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The Chemistry in Contrails - From Morgellons Disease
(Self-Replicating Nano Synthetic Biology) To GeoEngineering

By Harald Kautz-Vella

This is an extract from the major scientific paper linked below it...

Once dealing with aerosols sprayed for military purposes we felt the need to look into a second topic, referred to as the Morgellons disease. It turned out that the same nano particulate plasma utilized by the military community, that leads to the negative effects on plant growth, is also part of a program run by the intelligence community involving synthetic biology and self-assembling (and replicating) nano-machines as part of a system to track and influence civilians. The entities involved can be found when one looks for the term "Integrated Geospatial Intelligence Solutions".

Due to the existence of the Morgellons disease, which is nothing else than the explosive spreading of this synthetic biology within single individuals, whose immune system is unable to handle the growth, the documentation and the proof of the existence of this program seems much easier than the proof of the particulate plasma. The components of this artificial biology could be described from air samples, from the lesions of Morgellon victims as well as from the scientific papers of the official transhumanistic research, that precisely describes how the system works.

Observation of components of this transhumanistic technology showed that the controlling signals are transmitted, i.e. that this system that is designed to influence the DNA light communication - thus controlling all aspects of human life - is in action.

Here is the entire paper...extraordinary, stunning, detailed documentation...