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"The Deal" Is Officially No Deal


By Jim Kirwan


Plan ‘B’ is Armageddon

The announcement delivered from the White House with the presidential flag, complete with its corporate fringe blowing in the breeze; gave us a belligerent diatribe to inform the planet that there is only a ‘framework’ there is no deal: Unless there are further draconian measures that go far beyond the IAEA and all the international terms of compliance, which Iran has already met and been in compliance with since before Obamanation crowned himself ‘dictator’.

Obama laid out a litany of terms and punishments today that are meant to threaten Iran with an attack, which is Obama’s stated “plan B in this instance” - while Obama completely ignores the warnings that have been clear from Iran and Russia that if Iran’s national security is violated then the ensuing immediate response for that violation will bring in all the defensive weaponry of Iran backed by Russia that will answer any violation of Iran’s airspace until all of Iran’s weapons have been exhausted.

Just so the planet is clear, Obama’s report on the outcome of the diplomatic conference on Iran, from the White House is packed with lies and disingenuous implications. He implied that the rest of the world agrees with him, that unless Iran signs this deal, then Iran could be subjected to military attacks: And if Iran fails to sign this agreement then Obama is not conciliatory at all, he is speaking instead like a global dictator punishing an errant state that has remained focused on their own right to live and prosper as they see fit ­ thus making this speech not about a diplomatic breakthrough at all, but yet another opportunity to castigate Iran and justify the belligerence of Israel and USI, against a sovereign state, that has not attacked another nation in over 300 years.

Obama is not a politician, he’s not even an American. He knows nothing about torture, drones, military tactics, finance, or negotiations of any kind. Diplomacy and International law or even simple justice have never come with ten miles of this imposter who knows absolutely nothing about science or weapons, much less nuclear weapons. Now he finds himself backed into a corner, by Israel, so he’s decided to run the nation of Iran as the Commander-in-Chief of this hostile world.

This political-imposter that spoke to Amerika today is a desperate failure trying to thread through his personal terror of the razor-wire between the Outlaw Barbarian state of Zionism, and the determined but legal state of Iran that has been victimized by America for over thirty years, at the behest of Israel.

Everything he says in “Obama’s speech” must be applied word for word to Israel. Wherever “Iran” is mentioned that word must be replaced with “Israel” - because it is ISRAEL who must meet these very same requirements, word for word. IF Israel is to be allowed to continue to exist then Israel must comply with the exact same conditions being imposed upon Iran today.

If Israel refuses to comply then they must be SANCTIONED JUST AS IRAN has been sanctioned for a minimum of thirty years for being permanently in violation of all the rules regarding nuclear armaments or the manufacture or storage of nuclear weapons. And in those instances in which they have already used nuclear weapons they must be charged.

Israel is not a member of the IAEA and they have over 600 nuclear weapons, therefore they’re nuclear stockpiles must be examined and Israel must be in compliance, just like every other nation in the world that has nukes.

Here’s the Speech: Listen to him, read his body language and know that you are watching a congenital and pathological liar who was in perfect form today.


Speaking of Israel

The Khazarian Supremacy explains it all in 2 hours and 20 minutes


The Supremacy goes way back in history, but the depth of the barbarity that is unearthed will stun you to the core, if you are unaware of the depth of this deeply evil plot to steal the entire world.

One of the instances that is of particular interest is the creation of SANCTIONS as a major weapon to achieve their global dominance, through international destabilization of many countries and nations. I’ll paraphrase for simplicity but I’ve include the places in the video where you can watch the whole subject as it progresses.

Two years into the First World War Germany had already won that war and had offered terms to England to end it. The Zionist bankers approached England and suggested that they should bring the United States into that war, as an ally of England. It was suggested that if England will bring the US into that war, as their ally, to fight with England “as your allies and on your side against the Germans” then IF you will promise us Palestine after you win that war, then we have a deal.

England made that deal with the Zionists. They agreed to get the United States into the war as allies of England and the price that England must pay for this is Palestine, after you have won the war, said the Zionists.

The First World War was in effect the first use of SANCTIONS (by the Khazarians) as financial blackmail that was used to change the course of human history. This “promise” was made in October of 1916 ­ that marked the technical creation of the illegal State of Israel.

