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Thoughtforms Of Reality


By Jim Kirwan


What the world comes down to now is that the entire world has bought the idea that there is still something left ‘to get’ when in fact there’s nothing left of the Global Golden Goose: Because that was the idea behind all the theft, the asset stripping, the torture, rape and slaughter in the first place.

I’ve been living with the horror of the direction the world has been going in since long before the book was written or the film “The Children of Men” was released. What struck me the hardest, when I first saw the film, is that I realized that I’ve been dreaming that world, as it was depicted since I was a teenager.

Wherever I’ve walked, in the streets of this world I frequently ‘saw’ the buildings exploding and machine guns blazing incoherently, regardless of where I actually was. There was no reason that could explain those flashes of what I seemingly could not avoid, in the instantaneous flashes as they were shown in the opening scenes from ‘The Children of Men’. It seems only now, after the world has finally almost reached the edge of the nightmare described in the film, that all of this is finally beginning to make some actual sense.

It seems only now, after the world has finally almost reached the edge of the nightmare described in the film, that all of this is finally beginning to make some kind of sense.

The subject of a world worth-stealing has always been predicated upon the idea that there’s something so fantastic, still out there, that can be stolen for massive profits and yet everything worth taking is now turning out to be nothing but a world-wide-delusion.

Everything that made the original financial-proposition so tempting has always been based on a healthy global-population that could buy the goods that have been targeted for global-corporate-seizure.

However as the race to take-it-all has continued, the one thing completely overlooked is that in order to have anything worth this outlawed effort, there must be a consumer base that could eventually “buy” the coveted goods, services, or anything else that is being systematically destroyed around the planet.

America was fleeced by the Clinton’s and Israel, when they rammed through all those ‘Free-trade’ deals that had nothing to do with anything but the total destruction of the old United States and its position as the leading manufacturing nation in the world at that time.

The idea was to send all our jobs overseas, and then sell all those same products back to an America that no has no jobs, no economy and no future on which to continue to survive. The problem is that the only real consumer market anywhere was and still is the United States, where the dwindling population that has virtually nothing left to spend and now has no income with which to continue the self-perpetuating fraud in a world without jobs or virtually any of the other needs that are now impossible to maintain.

Everything from medicine to education, to life itself has been totally destroyed - yet the public here seems incapable of understanding what has already exactly happened to them. The current financial crisis world-wide is only based, in part, on the fact that no one has any money that’s worth anything: Because the serious problem now is that the ‘miracle of prosperity’, that was the Golden Goose, has already been murdered a hundred times over; and yet this is only now just beginning to become visible.

Without viable customers there can never be the kinds of real profits that any of the Outlaws supposedly once envisioned.

Global-Wars only produce profits for the Global-War-Machine. There is no spill-over into the real economy which has never had anything to do with the artificial war-economy. Especially not since the Outlaws have steadfastly refused the trillions that could be legally made from re-constructing what they’ve spent the last fifteen years completely eradicating.

On top of killing the global golden goose, the Old World Order, masquerading as ‘the New World Disorder’ has compounded all their crimes by embracing global-nuclear wars as their official fallback position. This leaves the planet with only their scorched-earth policies along with the death of 95% of the planet ­ yet still the public, in the now dead USI, has no clue.

These policies make absolutely no sense to anyone who is not manically-psychotic or barbarously-primitive enough to even consider such evilly-conceived policies.

USI has always exterminated all her ‘allies’ Just look at one of our major war criminals: George H.W. Bush, that ‘Wimp’ who was the forty-first president who is now at death’s door.

Forty-one attacked Panama and murdered over 4,000 people in three days to snatch Noriega, because Manuel Noriega was the Western end of Bush’s drug and gun running operations. He arrested Noriega and sent him to the Dry Tortuga’s, to the same prison that we sent Geronimo to, in order to keep the Bush Cabal’s illegal secrets ­ secret.

‘Poppy’ followed that up by setting up and then attacking Saddam for invading Kuwait, in 1991, thereby creating that false-flag operation in order to give USI a reason to justify the invasion and murder of Iraq.

The idea was to steal Iraq’s oil to pay for the destruction of Iraq, and that war was supposed to be over in three months. Iraq is only about the size of California, yet after all these years it’s still fighting us. What does this say about the plan to steal the entire United States with Obamanation’s untrained army against a nation that has more weapons that any other army on the face of the earth?

The real problem with Poppy’s plan was that Poppy failed to kill Saddam. However the wimp kept that war going until his evil seed, Bush Jr. could supposedly finish the job with our pre-emptive second Strike upon Iraq in March of 2003.

USI Strikes Again

Saddam had to be killed because he had all the rest of the information on the Bush trafficking, from the Eastern end of the Bush controlled drugs and arms sales left over from his days as Vice President and the former head of the CIA ­ and of course the American public knew nothing about any of this.

Consequently we’ve been ‘at war’ in Iraq since 1991 until the present day, that’s over twenty-five consecutive years of blatant illegality that most Americans still know nothing about.

And after dumping $13 trillion into just two of these outrageously illegal wars (there are now over 70 other wars going on at the moment ­ the costs of which are classified). We’re all still drowning in all these fake wars and now we’re tolerating the creation of dozens of fake mercenary-units to try and kill Assad in order to affect yet another ‘Regime Change’ that we’ve been fighting to achieve for over four and half years already ­ yet both Assad and Syria are still there.

So, why the hell has the American public not demanded a permanent end to this filthy cabal that has stolen not just this nation but seeks to take the entire planet, because Americans won’t get their hands dirty by literally tearing the entire current government to pieces?

If the people in Israel took charge of getting rid of Netanyahu and we removed Obamanation, then maybe there might be a chance to change things ­ but as long as the barbarians remain in office there is no chance to change anything ­ anywhere on the planet…

There is no one coming to rescue us. We can’t hire anyone else to do this for us, this time we must clean up the mess we’ve made, and we must do it ourselves. This international-delusion must end now, before they drag the entire planet into the hell they have created, with our ever-so-gracious silent-cowardice… 


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