Terminal Madness
Of The Endtime
By Dr. J.S. Chiappalone, MD
Note - Responses are welcome.

This phrase, which I have coined, is both a description of certain aspects of life on this planet, in this generation, which I have described as the Final generation of the Planet, and an indication of the ultimate explanation of what is going on. I will explain this assertion with what follows.
Each of us in some way is being affected by overt fragmentation of the hitherto apparently homeostatic biological systems of Earth. Some are bothered by financial loss, others by deteriorating job prospects, many by illness, pollution, racism, the rage of others at work, on the road, at school, etc. Even the most cursory examination of the various aspects of existence confirms fragmentation of governments, religions, families, communities, nations, ecological systems, financial institutions, educational institutions, diverse races, cultures and so on. However, the biggest factor which will affect each and every individual is the mental fragmentation which s/he may or may not suffer. Indeed, the majority will suffer this Terminal Madness of the Endtime, but some will not.
It is not sufficient to simply describe aspects of symptoms of the malady affecting the Earth, humanity and all living creatures in its ecosystems. One needs to make an accurate diagnosis and then find the prognosis. Finding out why this is all happening means there must be some solution to this mess. And indeed there is a solution, along with many other spurious postulations of what is going on. I hope to briefly examine these aspects. To know what is going on and why, we need to consider the fragmentation which is occurring from all three perspectives: the physical, the psychic or mental, and the spiritual perspective. Failing to do so can only lead to an inadequate database upon which any conclusions can be based.
A. The Physical Perspective: The physical fragmentation is the most obvious for us to see, and while we do rely on data supplied by various collectors, we are also affected directly enough in our lives to reach our own conclusions. This is important, for many who supply public data often give us false conclusions of what it all means. The biological fragmentation from a physical perspective is of an inexorably terminal decay of the planet.
I. Ozone depletion is allowing injurious radiation to reach us with destructive consequences. Plankton and krill are dying, thus causing the seafood chain to collapse. This has been noted and our seas are all but sterile, dead. Cataracts, skin cancers, especially fatal melanoma, suppressed immunological ability - all due to the radiation - are also side-effects.
II. Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect are well documented and it is only malicious, vested interests who for the want of greedy profits are disputing these even as the antarctic is melting, as record annual temperatures are noted and as oceanic warming is causing the disasters associated with the El Nino Effect. This elevation of temperatures is also allowing the development of a. toxic pathogenicity in all strata of consciousness. Hence: a. Tropical diseases such as Malaria and Dengue fever are spreading, as are Japanese encephalitis, Hanta virus, TB, etc., from other reasons including the breakdown of public health measures, poverty, antibiotic resistance, etc. b. Toxic algae are poisoning waterways and killing coral reefs. c. Previously harmless symbiotic or parasitic microbes are becoming pathogenic and causing diseases such as E.Coli food poisoning. d. Warmer waters are acting as culture mediums for cholera, pfiesteria, salmonella, campylobacter, etc. e. The changes have given us climatic madness.
III. Pollution, most of which is from human endeavours and their destructive scientific technology, is not only causing terminal decay of systems, but also sterilizing humanity, animals, amphibians and insects. Excessive use of chemicals, antibiotics, poisons, radioactive material, etc., etc, has bred superbugs, superweeds, and iatrogenic diseases from which people are dying. The air, water and soil are polluted to an irredeemable level. Gastrointestinal diseases are increasing, as is asthma from dirty air. Salination of soils, albeit ignored by most, is threatening crop failures in many locations. Acidification of rivers, waterways and estuaries is destroying the nurseries of what fish and crustaceans remain.
IV. New diseases such as transgenic ones and an increased incidence of zoonoses indicate both increased virulence in microbes and a breakdown of the victim's defence. Malicious experimentation with genetics and vaccines, with the development of protease-resistant protein strands called prions, has given rise to the spectre of humanity's doom in the form of HIV-AIDS, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE or Mad Cow Disease) and Gulf War Syndrome, which I contend is a variant of these, even more infectious, and faster acting. The activity of prions alludes to supramental manipulation of this level. However, details of that I will leave for another discourse.
This list of physical decay can be greatly expanded with much more detail, however these few facts suffice to indicate that some major problems exist in the physical plane.
B. The Psychic (Mental) Perspective: Mental fragmentation is, from my perspective, equally as obvious.
I. People are abandoning religious institutions in droves for they are not mentally satisfied with the answers. In other words, whatever dogmatic paradigm was restraining them appears to be no longer sufficient in view of the physical deterioration, and these institutions are collapsing.
II. Governments are changing, or are under attack, repeatedly, demonstrating they have no answers to the ills which plague their nations and also that the mental lability of voters is becoming destructive instability.
III. Financial collapse in nations, although minimized by some sections of the media, is an indication of perverse attacks by currency speculators and profiteers whose mentality is fracturing, thus allowing them to act in such irresponsible ways. The collapse of the Asian Tiger economies will be followed by Japan which is teetering, China, other Asian nations, Australia, Europe and the USA. I am aware of the talk of supreme wealth and economic buoyancy in the US, but readers are warned that the talk is all hot air. The US is unofficially bankrupt and the economy a bubble of spuriousness, built on false hope, which is about to burst. Warnings by financial archons such as Alan Greenspan and others have been ignored with the hubris of minds self-satisfied in the efficacy of their own illusion. That, too, is a measure of the fragmentation of the mental plane.
IV. Most systems are in crisis - health and medical, hospitals, manufacturing industries, exports, imports, and so on. This is a symptom of individualistic mental instability as well as the decay en masse, for individuals are making gross errors of judgement affecting the things they manage.
V. Individual mental decay is reflected in such things as Road Rage, Computer rage, increased incidents of suicide, especially among the youth, hostility, suspicion, paranoia, racism, tribalism, minor and major wars, accelerated divorce rate, pornography, prostitution, paedophilia, etc. Both humans and animals are behaving in an increasingly erratic manner. Is it not madness of individuals which gives us the continuing Gulf War Fiasco, the Genocide of Palestinians, India vs Pakistan, Shri Lankans vs Tamils, etc., etc.? Is the threat of nuclear annihilation, which will shortly precipitate into the eventuality of a nuclear World War 3, not from fragmenting minds? Patience is also all but dead in most.
Apart from metaphysical reasons upon which I will not elaborate here, this madness of minds is reflected also in the increased violence by children and women. More school shootings and the like will occur, for the progress of Terminal Madness of the Endtime is accelerating and unstoppable.
VI. Inspite of apparent wealth in the West, of unprecedented longevity, entertainment galore and technological assistance, most minds are not imbued with a joie de vivre, but rather they are threatened by a very real sense of foreboding, an anxiety of inexplicable origin, a sense of doom even. This explains why the sale of psychotropic drugs is at record levels, as are illicit drugs and why escapisms are sought so avidly -just think of the recent "Viagra" craze! Of course, many shun or ignore such feelings or else put them down to poorly performing aspects of their lives, such as relationships, jobs, health, etc., but the mental moods reflect in their actions and manifest in their body language, for as a human thinks, s/he acts. Hence, the rise in hatred, impatience, racism, violence, etc., etc., which is ubiquitous. All these things will become worse as minds fragment even more. Not all minds are like this, in fact, some are bright and joyous with an understanding of what is going on.
This then, to ask "Why is it so?", is the crux of the situation!
As the physical actions are manifestations of the mental function, so too is the mental function a manifestation of the spiritual. Many who have denied the existence of the spiritual plane, even in most rudimentary forms, are now suffering the most mentally.
C. The Spiritual Perspective: What we have is a spiritual separation of consciousnesses into "viables" and "non-viables". What I mean by that is that some are not fit to continue existence and some are. We, on this planet, as is occurring or has occurred on every other physical manifestation in this physical universe, are in the process of being sorted out - yes, as per the distorted biblical paradigm, if you wish - and the viable ones are being readied for evacuation from this self-destructing orb.
