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The Bigger Picture - Part 2

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it


As I have mentioned often before, Humans are in a Battle of Essences which is resolving! The Battle is almost at an End.

The Time Zone we find ourselves in is called the ENDTIME

Timing to us seems of utmost importance.

We need to make REALIZATIONS that will prepare us for what is to come.

The most important realization we on this level need to make is the fact that TOTAL ANNIHILATION OF THE PHYSICAL VIA DESTRUCTION, WILL NOW OCCUR!

A number of us will SPIRITUALLY CONTINUE EXISTENCE after that.

For the aware ones, the 3 most important, and most obvious aspects of this Endtime, are:

1 Mental Breakdown,

2 Alien invasion and Exposure, and

3 The Presence of Higher Energies.



I had previously written about Terminal Madness of the Endtime and all its sequelae.


What we shall witness now is the erratic mental breakdown of the programming of most individuals. Some are protected from this breakdown,

If you look at your children's cartoon DVDs, you will see electronic robots breaking down as their wiring frays or the batteries wear down.

This is what Humanity, all other living things and Nature will look like soon.

We already can see it in the behavior of the POTUS, Donald Trump, and those programmed the same way as he is. More on this later ….

The immediate results in the not-to-distant future are going to be:

  • Financial Collapse
  • Massive Poverty
  • Ubiquitous anarchy
  • Never-ending Violence
  • Civil war in most countries
  • And eventually massive NUCLEAR WAR to destroy most of Humanity and other living things.

The Madness has been PLANNED by using the disruption of the thought processes with which beings are fed and controlled. The energy that drives them has been blocked more and more.

5 G, a process of mental perturbation, will play a major role in this mental decay. Conversely, those to be rescued will be fed a New Energy that will protect their cerebration. It is called the New Green Energy.

The coming Nuclear War has been planned by 'those' who want the Planet for themselves. These Evil Aliens are repeating this process of destructive conquest (which gets them nowhere) again. The have had previous Nuclear Wars on Earth, on Mars, On Vulcan, and on many other planets in this Galaxy and other Galaxies. Evil ones do not learn from their mistakes. They are programmed that way. Do you really, really want a Human example of such destructive programming? Look at the pitiless yet pitiful POTUS. Does he not respond robotically with no signs of human compassion?

These beings are themselves insane due to the energies afflicting the entire Galaxy. They are, in the main, A.I Robots and Malicious A.I. Demons.



This Factor is about OVERT INVASION of the Solar System and of Earth by Aliens and their crafts and technologies (5G in particular), as well as exposure of Earthly Aliens who are the real owners of the planet.

I will expand in the Alien Invasion and Presence in Part 3.

This is the reason why the number of UFOS and Aliens has greatly increased in our skies. They are here to invade and stay.

These Aliens really control what goes on, to some extent, and that is why they are culling Humanity to suit their plans.


The presence of SUPERIOR ENERGIES on this Level.

The 'Father Energy' has descended!
Do what you will with this assertion.

I will expand in due course.

Realize that SOME OF US, as Physical Beings, are, in fact, 'agents for the Force'

There are many facets in this work.

I will, if time permits,

    • Give dating of events even though errors can and do occur,
    • Identify the energies to be used and what they do,
    • Expose the Mechanisms of Termination,
    • Identify who is who.
    • Explain the effect of the Father Energies on individuals.
    • Explain how the energies awaken the Viables and expose the Failures.
    • Blow the whistle for the last call, 'All Aboard!"
    • Announce the Fate of the Demons.


Destructive events will eradicate much of the population – as the Invading Aliens desire. However, because of the Superior Light Plan, inevitable Physical Destruction will occur as will destruction of all non-Viable entities.

Those unprepared for these changes, or who have no idea what to expect will suffer the most.

With my writings and energies, my role is to prepare those with a viable and genuine inheritance to emotionally and spiritually survive these coming events.

Those who cannot sustain themselves spiritually are to be, perforce, eliminated.

Those with a genuine inheritance will be asked to follow the Path of Least resistance and get to the other side.

Details of what to do to connect to the Light will follow as we progress.

You don't need me to tell you that MADNESS has gripped the World.

I will explain why the MADNESS has occurred and offer detail of the mechanisms used by both the Good Essence and the Evil Essence to reach this point.

As my audience is mainly in the USA and the English speaking world, I must add that it is not only in the USA that profane and terminal Idiocy has taken a grip on lives.

The entire Planet is going to Hell in a basket!

As we progress to the Deadline of 2025 (even earlier perhaps) events will become more maddening.

There are reasons for this.

Every individual is subjected to passive and active programming in this 'Illusion'.

The majority of individuals do NOT have a say in what programming will affect them.

Those with a real 'soul' can connect to spiritual pathways that make more sense of this existence and also protect them from malignant programming. They are in the minority.

The Majority are victims of the malicious Evil Programming that, as one can see, is destroying everything.

Why has the programming become erratic and caused so much MADNESS to manifest?

There are 2 basic reasons for the uncontrollable MADNESS:

  • Because of persistent accidental and purposeful interference by ALIENS in the mental grids that program the 'robots' of this Earth, the systems involved have become erratic. This suits the superior evil Aliens who want to eradicate most of the 'robots' of the planets anyway they can.
  • The sustaining energy to all regions of these doomed Galaxies has been greatly reduced, so much so that the 'Robots' will starve of energy and eventually die. Do not get too deranged by this. They are dysfunctional robots with no 'spiritual components'. Hence, they have been doomed machines from the very start. They were used to 'mine the gold' as it were, and steal from the Spiritual ones who had True Divine Energy.