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Today & Yesterday’s Tomorrow

By Jim Kirwan


Detail from Journey 1, kirwan © 1973

Yesterday in ‘The Ugly Truth’ I tired to explain, how it came to be, that we have become entangled with the traitors who are attempting to end the world by eliminating 95% of the global population. (1)

The bulk of this global-problem began with two global-wars which both began in the twentieth century. Now in the twenty-first century, with the advent of WWIII, we are about to finally come to some conclusions about whether or not the world can actually end our global wars by taking direct responsibility for the madness and global-savagery as hinted at above.

In 1973 I received a commission to create something that could “cause people to forget why they’d come to the business where the work was to be displayed.” The subject was left to me to decide. I chose to illustrate some of Robinson Jeffers work, as the best way to introduce some unusual-new-images into the already dying world of 1973. The commission was created by the wife of the owner of Anthony’s Manufacturing Corp. of Los Angeles, CA.

The poem that accompanied Part One was “Be Angry at the Sun” by Robinson Jeffers © 1941 with permission from Random House.

That public men publish falsehoods

Is nothing new.

That America must accept

Like the historical republics corruption and empire

Has been known for years

Be angry at the sun for setting

If these things anger you.

Watch the wheel slope and turn,

They are all bound on the wheel,

These people, those warriors,

This Republic, Europe, Asia

Observe them gesticulating,

Observe them going down.

The gang serves lies,

The passionate man plays his part;

The cold passion for truth

Hunts in no pack…”

Ironically we seem to be as clearly stuck to this Tar Baby, as was the Fox in the briar-patch from the African folk-tale. The more we lash out against the arrogance & greed, the more clearly we become entangled; until we too shall all-too-soon have no cards left to play. The figures crawling on the shoulders and the arm of this evil central figure, are some of the oh so special-creatures and some of the hundreds of politicians, that need to be removed from the planet.

which the various shapes of the net create, as the owners move them with every jerk of their nets, according to their whims. The bankers, the money-changers and the at-risk politicians are the ones who are trying desperately to use the cast-out-coins that have been thrown from the explosions in the distance, to save themselves, but it was already far too late for them in 1973.

The poems were published on the face of the posters that were marketed from Australia to Canada, from the US and throughout Europe: But these were just posters, no one wrote the publisher with comments. They sold extremely well but apparently most just liked the colors. For the last thirteen years I’ve been using these and other less complex images as illustrations in articles. Posters in the seventies were usually much more complex than most people noticed at first glance: Maybe it’s time for that needed second glance now?

What’s at stake in the world right now is our ability to use our minds and our bodies to stop this headlong rush, to wrap the future in barbed wire and nuclear weapons, for all humanity. We need to end the barbarity worldwide, or just accept the fact that we will be the ones that ordered everything that’s about to happen to this tiny-blue-ball.

We have for the most part these two extremes, Sanctuary & Crossroads, which we need to find ways to join-together again. Maybe we could reconnect the stairways and the bridges that once connected these very different parts of society? If we are ever to survive this tortured expression of the way we’ve chosen to live—then something has to be done to change the way things are:

Because Today is actually, Tomorrow’s Yesterday!

No politician will ever agree with this interpretation, because for politician’s “everything always “happens in the future”, which of course can never arrive, because as people we’re always forced to live “in the now” and never in “the future.” If you need any help deciding, then don’t forget to factor in this dystopian-view of that mysterious future which too many seem to fail to appreciate…

With yesterday’s decision by Israel to close all their embassies and consulates world-wide: This could be the “False-Flag-Event” which is being hinted at in the video above.

1) The Ugly Truth



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