Many around the world have been contacted via various mechanisms to prepare for such an eventuality. These mechanisms, include dreams, clairvoyant episodes, direct visitations, spacecraft contacts, astral projection and tuition, spontaneous regression, projection into the fixed future, etc. The spate of UFO activity consists of various groups of aliens, most of whom are evil aliens to be eradicated by a process called transmutation, to which the non-viables are also subjected. Some are the "Elohim", so-called, who have come to evacuate the viables. I realize this may be straining the mental restrictions of some readers, however, space does not allow expansion of these concepts and if they are interested, I direct them to my books and newsletters found on the web at: and at:
The reason why some minds are fragmenting and manifesting the Terminal Madness of the Endtime is because on the spiritual level they are aware of this sorting out of consciousness and of their failure. This possibility, if they have denied the spiritual aspect, does not fit into their restrictive mental paradigm and hence, their minds cannot cope and they are going crazy. In other words, having denied the possibility of this judgement, of this sorting out, of this finality, of this call to account for their actions, inspite of countless warnings, they cannot now realign their minds with a Greater Reality, and they crack with the pressure.
This concept of which I am now writing is not metaphysical, or of personally religious polemic, or of hypothetically theosophical, or philosophical ideologies. It is the information, manifestation and very process of the Greater Reality which exists beyond the Virtual Reality of this plane and the Real Process which is destroying the Virtual Reality of this universe which has been a fraudulent and counterfeit creation. It is minds who cannot accommodate these concepts, which are forced upon them by the ensuing reality, which are going crazy. And their sense of foreboding, of doom, is a realistic and accurate reflection of their failure, and the fact that they will shortly exist no more. There is no simpler or clearer way I can say this. All have had infinite chances throughout their existence to avoid such a fate. Those who have failed have done so by embracing the Essence of Evil which has created this mess.
Why are some happy? They are happy, even though they may be initially apprehensive. They are happy because they eventually realize this is the end of this horribly sordid mess, this den of iniquity, of pain, of suffering and gross exploitation. That this is such a noxious mess may not be all that obvious to deniers sitting in their nice apartments or homes, reading this on relatively expensive computers. It is easy to be deluded when living in an illusion, especially a self-created one within another illusion, but think of the billions who do not have enough to eat, have inadequate housing, have inadequate medical care, or education, no clean water, etc., etc. On the latest figures, some 40% of American citizens, and citizens of my country, Australia also, are disadvantaged in one of these ways. Hence, many are happy, for they realize their prayers have been answered. It is the end of evil and they are going home! And, in case you doubt the correction of this abomination, and think it is not an answer to prayers, let me remind you of these words from the most frequently recited Western prayer - the Lord's Prayer - "... and deliver us from Evil".
As the spiritual aspect filters down to these lower levels, where we are in the physical dimension, inter-dimensional barriers, purposely placed there by Evil as self protection to prevent the fragmentation and eventual correction of this gross error, are collapsing. That is why we are witnessing the incidence of increased phenomenology and experiencing it ourselves. Clairvoyance, a natural ability which we all have, is returning to us all. Near Death experiences, Astral Travel, spontaneous regression, seeing other levels and dimensions, ghosts and apparitions, etc., are all due to interdimensional collapse of barriers.
Some are perversely cashing in on this phenomenon and they call it "Remote Viewing". My advice is that you ignore them. Some are also stupidly, cunningly, blindly attempting to lead the sleeping, gullible blind.
Those whose minds cannot expand to accommodate the Finality of the plane, their failure, the psychic phenomena, etc., are going crazy. The fact that they are forced to confront their own evil nature and submit to a Superior Authority, who will hold them accountable, terrifies them with the gloom of Doom. They have only themselves to blame.
The reason why most clairvoyants, New Agers and Remote Viewers as yet cannot get valid answers of what is going on is because they are part of the doomed fraternity and are struggling to prevent this Greater Reality impinging on the plane. But their resistance is futile and the Truth of what is occurring will become more and more self-evident as time passes.
Finally, I would like to briefly address some of the spurious explanations of what is going on.
I. Deniers are the ones who say nothing is happening. Alas, those sporting the Arrogance of Ignorance are the most strident deniers and objectors to this information. Forget them. Most are the programmed and very ignorant fools who will suffer the most in due course. A few are as yet unawakened "viables". It is amazing how many sacerdotes, religionists, scientists and academics fall into this category of denial. This clearly demonstrates the pernicious effect of spurious educational indoctrination. Their rationalizations, in career and linguistically specific mumbo-jumbo, are hubristic and really spurious and mendacious, and they fall short of full explanations of what is going on. Their short-term band-aid solutions only give rise to greater problems and reveal their ignorance and incompetence in the face of what is upon us. They lose all arguments by weight of what is happening, even as they deny it is so, and by my "Bottom Line" which is that "it is all happening exactly as I have described, for the reasons I have given".
II. Religious Fundamentalists: These rely on distorted texts, all originally plagiarized from Gnostic origins and then butchered, which form the basis of all religions. Many do expect Christ (the Christ Energy - although some expect an individual) and the Endtime, but they, being indoctrinated with the deceitful spuriousness of dogmatized religion, are grossly confused, for the eventualities they witness do not tally with the distorted texts. Some are trapped "viables" in these ranks, but the majority are failed fools who would not recognize the Divine Light they claim they are awaiting if it burned so brightly in front of their eyes that it perforated their corneas!
III. New Agers - the Gurus for the gullible: In denying the existence of Evil, this correction and the Endtime, these sods are already floundering in the unreality of perversity. Some, even psychologists in their ranks, claim Earth and humanity are preparing for a quantum leap into a heaven unknown. That is as mendacious as saying, and far, far more ridiculous, that a cachectic, cancer-riddled patient in his last hour of life will get up, get dressed, and run the Boston marathon in record time. It is impossible. The Earth is as good as dead! The spurious healing, by the New Agers and their ilk, for the doomed Earth has been futile, and an obstructive affront to the True GodForce, which they are NOT a part of, and which is performing the Final Separation and Correction.
Maliciousness appears to be prospering on this plane at this time, but that, too, is an illusion. It is simply being exposed everywhere, in preparation for the destruction of all things of an evil essence which give rise to the maliciousness, along with the deceitfulness and gross hypocrisy. As the mechanism of this plane's unstoppable expiration proceeds, the Joy of Theomorphs, of the salvageable "viables", will grow with the truthful, spiritual understanding of what is going on.
Over 90% of this physical universe has already been corrected. The recent light phenomenon, noted by the Italians and Dutch astronomers, depicting the engulfment of massive galaxies by a huge black hole was a view of correction many billions of light years ago in that sector. It is now Earth's turn, and while I have restricted this short essay to earth and its creatures, realize that all planetary bodies, even our sun, are undergoing decay and termination. Indeed, the Terminal Madness is manifesting in erratic cosmology, and soon the absurd Celestial Error, created of Evil, which had trapped theomorphs in its bowels, will be no more.
These changes are unprecedented. There are no other valid explanations of what is happening to humanity, to all the fauna and flora, and to the whole globe. All other explanations are spurious and, as far as I am concerned, this information, manifesting more and more as self-evident truth daily, is not negotiable or debatable.
No matter how many people, for now, want to dispute these facts, and no matter how vigorously they wish to argue, this time IS a time of the Earth's and Humanity's end. It is the Endtime for Evil here and a new beginning elsewhere for those not of Evil.
**** Annwn Publications: True Gnosticism, Prophecy, Aliens, Evil. Dr J. S. Chiappalone, Director. PO Box 28 Malanda, Australia, Fax 61 70 965620. Check our website

