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The Third Rail Awaits

By Jim Kirwan

The world waits for just one more day before ‘imbalance’ may take over from our contemptible attempts to retain some balance in our world. We have seen despicable behavior from our overpaid politicians that have totally lost all touch with reality. And just today this came from the Washington Post:

“… The credit rating agency Fitch announced it was accelerating its timetable for a potential U.S. credit rating downgrade, citing the brinksmanship in Washington. Fitch would become the second credit rating firm to downgrade U.S. government debt, which could have ripple effects across a range of markets.”

The House is trying to find its’ way forward in “a Bi-Partisan way” (that means that they all agree to do this dirty-deed to everyone in the country): This from Boner in a $5,000 suit who will not suffer no matter how many crimes the congress commits against the American people. He should be hung from a light-pole in that egotistical outfit.

Boehner: No deal in the House yet


October 15, 2013 11:31 AM EDT House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday there were "a lot of opinions about what direction to go" on government shutdown negotiations after a meeting with House Republicans. (The Washington Post) (1)

At issue now is whether or not the Unaffordable Health Care Plan will be forced on ordinary Americans. That’s the excuse for holding the nation hostage to raising the Debt Ceiling one-more-time which would be catastrophic for this country. In fact this also came in today:

This weekend America witnessed a limited crash in the computer systems that manage electronic benefit transfers across the country. Within hours of the crash panicked food stamp recipients who were left with no way to feed their families rushed grocery store shelves to obtain everything they could while the system was down.

The outage lasted less than a day, but it proved what many already knew, that America had become a nation so dependent on government subsidies that any glitch in the system could lead to total pandemonium.

But if you thought that isolated incident was bad, imagine what could happen next month.

We say next month because the USDA, which oversees the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), has just issued an order to SNAP agency directors calling for their respective States to implement an emergency contingency program because of government funding issues. In a letter obtained by the Crossroads Urban Center food pantry, the USDA is directing state agencies to, “delay their November issuance files and delay transmission to State Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) vendors until further notice.

What this means is that should Congress fail to increase the debt ceiling this week, come November there will literally be millions of people in the United States who will have exactly zero dollars transferred to their EBT cards.

What will happen to the nearly 50 million people who depend on these benefits to survive?

Think this past weekend and multiply it across the entirety of the United States of America.

In the State of Utah the immediate effect of the USDA’s contingency plan will be a freeze in benefits for 100,000 people. Richard Phillips, a homeless man who depends on the government’s monthly distributions, warned what would happen next: (2)

That’s what the high-profile crap is all about. But here’s where the real gold is that the government wants to steal from the public under the guise of giving stuff-up to pay for denying Obama the passage of his Unaffordable Health-Care-Bill.

The government of the United States made a contract with the public that Roosevelt signed into law on 8/13/1935. Since that day working Americans have been paying into Social Security for the length of their working lives.

In my case as a self-employed artist I vehemently tried to forego being included on that plan for over thirty years, unsuccessfully. I was forced to pay into the plan even though I did not want to participate. I was threatened with jail, if I refused to pay into the plan. After I began to draw out the funds that I had earned, Social Security informed me that the money in my Social Security Account was not mine—it belonged to the U.S. Government and they would decide how much of that money I could have, at any given time.

Currently Social Security is more than just solvent. There is enough money in Social Security, to cover what it needs to cover the payments that the government will owe to Social Security recipients, during the next 37years without a problem.

Two things come to mind. First: Social Security is funded by the people who have been paying a portion of what they earn every week into the system for the last 78 years. Government cannot change the rules after the money has been paid into the system. Social Security is not charity and it is not a government-handout in any sense of that term. It is a solemn legal contract between the people who pay into it and the government.

Social Security is not one of Netanyahu’s “Red-Lines”

This is the Third Rail of American Political Life ­

Social Security

Will kill the politicians that

are dumb enough to mess-around with it.

The people who draw out the money have already paid into the account for decades. (unless you’re illegal, and what you get from social security is paid to you as a free-gift from Obama ­ you don’t pay in but you get to collect because you are illegal).

Because Social Security is an ongoing contract with the working public, the government is not free to change the terms under which recipients can collect or redistribute the money—after their money has already been paid into Social Security.

This program cannot be used as a bargaining chip in some presidential-congressional-fantasy that allows either or both parties to treat Social Security recipients as pawns in some political high-stakes poker-game. There is sweat and blood and tears involved here; in our lives that cannot simply be given over to the government. This government cannot steal the entire 37 years of the fund that is still solvent. If they try to, there will be more than just hell to pay!

Ironically this is exactly what Obama is planning on doing, if he can force congress to raise the debt ceiling: Obama will demand the elimination of both Social Security and Medicare, as his price for having congress embarrass him by blocking his unaffordable health plan.

Medicare is a government program, but it was not something that anyone pre-paid with their hard-earned money, it was and is now nothing but another government handout and can be withdrawn at any time. Nevertheless Obama has lumped both programs into one payoff, supposedly just to keep the government running…

If Obama had ever worked for anything in his fraudulent life, he would understand how dangerous it is to fool-around with Social Security—especially now when virtually everything else is about to go up in smoke.

The “chips” being tossed about in these supposed “negotiations” do not involve the same kinds of values. Some of what they want to bargain with or against is not theirs to play-around with: In the case of Social Security that contract has never been open to wheeler-dealers!

If the government or the congress attempts to screw-around with Social Security they will go to jail this time, for grand-theft-fraud against the public of the United States. There are over 80 million recipients that receive Social Security Checks each month and to defraud those people is a major crime because this government is sworn to honor all its legal commitments—especially the agreements that involve years of payments already sent to the government.

Social Security recipients are not the same as the Government of China, the illegal bankers of the world, or the people who bought bogus treasury bonds: But they will not be stiffed by this imposter who claims to be the Emperor! If this government moves against Social Security, they might just as well do so from overseas because if they remain here, they’ll pay for this crime with their lives!

The way this problem gets solved or fails to be dealt with will affect every man woman and child in this country for the rest of their lives.

If that credit rating mentioned at the top of this article, dips for certain,

The dollars that we all use will definitely be worth-less and be getting much closer to becoming ‘worthless’!

1) Boehner: No Deal in the House Yet

2) ALERT: Government Freezes EBT Funds: Orders States to Withhold Transfers to Food Stamp Recipients





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