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The Future
Of the Children of Men


By Jim Kirwan


Image from the images file for ‘The Children of Men’

Planned Parenthood has been exposed:

Yet most of the most critical issues, have yet to even be discussed.

The invisible third party in the Planned Parenthood Debate is actually a huge government controlled fifth column that the rest of us call private and corporate USI. These are the creatures that allowed Planned Parenthood to move from a woman oriented assistance program into a full blown private corporate empire that now markets human tissue and organs, for brazenly illegal profits at the expense of women everywhere and the viability of ordinary people to be part of creating the next generation of people in the U.S. and possibly in the wider world as well.

For instance: The ancient creatures and corporate executives responsible for ‘the official rules’ governing abortion, are for the most part nothing but biased old men. Most are self-appointed, censor-oriented “we-know-better-than-you-do” trash that claim to know all the answers, when it comes to what a woman does with her body ­ or how a family is to deal with a deformed child.

Yet despite their self-interested determinations, which they mandate, these appointees are not obligated to assume any of the horrendous and punitive costs, many of which will last a lifetime, yet which they routinely mandate for women and families who simply want to be able to manage their own lives.


This subject has been with humanity since at least the rise of the Roman Empire, and probably well before that too; yet today’s version stems directly from this paternally slanted society.

Regardless of what is decided today or tomorrow, abortion will be with humanity so long as there are men and women that get involved in how their lives are impacted by pregnancies.

What is new in 2015 is the formal and forceful addition of the unwanted and unneeded feral-government. Men and Women throughout history have tended to do just fine when they have managed their own affairs, especially when it comes to having children. There is absolutely no place for the government or for religious extremes in determining the rights of a woman over her own body: After all there are no sexual laws regarding what a man can or cannot do with his body, so why are women so constricted and dictated to so fervently?

There is no room in the lives of people for the intervention by any government when it comes to the personal and private relations between men and women ­ which by the way has never had anything at all to do with “national security”.

BTW: How long will it be before the excerpt from “The Children of Men”, shown above, becomes equally obscene for both men and women?

Given the levels of nuclear contamination, along with all the other pesticides and other artificial chemicals and poisonous substances that troops and the general population are routinely exposed to (And that they’ve been exposed to since Vietnam) it would seem judicious for the government to just butt-out of this issue—based solely on the right of people to make their own decisions, especially when the entire world has become toxic to the extreme. Look at the births coming from every war-zone, including some of those that involved troops coming home and affecting the health of their own babies because of what they did for this criminal-government in so many places the world over?

On top of the secret wars, this country is suffering on its own from insertions by the Environmental Protection Agency that just took it upon itself to poison an entire multi-state river with deadly toxins that cannot be reversed—and no one even got fired—despite the fact that the damage done will go one for decades?

Add to this the fact that the same agency will not screen our food, water, air or soil for contaminates or for radiation from Fukushima, even though the world has finally had to admit the global-scale of that crime. Again no one was fired, even though this international crime has massively impacted everything we depend upon to survive?

The Survival of the Babies in America

This question seems to come down to the eternal battle between

Innocence & Evil

Innocence is shown here seated in a blossom called the Devil’s Claw and if you take the time to review some of what we officially do to babies from the moment of birth ­ forward: You might more easily be able to understand just how damaging this traitorous government has been when it comes to children of all ages, and not just at birth.

‘From the moment of birth Hepatitis B in the first twelve hours of birth until two months when the child has to have Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough, HIB Meningitis, Pneumococcal Disease, Polio, Rotavirus. At four months all of those again. At six months all the same ones again. Twelve months is Hepatitis A, Measles, Mumps and Rubella. And Chicken Pox are mandated at 12 months.’

These were designed to attack the child’s health, rather than to protect it:

The CDC recommends that children get 49 doses of 14 vaccines before they reach the age of six. And the total reaches 69 doses by the age of eighteen.”

Given that the immune system in the baby has not kicked in when the child is born: Above you can see what happens in the first year: Then going forward by the time the child approaches pre-school, more immunizations are mandated. If the infant survives the first four to five years, of forced vaccinations to reach primary school, there are more medical requirements that are meant to further weaken any child all the way up to 18 years of age.

After that the school curriculum takes over with communist-trash that amounts to force-feeding the brain with politically-correct neo-fascism mixed with sex-education for children under 7. If the child survives that; they have the mass-media assault upon the brain via television. So it’s still doubtful that they’ll get out of ‘school’ without having to be sent to a re-education camp if he or she is seeking a real or normal life. But all of this is just about to be ended soon however, by whatever will happen here before the end of this year.

Undermining the vitality and legal standing of women

Which accounts for over half the entire population of the planet

If women had not been kicked to the curb so long ago, we might have had a real world made up of more than just egomaniacal men and their second-class female slaves. We still don’t pay women on an equal basis with men and legally women are not as valued for their unique skills as some men used to be.

Of course people in general now are little more than slaves, but together ­ the outcome of the combination of men and women might have been a lot harder to crush, than have been the egomaniacal and self-absorbed creatures that managed to almost put an end to the current attempt to survive…

Men and women were born equal, definitely different, but always equal. Yet since this condition sociologically has been artificially neutered; the entire human race is suffering from the resultant lack of options for the entire human race to move forward. This ‘problem is perhaps part of ‘why’ the current situation is seen today with Evil sitting on the repressed Innocence in today’s world.

The film “The Children of Men” is about a time when the women of the world could no longer get pregnant

Between our obsolete and cave-man pre-conditions for women to exist at all, you might want to consider what just might happen if such a global-pre-condition might well hasten the end of the human race. While that might be very far afield, you might want to give some thought to the concept, if nature decides to fix this problem that she seems to be having with the obscenely primordial ‘human-race’.

PS: If men are so self-contained, and so absolutely all powerful, why then did nature design women to produce and nurture children? And where the hell was the government in any of this or in anything else that those who call themselves ‘men’ have decided they must rule on?


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