From (name on file)
Hi Jeff,
I'll stay brief...great posting from Dr Chiappalone. He summarizes the content of many of the dreams I've been having for the last 3 or so years with respect to where humanity is heading. The article brought me a deep sense of inner peace. He says it like it is.
Enjoy your show Jeff. Take care and best wishes!!
PS: Please withold my name if my comment is ever posted. Thanks.
From: (name on file)
After twenty-five years of mystical study and practice, as well as an eclectic and careful study of religion and philosophy, I have not read anything to date that has made me shudder more than the piece presented here.
I do not pretend to be an expert on anything, only knowledgeable of the concepts and subjects explored here. I see the Internet as another podium on which many people step to capture the limelight and promote a site. I have seen many half-truths, distortions, and downright lies in order to promote a website and get the clicks of readers.
In this case, it appears to be the ultimate in psychologically-geared and manipulative works. I will hand that to Dr. Chiappalone. His dire prognostications, and lurid wording and imagery are masterful. So much so, that I sense echoes of Stalin and Hitler. He does have an adept insight into the masses, their needs, wants, desires and suffering. That is obviously why he has struck a chord amongst those who have responded. Obviously, denying or questioning his assertions, unqualified assumptions, and expertly woven jargonese can even cause a very harsh response to those who have been understandably touched by the paradigm that the Doctor has designed and expressed publicly.
Need I remind the readers that they would be hard- pressed to find a time in history when this plane of existence was a bed of roses? Even a casual glance of history, amidst its struggles, famines, wars, and great poverty, will prove clearly, to those with eyes to see and ears to hear, that there has been a constant bane on humanity from the dawn. Much depends on who and where you are at any given point as far as the determination of what your experience, health, wealth, longevity, and suffering would have been.
Granted, we face some difficult issues as the complexity of our humanities' experience increases in a quantum fashion -- leaping from one level to the next before our eyes, changing faster than most of us to bear to cope with. What the Doctor fails to take into consideration or to relate in his rather myopic view is behind the concept of, and laws of, vibration. Acceleration, in itself, is not necessarily an evil. Some of the highest vibrations in the Universe may be deadly to us, or stretch out infinitely beyond our comprehension, due to their rate. But I would venture that they are closer in sympathetic attunement to the Spiritual (a word the Doctor uses so authoritatively), than lead, for instance. Because they are deadly to us as physical entities that does not mean they are malevolent or evil.
We are certainly in accelerating times, and the effects of our endless attempts to change and manipulate our environment affect us just as much as they have affected past civilizations all throughout time. No one here would really believe that our time is totally unique, would they? When large groups of people amass, like they have done in cities all over the World, for centuries, they create health and environmental problems. A little research can reveal this to anyone. Today, our problem is compounded by the vast numbers of us that populate the planet, and our failure to progress beyond the primitive methods we have relied on to sustain ourselves. With over 6 billion inhabitants and rising, it is no wonder that methods that we have utilized without having a the tremendous impact on the environment in the past, are now catching up with us! Is this really about good and evil or the day-to-day mechanics of our endless problems on the physical, material, Earth plane.
I don't care to do a complete dissertation, or dissection of the Doctor's writing, as I feel it would deserve book-length treatment in order to be fair to the spiritual truths. I would like to ask those who have any spiritual, religious, or philosophical sensitivities to read that material with the Light of your Being. My personal take, for what its worth, is that the Doctor may be merely a sensationalist who is attempting to capitalize on our shared suffering and grief. His rhetoric and the multi-syllabic thickness of his viewpoints should be easily seen though. He truly appears to be using unsubstantiated opinion disguised as deep and authoritative information. Despite his mastery of well-woven verbiage, his diatribes give away the underlying essence of his personality.
If you would apply the litmus test of your own spiritual understanding and beliefs, whether gained by reading, meditating, praying, or true suffering, the inherit negativity and contrast to the divine thread that runs though our planet's religious heritage should be as clear as the pupils in you eyes.
Rather than attempt to use the same educated trickery and manipulation in order to sway you, I would rather put my trust in each of you to examine and explore deeper into the opiate-like effects these masters of public oratory have in the Barnum & Baily world we now inhabit. The most potent, and undeniable, criteria for spirituality are those traits that we all can admit, (in our heart of hearts), having the most difficulty in emulating. Those traits should be easily recognized. Where, in the Doctor's statements are the love, compassion, forgiveness that we are compelled to have, promote above all, and cherish? Where is the recognition that all men are brothers? Though the Doctor is often judgmental, the least obvious judgement he betrays is that we can each hold ourselves qualified to make essential judgements concerning each other's fates. And then, what of, "Judge not least ye be judged?"
Could the sincere and devout Buddhist yield to, or even understand , the harsh and bitter statements that the Doctor passes off as having a spiritually compelling message? I would think that, few of us who hold dear in our Spiritual Core, a Godhead, Supreme Being, Buddha Mind (or whatever you may hold as the sacred name for Such) would proclaim the Doctor as a Prophet, Revelator, Yogi, or candidate for such. To each his own! Those who have earned the respect bestowed by the spirit always recognize that you must choose, on your own, which way to go, despite any humble, or urgent, warning.
Spiritual understanding is not just about happiness and joy. It is an understanding that brings, as its greatest gift, PEACE in your mind, heart and soul regardless of the storms you are experiencing. Without that. all the Doctors and all their ideas, will most likely not provide you anything but a website, a personal ideology, or yet another fad to divert you from the true and undeniable facts underlining spirituality as a personal experience.
If you find this offensive, or too bold an indictment, I can only exhort you to take the time and effort to do your own research, on a large scale, and in an exhaustive way, into the legacy of spiritualty that we mortals have gleaned, as a whole, over time. The Doctor's focus on madness and breakdown, could in the end, merely reflect his own spiritual or mental condition.