Until that point in time America had been pro-Germany. But once the Brits made this deal with the Khazarians, everything changed almost immediately because the Supremacy controlled the global banks and the money supply for the Western world. President Wilson who was against the war but pro-German, switched sides. This was the same Woodrow Wilson that sold out America and signed the articles of incorporation in 1913 that gave the Federal Reserve the right to exist and to print and then steal our money.’

The people who died in WWI from October of 1914 onward owe much of their disastrous lives and deaths to their “DEAL with the DEVIL” that was signed between the Khazarian Supremacy and the English to win that war for England, at the expense of the rest of the planet. The real point then was not WWI, it was to manipulate the major powers to falsely create Israel (@42min 10 sec)

The document that came from that “promise” created the documentation for the words behind that “Special Arrangement” that Israel loves to talk about but never shows the world. It’s called the Balfour Declaration and it’s because of that - that the US is still paying blackmail to Israel, for what was done secretly, to create the outlaw state of Israel, that was born in blood and treachery, not to build a nation or to provide a home for the Jews; but to justify a base for global-outlaws to launch their open warfare upon the whole human race.

From that point forward the Zionists have been controlling global power through their continuing manipulation of the Western world’s money supply. All of this was money driven: It had nothing to do with religion or anything else except total control of the world’s monetary system.

From 47 minutes in the video: The relationship between The Jews and Germans prior to WWII is explained. In July 1933, the Zionist War against Germany begins. This segment concludes @ 53min 05sec.

When Germany refused to surrender to the World Congress of Jews in Amsterdam; the Jews declared a Holy War against the Germans which was published by the NY times, on the front page Aug 7 1933 ­ and that boycott was declared against Germany. (This was the first Zionist SANCTION, LEVELED AGAINST ALL GERMANS in Germany. Throughout this barbaric procedure ­ most of the actual Jews were not only not involved, they too were persecuted by the Zionists that we now know were actually the Khazarian Supremacy.

Israel’s fury today with Iran stems directly from their supposed dominance over global capital which is still trying to control all the wars on the planet through their manipulation of illegal sanctions on other nations coupled with their own illegal nuclear weapons which they continue to use against their enemies: While Israel enjoys the protections afforded them by blackmailing the rest of the world in order to continue.

This is why Israel must be SANCTIONED by at least three separate sanctions coming from every member nation in the UN. The goal would be the same as was the Zionist goal when they leveled their Holy War against the Germans: To starve the Israeli’s into surrender or death. That was what the Supremacy tried to do to the Germans in 1933.

Israel needs to find itself drowning in SANCTIONS, especially since SANCTIONS were their artificial creation in the first place. In Protocol 15 (at 124minutes) Israel declares herself to be the only law that mattes, anywhere on the planet.”

Inside Israel they have built a forty foot high wall that makes the Berlin Wall look like nothing. The Israeli Wall is serious open-air imprisonment for the Palestinians, and it’s never mentioned in any prominent discussions of the plight of the Palestinians. Contrast that with what the Protocols say about the future they have planned for us. @ 133min 52sec

By ceaseless praise of democratic rule

We shall divide the Christians into political parties,

We shall destroy the unity of their nations;

We shall sow discord everywhere.

Reduced to impotence they will bow before the LAW of our BANKS,

Always united and always devoted to our course…”

Rabbi Reichhorn


The Skull & Bones Society

The epitome of Evil that has transcended the centuries

From 139minues 39 seconds to 145 minutes 42 seconds

The amount of evil contained in just the Skull & Bones Society is massive but does not compare to the damage done by the Rothschild’s and all their succulent servants that have been feeding off the general public like drunken ancient Romans at a feast where everything and everyone is consumed over and over again, while the food is barffed away in order to continue indulging until there is no more left to have. There is no debauchery too severe, no sanction too sacred to be besmirched, to the Khazarian Supremacy, everything and anything that moves them is fair game ­ especially those that have always shunned them for who they have always been…

There’s 45 minutes more to this video ­ but there’s so much more to take in once you begin to understand the truly primitive nature of these creatures that have been yearning to steal the planet since they first drew breath.

If any “nation” ever deserved to be SANCTIONED to death; it’s definitely Israel. Because until the Zionists are permanently banished from human existence to protect the human race from total oblivion ­ no one is free to live a human life or to care about a better world anywhere - beyond today or tomorrow…




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