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To The Sheeple Of Our Now Destroyed Nation


By Clark McClelland

This is a message to all readers of the Stargate Chronicles book site.

I have spent many years of my life TRYING to awaken this nation and those of other countries to the imminent threats that face us.

In doing so, I have experienced many attacks against me for alerting…and alarming…you. YOU NEED TO BE ALARMED!  So, please alarm those who have not read my releases.

The United States of America actually does not exist any longer. Go ahead and LAUGH! It has not existed since the Presidency of John F. Kennedy...elected by you to office in 1960.

Has anything changed? Has it??  Of course, not.

You now have many who are seeking what is called the highest political office in this now destroyed nation. Republicans and Democrats are one and the same…just at different locations on the hamster wheel of slavery.

They have little difference. We need a STRONG third party of Independent candidates.  Candidates must be 'naturally-born' American Citizens. Not like Obama. Or LYING TED CRUZ or Bubble Boy Marco Rubio.

There are at least 6 to 7 races of humans on earth. We are all enslaved to an alien government that totally controls every nation on this beautiful planet. Make no mistake...Satan owns the earth, and has owned all of us for may thousands of years now.

They ARE Poli or Poly (meaning 'many') tics...meaning blood-sucking insects better known as evil blood-sucking politicians. POLI-ticians.

The methods of 'governing' a nation must change to alter what is destroying us all. Political systems must stop on earth.  YES, totally STOP on Earth. Banking systems, most obviously, the illegal Federal Reserve, must not EVER be considered as 'leaders' on earth again.

Say goodbye to our once great nation of the United States of America. Ultimately, the people ALLOWED this to happen.

'By our silence, we allow.'

Clark C. McClelland
Former Space Shuttle Fleet ScO,
Kennedy Space Center, Florida 1958 To 1992


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