With that, I wish you all to be wise as serpents, and to use the gifts of your mind in harmony with your spiritually, and above all, not to be at war with it. If the ultimate harmony and Inner Peace are not what you seek, then no telling who will divert you on your way to attainment and true Spiritual awareness. As you can see, there are many compelling distractions. One can only hope that the very basic foundations will become the motivation and voice of our people. That is where the pressing solutions to our tumultuous world can be found. Not in crafty diatribes, and arbitrary judgements; neither by separation, nor by self-appointed authorities regarding who is to survive, who is not, and what is the actual state of our mutual dilemma.
Thank you. Rhonald R. Schlick, F.R.C. Free games to play anytime. Have fun, beat high scores, earn prizes and discounts. Not just another game site. "It's too much fun!"
From: Joyce
Dear Jeff,
I just wanted to Thank You again for having Joseph on your show. I, for one, can really feel the Love that Dr. C sends out to all that can receive it.
You are doing a wonderful service for those of us that are here fighting for our spiritual survival. I always look forward to any new information Dr. C has to bring forth.
You are a wonderful support person by allowing him to get his message out. It is a very important job that you are assisting in.
Best Wishes to You
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From Debbie Nagle To < Subject: Thanks for the Show Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000
Thanks for the great show last night with guest Dr. J. Chiappalone. It was amazing material and yet somehow it seems plausible. I appreciate your giving the listener the chance to hear this material.
From Archie To: < Subject: Dr. Chiapallone's show Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000
Dear Jeff, Thank you for another wonderful show with Dr. C. This one, even more than any of the previous ones, put it all together for me. I had been wondering for so long, what about the millions of GOOD people in this world who are still left here, and what is our fate to be? Dr. C has again given me hope, real hope, that there is a future for those of us who know we are good and decent and have love in our hearts and who really CARE. I know you are one of those too. God bless you Jeff and thank you for daring to put together the physical as well as the spiritual part of the equation. Wishing you all the best, Archie PS I read the essay on terminal madness again and it is as true today as it was when you first posted it, maybe even more. Thanks again for giving us not just information but hope as well.
From Sherry White Date: Monday, September 25, 2000
Dear Dr. Chiappalone,
I just want to say THANK YOU! That is probably one of the best things I've read in years. It is so funny (not really funny) that so many people just don't seem to have the foggiest idea what is going on. It's being blamed on this thing or that. It is like they have blinders on. Again, thank you so much for putting it into words in print and thanks to Jeff Rense for putting it on so people just may see it and get a clue.
God Bless, Sherry White
To: From: Alan South Subject: Another great show with Dr. C Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000
Hello Jeff,
I never miss a Dr.C segment and I am always happy to hear his message. He is full of surprises and wonderful insight! Always something new, and yet building on what he has already said and profecied. And so articulate. Thank you MUCH for having him on the program.
And I want to especially thank you for your fine hosting of Dr.C, letting him express and you making the supportive comments that you did. Good job. Thanks.
Kind regards, Alan
From Lynn Stokes Subject: Dr. C's article 'Terminal Madness' Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000
Jeff, I would like to comment on Dr. Chiappalone's article and in particular, why it has generated such emotional responses. That our world is spiraling into decay and madness is quite apparent and indisputable to any one who has awakened their consciousness. It is also quite natural for us to be looking for insightful information and explanations to help us understand the answers to why this is happening and how it will all end up. In times of stress and uncertainty, people will seek out answers. But the bottom line is this: NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE WHAT THE TRUTH IS!! Not even Dr. C. If his ideas are the most plausible and/or comforting theories to come along so far, then it is perfectly reasonable to file them in your mental databank as a possible scenario. But to buy it hook, line, and sinker or for that matter, dismiss it entirely is foolish. In other words, be careful of anyone who says they have all the answers. Truth comes only from God, and God is within each of us. I am also curious as to where he gets his information. For those readers who say that it is the best explanation that they have heard so far I would suggest they read the Arcturian material offered by author Patricia Pereira. Some of it actually dovetails with Dr. C's ideas but offers much more in depth information. As a final comment I would also be very skeptical about anyone who could write such a venomous and hateful response as the pathetic outburst offered in his response to a critical email.
Thanks, I hope you post this. Lynn
From "rpensmith"
Dear Jeff,
Dr. J.S. Chiappalone's article "Terminal Madness Of The Endtime" (a repost from two and a half years ago,) can be summed up in one word - 'Pollution'
And now that I've successfully summoned the prejudice of those whom agree with Dr. Chiappalone... Being a Dr., he is well trained in 'diagnosing' ailments, which he has done (as could anyone who looks for 'problems,') but unfortunately he fails where most medical doctors fail, assessing the true 'cause.' Doctors are trained to find symptoms of disease, not health and well-being (a sad fact.)
Anyone who has even the mildest knowledge of the differences between the relative and the absolute, can see through his assertions as those of someone 'caught in the illusion of duality.' But don't tell Dr. Chiappalone that! As a seasoned debater, and as someone who 'knows everything,' you'll fail miserably offering anything that does not 'mesh' with the contents of his closed mind.
Dr. Chiappalone also loses credibility with his presentation. The media uses an eight grade level vocabulary for a very important reason... they want their message to be understood by the masses. The Dr.'s incessant use of words that force readers to reach for their dictionaries (no matter how appropriate the word,) only serves to derail a true grasp of points he tries to make. Maybe he doesn't understand this, maybe he is more interested in hearing himself talk, or maybe he hopes that by using arcane verbiage, his position will seem that much more 'educated.'
A word of warning to all, never, EVER, base beliefs and actions on the counsel of a single source. And while Dr. Chiappalone cites observable realities for which everyone can find corroborating examples, he postulates and blames a grand evil conspiracy for every worldly ill. No individual source has a monopoly on the truth, so I implore you to find other, unassociated voices that echo his stance. If his stands alone (as many of his proponents decry,) adopt it at your own risk.
While I agree with many things the good Doctor has identified, he apparently has had little exposure to a higher truth, and is left flailing blindly (or was 'guided',) for reasons behind the crisis in his (and our) reality. To package it neatly as "evil" is weak, and demonstrates a lack of open mindedness in his search for answers.
Seek and ye shall find,
Michael Listman

