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By Jim Kirwan



Leading the Way to the End of Humanity

The current trend in social-change got its start in the early 1930’s in Germany with the beginning of Political Correctness that has largely accomplished its self-appointed task for the absolute destruction of integrated societies, wherever people are trying to live in the world today.

Ironically the problems defined by ‘PC” mark the reversal of every human achievement, since we first escaped from the feudal ages. If we deconstruct what we’ve allowed to be done to us by embracing the current-trends that have overridden all human progress, which many thought we had once achieved: Then what becomes clear is that we’re actually going backwards in everything from language and the arts to communications and creativity of all types.

In addition; while the world has succeeded in reversing the natural-goal of freeing ourselves from blatant slavery ­ to re-enslaving ourselves thru stupidity compounded by drugs and addictions that have further destroyed any and all the natural laws of the universe that would have prevented this from taking place: We only succeeded in yet another stalemate on the way to arriving in the totally compromised twenty-first century.

Throughout history every generation has left some kind of mark upon the global stage. Whether those ‘marks’ have been positive or negative can only usually be seen in hindsight. This time however this criminally destructive series of attacks has been lumped together into the last five generations that have specialized in the destruction of most of the previously existing triumphs, in order to reduce ‘life’ to a series of privatized cells where the light of human-existence has been reduced to penury, ignorance and the almost total absence of imagination: Or especially the absence of that human vision that, without light, cannot grow in the nearly total fetid-darkness of this world that has now clearly gone rogue.

As people began to leave the dying Middle Ages, humanity began to discover the wonders of the differences in ideas and talents that had liberated the feudal world from religious and political dogma and the as yet unnamed Political Correctness.

After the Black Death wiped out a full third of Europe, the old heresy’s that had haunted mankind since the caves were for nearly a hundred years ­ actually almost destroyed.

What arose in place of the rigidity of unproven patriarch-dominated-dogma’s was a new way of seeing the world and the possibilities that waited for those who had the courage to follow their dreams, to uncover a much richer and far more ‘possible’ real-world vision’ that was not based on the fallacies of ancient religions or the tyranny of the societal quick-sand that had kept the subservient population in artificial chains of near global-slavery.

This was first glimpsed in the Italian Renaissance when Art and Science began working together to free mankind from the dominance of the Oligarch’s of that day and time: From the Pope and other religions, all the way to new schools of thought and art that opened the age-old locked-doors that ‘freedom of thought’ had not so quietly just blown away.

That however did not last long as the Oligarch’s just recast their grip on the arts, and modified their “control” over humanity in ways that made their powers much less noticeable, but none the less, that little burst of freedom was forced back into the new prison that was just reshaped from the ruins of the original tyranny that had endured for centuries.

Humanity then begun to struggle with the dimensions of power, hunting for ways to free themselves, until the First World War smashed its way into the world and shut down that feeble effort ­ and most of the rest of this is known by those that have been paying attention…

In this continuing struggle the terror-filed insecure troglodytes that are so obviously addicted to the dogma of Political­Correctness have been riding a wave of artificially created “norms” for everyday life which tend to fly in the face of the bulk of humanity. So far they have managed to rearrange the norms of sexual acceptance, in ways that destabilize the majority of people on the planet today ­ in order to create an artificially dominate set of ‘new rules’ for what is acceptable ‘behavior’ between men and women in the world of now.

If this new paradigm succeeds then that twist could lead to a world unable to produce a “next-generation”, not to mention the psychological destruction of the natural order of the universe.

Currently the world of today is shrinking rapidly, just as the people themselves are becoming more insecure with every passing minute.

We’ve shredded our dictionaries, calcified our emotional capabilities that could have saved humanity from the darkness that is closing in on virtually all sides now: While the ‘rot’ we have made of ‘civilization’ CONTINUES TO ERRODE THE WORLD FROM BENEATH EVERY SELF-CENSORED THOUGHT OR DEED ­ This will end our global way of life unless we awaken, even now, with only a very few hours left until the final chapters begin to dictate whatever tomorrow will bring.

One of the major problems with this flood of self-censorship is the fact that too many have never even noticed how “the law” excludes any and all “emotions” from anything to do with every serious decision made anywhere in the world today.

Whether that involves someone on trial for their life, all the way to how any contract is written or enforced ­ there has never been any place for “emotion” in anything that supposedly matters when it comes to either “business” or the “laws”. That absence of human emotion is viciously-criminal, yet because of the ridiculous dominance of this Patriarchal-Society, that we’ve all been stuck with, this artificial circumstance has lasted for over two thousand years, with no end in sight.

What we have now is a world that has become just a faceless feckless series of global-corporations, seeking to be classified as “legal”, that would no longer be bound by any laws and who are determined to turn the entire planet into one giant multi-national Outlaw corporate-operation; right after they finish the total destruction of any nation-state, anywhere in the world today.

In fact this ‘fact” is facing us all directly right now in TTP and T-TIP both of which will force nations to answer to corporate dictates worldwide, regardless of the consequences that would end any rights for any people anywhere ­ ever again.

And since emotions are never allowed into any “legal-issue” ­ no person, group or state will have any “standing” in the new world order courts, if they succeed in forcing this obscenity down the collective throats of the world today.

This of course is just some of what has happened to us all, since we stopped paying any attention to the treason, the genocides, the rape, torture and slaughter of the people of the world that’s been going on almost uninterrupted since the beginning of WWI.

This has been a very long war for some of us, but it’s one that those few people who remember who they are, cannot afford to surrender to. Given the new levels of the numbers of those that have no idea that anything is even happening now ­ when whatever happens here begins to be felt, this could be a very long and extremely hot summer for the Amerikans that are still in the dark, when it comes to who is about to do what to their entire way of artificial life…



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