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Three Worlds

By Jim Kirwan


Here’s the world that is. It’s the upside-down world which most still refuse to see or understand. This is possible because too many are still too deeply tied to those packs-of-lies they refuse to explore in any way at all. Those who embrace this “world” are dead already ­ you should just hit “DELETE” and get on with your meaningless lives.

The Second World is that of The Aftermath which many know is coming. They can sense it and almost see it; yet they cannot envision the scale of this disaster which their false-beliefs and unsupported hopes have actually created.

This world too is also real. The shock-waves that are already emanating from the effects of this colossal-destruction of that which was meant to sustain the United States; go well beyond our ability to even envision such a failure. Nevertheless, this “world” is just about to come into focus. When it does it will finally become visible for everyone to see: By-then most of those that have denied its existence for so very long will already be gone.

The Third World in this analysis is the world of the possible.

In this still evolving-fantasy the only limitation is on the determination of its future inhabitants to realize what they can and will create: After the crimes of the first two worlds have run their course and have been dealt with globally. Of course it’s a near impossibility. That’s why the third version only exists in the individual dreams of those that dare to live their own lives. Those who refuse to follow the dictates that created the two failed worlds, to the letter, know that there’s a far more rational and productive world that waits for those willing to create a living-world and defend it from all its current enemies.

A reader Questioned the possibilities Inherent

In resisting or in winning-anything in the current struggle.

I responded this way:

This is not a matter or numbers. It's a matter of percentages that are not seen or measured. Those that still have a mind will do what they can do and that may well turn out to be a great deal - simply because no force can ever control the whole of everything. It's just too big!

Communications are delicate and vulnerable at every point in this broken world. Their weapons themselves cannot do the job they have so-ridiculously decided that they "can do".

What's been missing here is that time after time throughout history we have already whipped their sorry asses - with what has always been an unseen motto. "HAVE DONE!" This concept contains the power that drives this last bit in the fight over our contested real-estate.

Without uniforms or public declarations sometimes things happen to the operations of our enemies - like their master-plans that are only words on paper until they’re actually put to any real test.

Have you noticed now that the threatened "TEST & simultaneous Exercise that was to go live" against the Electrical-Grid of the US, Mexico & Canada has not happened? This was the one that was supposed to begin on the 14th at the very latest. Its purpose was to intimidate and terrorize the planet.

But the ‘leaders’ of that idea are cowards to the core. Meanwhile: Those who will begin to be felt have already spent their lives fighting these non-humans at each and every turn, but within-their-bounds that have become a public-joke. Now that there are NO LAWS LEFT, anywhere, anymore: They should have already buried all of us.

They did that to us, to free themselves to maim to torture and to kill anyone, anywhere on the planet! These are the same traitors that have broken every law which ironically has finally freed the rest of us to end-them with their own tactics: In ways that will finally destroy their treasons, from the inside-out.

There’s a link to a project of mine from 1984. In it there’s a series of poems that accompany the 12 images. Mixed in with the poetry are the unspoken-politics of whole-plan which was to begin the creation of that mysterious third world which has yet to be envisioned.

In the poetry there is an ever-changing panoply-of-life that appears throughout the body of the work: Just like the Shadows that captured the chessboard in preparation for an end-game that no one wants to reach (In Part 3) There are unseen forces of all kinds that will become visible as this war begins to be answered on many fronts and in many places the world over.

It only takes a few to trigger the turning of this tide and those few know who they are and what they will now begin to do across the surface of the whole-corrupted war-machine. The criminals actually still believe they can control it all. Those International-Outlaws who believe in this chaos” ­ are only just beginning to see that they’re dead already!’

Here’s some quotes taken from a few parts in “Pieces of Dreams”.

Once you begin to think about the words beyond their humanistic approach, the political-potential can come into focus.

2 ­ Whispers

In a requiem for nature
mother earth awakens,
calling forth her shadows
that whisper into dreams
Secrets now of nature’s realm
that was

While plans are made
to build the dreams of others
out of her
And all of this before the din of progress comes,
to shape us in its image”

3 ­ Shadows

Suspended in the twilight
a fugitive from genesis,
is this castle of the heart

Our shadow selves engage each other
in a dance for those
who have forgotten how to see

Upon this stage we live,
beneath the bridge of two beginnings
our conscience balances,
cliché upon cliché upon cliché

But in this fragment
which is real,
and which imaginary?”

5 ­ Genesis

In the chasms between us
we radiate our ordered games
As pieces of an uncompleted puzzle
we watch the dance of change

Upon the twisted concourse
these figures from the game
begin to burn with life

Becoming as they leave the board
New figures,
in the wider world,
of dreams…”

6 ­ Crossroads

At the vortex
beneath the monolith of memory
dreams are ordered or deferred
across the bar of promises

The surrounding carousel is paced
by past and future visions,
which linger here unopened
among these secret seekers,

Possibilities are endless
at this crossroads,
where realities have come
to intertwine with dreams”

When you think politically the imagery can become a very different thing entirely—which was the point behind that project which began 29 years ago…



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