Dear Jeff,
I think the Headline article "Terminal Madness of the End Time" is the best piece I've seen yet of all your headline articles. It is brilliant. It pulls the complex and intertwined events of our strange world into one seamless conclusion: that this world is a mistake and that the mistake will soon be corrected by an end to this mess. Hooray! This is a message of hope for those who of us who have thought that perhaps WE were the mistake.
Clearly the truth has been hidden from us all along, and you are assisting us now by presenting this very succinct article.
Undoubtably you will get some adverse reactions, as I see you have already. Regarding Wellington's response: Isn't "just read the article ... and just about blacked out" a sign of Terminal Madness and denial? What's wrong with "spurious postulations", they are good English words! Most thinking people own a dictionary and appreciate a stretch of their vocabulary a bit, especially when the street-level words just aren't accurate enough. A dictionary helps to understand concepts (and maybe helps the spelling of words like "verbiage", "eighth" and "Shakespeare").
Thanks again for the inclusion of a great article!
(Name on File)

Dear Dr. Chiappalone,
I have just finished reading your "Terminal Madness of the Endtime" essay on the Sightings website, and I just had to say thank you!
You have done such a wonderful job of cutting out the garbage, the superfluous information, and getting to the very heart of the matter. It is very easy to see that this world *is* in its final death throes, and it is reassuring to find such a genuine explanation of the situation. I am very much looking forward to the ringing of the final bell.
It is also interesting to see direct evidence of the terminally mad, even on this website! How could anyone be frustrated by reading such a beautiful essay, as beautiful as anything Shakespeare has written? Surely, only those suffering from the symptoms which the essay so clearly defines! Only someone with a small mind would try to find such faults where no faults lie.
Once again, thank you very much. Please keep up the excellent work. I continue to look forward to you next Book/Essay/Newsletter/"Message of Great Joy".
(Name on File)

I have just read the Terminal Madness essay by Dr J.S. Chiappalone M.D. on the Sightings on the Radio website. I plan to read it several more times and already it seems to have tied together so much of what is happening on this world in my experience. So many times I have read with astonishment in the papers and on this website events that show the rapid deterioration of this planet. On every level, in every category I have seen it; so diverse that it is very difficult to see the "forest...etc". And what a wonderful occasion to finally see the 'forest' through Dr. Chiappalone's words. The established press skirts these issues, I believe, because most do not want to know and others would like to prevent people from being able to piece together all the facts and arrive at the truth which was made abundantly clear by Dr. Chiappalone' essay. Even here on the Sightings website it is apparent that there are those in denial who strike out at the statement of the facts and refuse to respect an independent point of view without character assassination. I refer to the 1st response I read (and I hope the last of that kind of email-itis) that represents to me the inability to think and reflect calmly.
Thank you for the posting of this essay on your site. Please ask Dr. Chiappalone on your show to expand on this and perhaps answer some questions.
(Name on File)

Dear Dr Chiappalone,
I think the essay on Terminal Madness on Jeff Rense's Site is excellent. You have expanded the concept in a fashion that truly makes sense in a very real, practical, undeniable way. This, in my opinion, is a very important essay to help people understand what is happening.
Thanks to you, and thanks to Rense, for the wonderful work you are both doing to assist us.
(Name on File)

Dear Dr. Chiappalone,
Greetings. A peculiar set of events led me to cross paths with your books. It was a very appropriate experience-synchronistic to say the least. I was aware previously of the Virtual Reality status of this dimension-as well as the Warfare that occurs within it. However, your material really kicked everything into high gear, and it has been quite a ride! At this time, it is very obvious that the Pressure Cooker is going to blow, at least it is obvious to myself, most people in my location are sort of manic/sonambulist, occasionally waking up for a little while. I have to agree with you that the chances of finding anyone who might be interested are slim. I only came to be aware of the website in January-again the timing was perfect for what was occurring for me personally. Since then I have been following the developments with heightened atttention-and have been very pleasantly surprised. I recall your remarks about India and Pakistan in the Jan. Newsletter and now it is indeed happening. The problems in the Asian Markets are also reportedly spreading to Russia now as well. Things are DEFINITELY NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL! I have not seen much mention in recent Newsletters about the worldwide Sub-Centres as there was in the earlier issues. Are the Sub-Centres in USA all confined to the West? Are there any in the New England area? I am curious about this and would appreciate the time it takes you to get back to me about this, because from what I can see no one around here seems to have any idea WHAT'S GOING ON!
It is really great that Jeff Rense puts some of your material on his website. I have toured many so-called progressive websites and have not come across your material anywhere else.
(Name on file)

Dear Dr. Chiappalone,
I very much like the new essay "TERMINAL MADNESS OF THE ENDTIME". It really lays it out clearly for all to see.
As I look at my life now, I realize how much of a contribution yours and Amitakh's works have made to the quality of my life, especially my peace of mind and happiness. It has been immense!
Your essays, your shows with Jeff Rense on "Sightings on the Radio" , (you have no idea how much I enjoyed those interviews and how much I learned from them) your newsletters, your website, your books, your poems, also tapes of past lectures -- all have awakened me and allowed me to get the answers that I spent my whole life searching for, the answers to the questions "Who am I?" and "What am I doing here?"
Before I came into contact with your works I was floundering in a sea of near-answers or phoney-answers on the spiritual front. And I was caught in a series of very negative situations involving career, personal finances, family and relationships. I kept plunging myself into various areas and belief systems looking for answers, and was nearing the point of concluding there were no real answers -- that life was just a disappointing sham with no point to it. I used to get very blue just looking at it all!
But then along came your words, and though I was initially skeptical, at some point I knew you had the most valuable information in the world, of which I would never let go. Since that time I have had a lot of battles with those who preferred me floundering and caught in their traps, and on the surface some fools might even judge me to have had a rough time of it.
But those fools would have to ignore the return of my smile, the simplicity of my life now, and the huge doses of inner joy that I feel, and on which I thrive. Inner peace and happiness is priceless!
Thank you, from the bottom of my alive-again heart, for all that you have done on behalf of those who care about real truth and real love. It must have been a lonely battle for you at times, especially at the beginning. Still, those who have told the truth have never been received with open arms at first. I am so glad that you persisted.
And I am so glad that you continue to expand on the changes that are now so apparent. I get: 1. The "news" which is mostly censored propaganda! 2. The "alternative news" from several sources, which are more accurate about physical events; but each of which has its own disinformation agenda. 3. Your newsletter which is what is really happening, WHY it is all happening and what is coming next!
Without your newsletter I would have nothing but a series of breakdowns and disintegration of society -- with no answers as to why. No wonder there is terminal madness!
Thank you, literally, for the rescue from the morass my life was in and the turnaround to the joy and understanding that it is now. And thank you for the inspiration to look forward to the time and place beyond the limitations and the suffering of this globe. In my heart I am already there!
Yours has truly been a work of love. My gratitude is yours forever.
(Name on File)

Dear sir:
I can't remember the last time I saw anything as black and white and clear as day as your article on the Sightings website. The comments by the two disparate readers posted by Sightings absolutely, positively proved your point!!! Mankind is separating into two categories, two groups: those who can see the light and those who can only see the darkness.
The reader who said "I read 'Terminal Madness of the End Time' and just about blacked out" found only darkness in his own soul. No light to be found there whatsoever. But the second reader found light and illumination and understanding in what you say. Could the difference between the two be more obvious??? I guess, in a sense, I have taken sides because I too can see the light and understand what you say. It makes more sense to me than anything else I have ever heard. Thank you with all of my heart for clarifying the situation on so many levels. I have also gotten a lot out of your audio programs on Sightings which I have listened to in their archives. God bless you.
(Name on File)

