximize profit, to perpetuate the business of evil, and to resist true correction. Inspite of reassurances that we are being helped by our institutions, we are being hurt or even destroyed by them. The arrogant authorities prefer cover-ups to direct, publicized confrontation with the truth; they destroy the messengers of truth by a wilful act of ignorance, suppression, reprisals, and denial.


Science does this. Religion does this. Government does this. The media does this. And, yes, doctors do this. They often use the tools of mendacious bluff!


They all ensure that truth is not revealed, promoted, or accepted. No, this is not just ignorance, lack of time, or ego; it is the evilness of the system, the status quo, the accepted "order" of things. This authoritative attitude has been so successful that we imagine that if science and medicine have not solved some problem yet, or are ignorant of the truth, then they just have not had the opportunity to investigate the matter properly. This is very fallacious and misleading. Rogers says, "Human nature being what it is, once you've chosen camps and decided to arbitrarily denigrate something it's very difficult to humble yourself and dig in to try to learn what it's really about". But, that is too kind. Science and medicine are utterly deliberate, conscious, and purposeful in their denial, rejection, condemnation, and abolition of the truth from possible consideration. It's what they do. And, the last thing they are interested in is your life. If they have a choice between propping up their illusions and helping you, they would just as soon bury you as admit their mistakes. Think about that the next time you are traditionally pressured and dominated into taking medical advice as gospel truth.”


The Truth of what I have written is now becoming a reality which even the most simple-minded can see for themselves: ­ The Pyramids at Giza are over 25,000 years old.

Coming clean:



And now, a little bit of BS. These are the Aliens with very big mops coming to clean up the earth!

So now, who do you think the Global Elite are?

They are not just the Jews who have mistakenly called themselves the “Children of God”. It is the Zionists who are the supposed Children if this god. And Zionists may or may not be Jews.

They are all the Aliens who control some or all the facets of this Planet and the Galaxy in general.

There are many factions of these demons all in competition. We are just the meat in the middle as it were, from a physical perspective.

But they are bound for total elimination from existence.

Many of them are escaped criminals from the War of Essences conducted in other Galaxies and parts of this Galaxy. They are stubborn and think they can win the War against the Light. But, they are deluded fools and bent on self-destruction, even as they plot to take over this planet and many other planets in their quest for gaining energy, for their hunger for energy is of extreme rapaciousness.

One of the many ways Evil has to extract energy from trapped beings is to use scare tactics. You are all very familiar with those ­ Iraq’s WMDs, Commies under the bed, Swine flu, HIV-Aids, Hitler’s return, etc. etc. Here is this latest scare in context:

Evil beings have always created more evil and huge messes wherever they have been. One of their biggest mistakes on this planet was the call for more and more slaves to do their bidding. Now, they want to reduce the mess, but it is far too late. Their solution was the Eugenics Plan to kill of 80-90% of the population. It was the evil ones who created the over-population problem in the first place by allowing the multiplication of ever increasing numbers of robotic consciousnesses in physical bodies. .

It does not get any more stupid than this next video. Notice Evil Aliens giving messages of themselves doing evil things to Earth and its inhabitants under the guise of Godly justice.

A little more:

Even the most poor and primitive of people see through the evil plots:

The ‘slaves’ and trapped ones have known all along who unjustly ruled them. Thus we have Luria of Safaad’s famous prophecy that the world would arise against the Children of Zion. I have referred to this before.

Consider this also: “It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely1injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.  ­ Zecharia 12

Even non-Zionist Jews see the Injustices committed by Zionists:;_ylt=AwrBJR5Pq.ZTpx4ABmfQtDMD

When I lectured in Israel in 1990, many who attended the lectures agreed with what I had to say and were inimical to Zionist policy.

Zionism is not something political thought up by Theodor Herzl in 1896. It is the Essence of the Evil Mind that emerged from the Celestial Error. The Zionist Movement Herzl initiated was simply a modern thrust of that evil essence to regain land in Palestine.

In the above clip, substitute the word ‘Zionist’ where you see the word ‘Jew’. Many Jews are not Zionists, and most Zionists are not Jews.

The Alternate Media is helping with the awakening process. But it is just a little and by no means to the real Truth which is beyond the comprehension of the Monkey Mind with which most humans think. Notice how the commentators end by deluding themselves in the thought that they can alter things because they just think they have seen the mechanism of destruction that can be stopped. They are dangerous in that they think they have a prosaic solution to a Spiritual Problem which this status quo is.

In the meantime, it’s up to the probably most vilified nation on earth, North Korea, to tell it as it is in the West with the programming of the idiots by their (concealed, alien) masters.

Don’t skip it. It is well worth watching.


One very important and valid question asked of me by many readers is this:

Why does not the Light get on with it immediately and end our suffering once and for all?

The Galaxy will be dismantled as a unit as all Galaxies have been in the past.

I told you that the selection of who is viable and who is not was completed on Earth some 2 years ago. The last Class to be classified was the Mineral Class.

We are awaiting classification of a few more planets and then its GO, Go, Go!!

The whole Galaxy will then be gone in a flash is I wrote in a previous post.


Dr G S Chiappalone

Copyright August 6, 2014


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