Dear Dr. Chiappalone,
I just finished reading your posting on the SIGHTINGS page. My husband and I have been searching for the truth our whole lives. It is so amazing to us, after finally scraping together enough money to purchase a computer to discover that we are not alone. We live in a rural area with a small population. We are unable to really discuss with anyone the true extent of what we believe, for fear of persecution. After having briefly touched upon a small number of subjects, that we find to be self-evident, we have been accused of being victims of "some sort of cult", just being flaky, being blasphemous, etc., I am certain that you can imagine the type of ridicule it opens us up to. We have suffered alone with what we cannot deny.
What is interesting to us, is that now, with the aid of the computer, we are finding that others have come to the same conclusions as ourselves. Since what we believe to be true is so "outrageous" and does not come from any one source of information, but rather a compilation of "intuition" and searching for historic and personal truths, it is a reassurance to find that others have come to these same conclusions.
We have not had any ET encounters, that we know of, or other phenomena that has occurred in our own personal lives, yet we cannot deny that these events do happen to others. We do not know what is going to happen, onlythat something IS happening.
We feel with our intellect that we should be afraid, yet in our beings, we are not. I think that that is the most intersting feature of the whole experience. The Earth is destroyed. The only culture that we know how to survive in is on the brink of absolute collapse. We have 2 children whom we love dearly, and hope greatly for, knowing that the future is NOT, yet we cannot bring ourselves to fear. We ask ourselves repeatedly if we are in some state of denial, but always the answer that comes back to us is no. I do not know that aliens or anybody or thing else is coming to rescue us from what has been created. Yet we cannot fear.
I feel great sorrow and frustration however, that so many will not see. My mother is a Christian who expresses sorrow and grief for us, while refusing to stop and look at any of the evidence before her. Her faith in her religion does not buy her the peace of being to consider the state of the Earth. She lives in denial and becomes angry when confronted with the most minute allegation to any type of crises, be it of the environment or the spirit. It is saddening. We homeschool our children and are raising them in an environment of love that is all encompassing. They are the most beautiful creatures that I have ever experienced and people pity them for not being raised to "fit in" to the world.
Thank you for having the courage and stamina to speak out. Peace and love be to you.

(Name on File)

Dear Sightings,

Your site has always provided a good source of information and entertainment for me. I enjoy reading the articles and your artwork is great. That having having been said, I'd like to express an opinion. I just read the article "Terminal Madness of the End Time" and just about blacked out. Such an immense pile of garbagiul verbaige is enough to incite ulcers in even the most arrogant Mensa member.     Of course, I like a good adjective every once in a while. However, what in the HELL does "spurious postulations" mean?? And what's up with this: "The spate of UFO activity consists of various groups of aliens, most of whom are evil aliens to be eradicated by a process called transmutation, to which the non-viables are also subjected."       I'm well aware that you did not write this piece, but I wanted to express my frustrations--namely that Dr. Chiappalone rambles on like an eigth grader trying to write a doctoral thesis. WHEW!!  I used to think ACC's page was poorly written, but that guy makes Shulman look like Shakespear!   

(Name on File)

Terminal Madness article on
Date:Thu, 28 May 1998 11:21:18 -0700
I just read your Terminal Madness article on Great job! Rense claims to have over two million hits per month on that site. Let's hope many, many thousand of those visitors venture upon your article.
When I first read and reflected upon your materials, I felt relief at intellectually discovering a viable explanation for all the systemic fraud I had uncovered in law, medicine, government, education &c. I also knew the world would soon be entering terrible times, and I had prepared mentally for disasters, marauders, war &c. Now, thanks to your simple explanation of a bifurcated creation, I can say that I feel spiritual joy and perhaps impatiently await the corrective process.
My logic told me that man was not evolving higher, but involving toward destruction. Your writings have cogently explained why I had observed this.
(Name on File)

Greetings All,
We got on the web about a week ago and were glad to be able to check out the Sightings website. I just read thru Dr. Chiappalone's essay on Terminal Madness for the seventh time. He has done his research well. He has accurately hit upon and described every symptom of a dying world. He even hit upon the infection that is killing it, once in Item II of the Physical perspective. I cannot say that I disagree with any of his descriptions of the symptoms and relative, immediate causes. I have lived most of my life in the country and can guarantee that the soil and water are probably contaminated everywhere, even here, and I'm about as far from anywhere as you can get. Even if you grow your own food, you are still consuming chemical contaminants. The chemicals are in the soil and water and wind up in the food anyway. The chemical companies and food producers can't seem to get the message. But there is a reason they can't.
The state of mental decay cannot be denied either. Sometimes it is enough to make a person wonder if anyone bothers to try to think for themselves anymore. It seems that everyone is so desparate to believe something that anyone will believe anything. No one wants the responsibility to think for themselves, it's easier to let someone else think and decide things for them. It is hard for me to understand how so many laws, that affect everyone in this country, fo by unnoticed because everyone is so concerned with where the President's pants spent the winter! Clear, purposeful thinking? No, haven't seen any.
The spiritual aspect, I'll agree is also pretty sorry. I don't claim any "Religion" myself. I have my own personal beliefs of right and wrong action that I live by every day. But no "Religion" that I claim on certain days of the week or times of the year. I think that everyone has the ideas of right and wrong action, they just don't use it. Too much responsibility to account for what you think, say, and do everyday. A religion to stand behind is easier, but as Dr. Chiappalone points out, people are finally seeing that religion doesn't answer anything.
I thought it was particularly humorous that the Dr's. attack on the "New Agers" was immediately followed by "Maliciousness seems to be prospering on this plane at this time,"...Do tell. But the purpose for my response is not to take cheap shots, and I do apologize for that one, although I feel it was justified. My point of all this is simply this, I agree that this world is ill, possibly, and quite probably terminal. But I don't think that the "infection" has been properly addressed. The infection is greed, and it pervades all three levels of life the Dr. had discussed.
1.Spiritual- "Money makes the world go around" thinking. "The Lord helps those that help themselves", so help yourself to all you can grab!
Spiritual truths are left in the dust and never taught in favor of the dogmatic teachings designed for the political favor and aggrandizement of whatever particular "Religion". Belief systems have been founded, for the most part, on false ideals, false morals, and false teachings. Is it any wonder they are failing?
2.Mentally- Who in the world has time for clear, objective thinking when every thought process is concerned with "Have to pay these, and need those, and the kids need these, and I want that, and how am I gonna get more money?" False ideals. Life itself is of secondary importance in this world. The individual is of no worth at all, only his\her bank account matters. False teachings. False morals. It is OK for people to do without shelter, food, medical care, heat, etc. because they don't have enough money? Look at your world.
3. Physical- There can be no doubt as to the physical decline of this planet, of the health of people, animals, birds, fish, vegetation, etc.. There are few pure breeds of animal left, as far as livestock, they have been crossbred to increase profit. There are few pure strains of grains, fruits, vegetables, etc., they have been hybridized to increase profit. The soil and water are contaminated by chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, animal feeds and implants, all designed to increase profit. Chemical waste and by products are dumped wherever, to cut expenditure and increase profit. Nuclear waste, the same. Any development of alternative fuels, energy sources, medicines, etc., are adamantly opposed because they are not "economically feasible", in other words, there is no profit so why do it? Rainforests are cut down, logged out, burned into charcoal, to make way for farming and cattle operations that the land, in those countries, can never support anyway, for profit. Greed is the virus that is killing this planet and everything on it. Economies, trade systems and the false ideals that a piece of paper is worth more than life, is what sustains the virus.
There has been great damage done to this planet. Is it irreversible? I don't know. Is it terminal? The way things are now, probably so. And if mankind refuses to change it's thinking, it's values, it's ideals, it's teachings, it's false morality, and it's "we know everything" arrogance, I would be forced to agree with Dr. Chiappalone in saying that the inevitability of total destruction is not only probable, it is a given.
"As man thinks, so he is. If you believe yourself hopeless, you are finished before you begin. Know yourself, think for yourself, be true to yourself, find your own truths and trust yourself enough to live them."
Yours in love for what time we have,
(Name on File)

About Anger and Aliens
Dr. Chiappalone, I recently discovered your website by accident... Being in contact with many dimensions myself, I have discovered many of your "truths" on my own path. There is one thing that concerns me about your messages though and that is the anger. The truth is never furthered through name-calling and ridicule. If you are an alien sent here to "do a good job", why are YOU so angry about the state of affairs on this particular planet? You rave against emotionalism, which I myself find difficult to deal with, and yet you are the most emotionally charged messenger I have ever encountered. Is there some human factor of yourself that you are unaware of? It would be encouraging to know that aliens that are of a high degree of intelligence have overcome the foul ego (as you so vehemently advise) and have the ability to rise above the petty emotionalism of name calling and rhetorical questions that pervade your works? Have you perhaps been "trapped" by some of the negative energy yourself?
For the most part, your messages are spot on in their accuracy, but very deliterious in their tone. Perhaps an unemotional approach would serve your purpose better. Polarity is only strengthened by negative emotionalism. I don't recall Jesus ever calling anyone a stupid bastard or an ignorant moron. Really, guard your emotional chakra good doctor and your message will be much clearer.
My Reply: From what you write and how you write it, I know you are not trained in proper psychology, medicine, psychiatry. I am! But that is beside the point. Of the millions who have read my information, you, as well as evil ones, are the only ones to think there is personal emotive reasoning behind my words. Could it be that what you see is really a reflection of your own fears and anger at being forced to see what you do not like or want to see? I think so. Why else would you be emotive and falsely accuse me of "raving"?
By writing that my writings are "very deliterious in their tone" (it should be deleterious) clearly demonstrates you are insensitive to the energy in them inspite of what you appear to want to assert. YOU are as ignorant as any I've met who can only use their monkey mind. And by telling me that "For the most part, your messages are spot on in their accuracy", suggests you claim a discerning superiority which is not so, your ignorance being revealed repeatedly by what you yourself have written in such a brief email. Only the most stupid people do that, for I know you have not read many of our 20 books, so you cannot possibly know what is in them. You ARE judging in ignorance, thus proving the validity of what I have written, and the need to write it as I have, and to which you, being stupid, object!
Besides, by talking about an "emotional chakra" it shows you have the metaphysical anatomical knowledge of a New Age Novice - once again revealing that you are steeped in ignorance and wallowing in its arrogance!
By telling me, quite erroneously, what Jesus did or did not say, reveals you are ignorant here too. Did He not call the money lenders in the temple scathing names and chase them out with a whip? Did He not say some were scum-bags, or the equivalent for the times, such as venomous vipers, painted tarts and impostors with rotten innards, or the equivalent (which easily translates to scum-bags) and that it would have been better if they had not been born? Did He not call them liars and murderers, whose father was Satan?
By the way, "bastard" is no more pejorative than "illegitimate" and all of the counterfeit creation are illegitimate! You must be another that can validly be labelled "stupid moron". How can you object to that, after what you have written? Look at yourself before you try to ignorantly and arrogantly psychoanalyse others!
I've met too many of your type and will not bother wasting any more time if you write again. This is enough to expose what you are in essence, behind that false facade of sugary sweet "caring". I call the shots as I see them, even when using colloquialism and "poetic licence". You want to hide behind self-destructive ignorance. Just how many times have you tried to teach your grandmother how to suck eggs?
If you really were in touch with purer dimensions, as you claim, you would be a little more enlightened. In reality you are living in your own illusion. Bye, Bye!
(Name on File)

Someone should take "Dr." Chiappalone's thesaurus and/or dictionary and slap him upside the head with it. Maybe that will knock some sense into him.
His "article" is one of the most asinine pieces of diatribe that I have had the displeasure to read. After the first paragraph, I wasn't even going to bother, but then I started reading some of the responses, and went back and sludged through it. Unfortunately, I feel the worse for having done so, having wasted more time and energy than it was worth. I had hoped I would find some glimmer of goodness and worth within, but I was greatly disappointed.
Perhaps I can regain some amount of composure by remarking on the "information" presented via a constructive critique (as much as possible, anyway).
Chiappalone seems to have engaged in an universal garbage collection of ideas, thoughts, philosophies, religious and pseudo-religious dogma, "New Age" psychobabble and a variety of other inane and useless information the likes of which I haven't seen mish-mashed and regurgitated since "The Celestine Prophecy" (I'll take some hits on that one -- go ahead -- take your best shot {grin}). It's really all kind of sad and pathetic, and I would feel more sorry for the good doctor if it wasn't for the impact this type of thing has on various members of the unsuspecting populace (see the "supportive" responses, for example).
His obviously bitter, jaded, highly-negative and unstable world-view is unfortunate. Both for him, as well as for those with whom he comes into contact (via his writing, or otherwise, I'm sure). There are smatterings of logic and truth and real information contained in the writing, which seem to (attempt to) give it a certain validity and sensefullness. However, if you really READ it, and make more than a cursory attempt to truly understand what he is attempting to say (if you can even reason that out), then I think the intelligent, aware, informed and TRULY spiritual person can easily dismiss the article, and Chiappalone, en masse.
His semi-anthropomorphic depiction of "Evil" is archaic and child-like. His reference to the well-known line, "resistance is futile" (a Startrek plotline -- perhaps the Borg are the ones coming to get us), shows that he has even thrown in a little fiction, as well (which, to me, brings into question his grip on "reality"). He also does seem to ramble a bit, doesn't he?
And his typical "us against them" attitudes and viewpoints ("viables" and "non-viables") are part of the problem he is attempting to address. As I have pointed out to many people, time and time again, either we all progress, or none of us do -- it's an all or nothing situation. And it's up to all of us to help each other along, not worsen the problems by division and pitting "group" against "group". That's old-style thinking. That's partly what has gotten us where we are today.
All-in-all, Chiappalone's article and viewpoint and ideas, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum, are distasteful in the extreme. He also, apparently, has WAY too much time on his hands. I suggest that time would be better spent becoming truly informed and aware and performing some "charitable" donation work, thereby helping to make himself a better person and helping to make the world a better place, for himself and the rest of us. If we all did a little more of that, the World WOULD be a better place.
I could go on and on, but I will stop now. I feel at least a little better. If you decide to include this in the responses, go ahead and list my name and e-mail address if you want.
(Name on File)

Dear Jeff,
I have listened to Dr. Chiappalone's 3 interviews on your program and found them to be excellent ñ full of eye-opening insights. Thank you for offering his essay on Terminal Madness of the Endtime. It certainly cuts to the quick. Dr. Chiappalone has concisely expressed the current state of this planet and how many will and are already responding. In addition, he has explained WHY the physical, mental and spiritual fragmentation is occurring. No matter how lucidly he expresses his message there will be those who will not get it or, more likely, those who get it, but refuse to admit its veracity because they have repeatedly chosen evil. This latter group is in denial about who they are and their fate. They will go down kicking and screaming as the corrective process continues.
To those who fail to see the wisdom and love in Dr. Chiappaloneís writing, I can only say this --- the time is fast approaching when everyone will receive what they justly deserve. No display of 'brotherly love' and 'good works' will change that.
(Name on File)

Dear Jeff,
I enjoyed the essay on Terminal Madness which is extremely illuminating. Nothing else I've read to explain what is going on in the world comes near its accuracy, scope or authority.
To the person who suggested that someone "knock some sense" into Dr. Chiappalone and who called the article "asinine" I say: By writing an admittedly emotional, and content-empty attack on the message of Dr. Chiappalone's article, you have fallen upon your own sword. You have exposed yourself as one of evil who will soon be no more. And that is what your admitted loss of composure is really about, and why your whole letter was one of smug name-calling. In addition you show your ignorance in several ways:
1. You put quotes around "Dr" suggesting that Dr Chiappalone is not a Dr., when in fact he is both an experienced medical doctor and has PhDs as well. 2. You admitted you had to "slog" your way through the article, when any 12 year old can follow what is being said. 3. You are using the same approach Scientology uses: "When you don't have an argument attack, attack, attack." 4. You say that Dr.Chiappalone "seems to have engaged in an [sic] universal garbage collection of ideas, thoughts, philosophies, religious and pseudo-religious dogma, 'New Age' psychobabble and a variety of other inane and useless information ...", but I searched for over 25 years through the garbage of thoughts, philosophies, religions and New-Age and I never once heard of the world being "totally destroyed" or that "the majority of beings on this planet are of an evil ilk". What Dr.C has written explains why in fact the thoughts and philosophies are all incomplete and thus bogus. 5. You have attacked those who have found Dr.C's writing to make sense by calling them "unsuspecting populace". I have met many of them, and I can tell you for a fact that they are far from "unsuspecting" and would see through the likes of your maliciousness in an instant. 6. When you call Dr.C's work an "obviously bitter, jaded, highly-negative and unstable world-view" and "question his grip on 'reality'" you are judging solely from a single article that you could hardly "slog through". By contrast those who have met him, have heard him lecture, or have heard him on tape or radio have found him to be quite rational, up-beat and a pleasure to listen to and learn from. And he has a grip on reality that is un-surpassed. 7. Finally, you put forth the silly philosophy of "its all or nothing" which assumes that all are alike and everything would be okay if we all just got along. That empty idea has been around for centuries and hasn't changed a thing. And anyone who is even a moderately-aware observer knows that we aren't all alike. Is everyone just like the 13 year old who shoots his school classmates to death and then thinks it was "cool"? Obviously not. By responding as you did you have exposed your true ilk, and happily the likes of you will not be in existence much longer.
Jeff, if I may, I would like to address one other (posted) response. It is the one who admittedly took a "cheap shot" (followed by a phoney apology), implying that Dr. Chiappalone's paragraph criticizing the New-Agers was "maliciousness". This respondent's approach is in many ways worse than the blatant and ignorant attack of the other respondent I just addressed. And in fact it is a good example of how religious leaders have agreed with a Divine message in the past, and then usurped it and finally distorted it into uselessness. The writer starts off "agreeing", but then putting his little twists on the meaning, and in the end redefines the problem as a problem of "greed", suggesting that if we all took an anti-greed pill everything would work out fine. What he fails to see is that greed is just one of many symptoms of the root problem -- that of evil having taken over this dimension. And if there was an anti-greed pill, or mass programming to erase greed, it would not work in those who have no conscience, no inner Divine spirit. And besides, this message has been mouthed by thousands of teachers for eons with no lasting affect. On the subject of maliciousness: - Is it malicious to help people see that a philosophy is an empty trap, as Dr. Chiappalone is doing? - Is it malicious to save Truth-searchers time, money, and precious energy by helping them see that certain ideas are wrong-headed and are not solutions at all to what they claim? I think not. As one who spent at least 25 years searching intently for some Truth in many many New-Age dead ends, I know where the maliciousness lies. It lies in New-Age leaders and gurus who want your money, your time, and power over you. It lies with those same leaders and gurus who, in turn, give you very little of substance or give you a philosophy that causes you ultimate loss. Maliciousness lies with leaders and gurus who use their charisma to coerce sex with their devotees. And it lies with leaders and gurus who don't actually practice what they preach -- either in their personal lives or in their organizations. I have seen this maliciousness first hand, and what Dr.C is offering is not maliciousness but a chance to see this maliciousness and to be free from it forever. And this is in fact an act of true love.
One last comment: In the 12 years that I have known of Dr. C's writings and teachings, it has never failed that those who angrily attack him or his work or who smugly take cheap shots, are evil beings who are reacting to an energy and a message that spells their end. I am encouraged to know that as more and more of them are exposed, the end of this evil mess comes closer. And I look forward, with a very happy heart, to the day when all evil is gone and we can get back to the joyful existence that was originally intended -- truly "going Home".
Thank you, Jeff, for your shows and web site, and for your help in exposing the real Truth.
(Name on File)
From William J. G. Anthony <>
Dear Jeff,
After hearing your latest discussion with Joseph Chiappalone, I feel compelled to applaud you and thank you for your efforts. Kudos. I am including an open letter I wrote recently, as it falls in line nicely with what Dr. Chiappalone said. I don't know if it will be of any use, but it is a way of getting some frustrations of these strange times off my chest.
Sincerely, Sonny Anthony
"Something is happening here, But you don't know what it is, Do you Mr. Jones?" --Bob Dylan
In his recent "Hey Rube" column, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson refers to this Dylan lyric and offers his astute psychosocial commentary. While I couldn't agree more, I see things a bit differently and would offer an alternative perspective.
This is a subject that has been a personal preoccupation for decades, and just when an anlysis begins to make sense it ratchets up to a whole new plateau. One aspect of American culture has become clearly paramount; a widespread acceptance of the philosohy of personal survival at all cost. Truth matters only when it is personally benificial. Plausible deniability, a modus operandi of the ruling elite that grew out of the dark age of Nixon era Washington and found full bloom under Reagan, has now become solidly rooted in the fertile compost of America at large.
Nobody, it seems, will take responisbility for anything. Not only is there ubiquitous denial of anything compromising, there is an odd counter-phenomenon of a willingness to accept unwarranted credit. People everywhere are pretending to be talented and famous, and, oddly, accepted as so. Up is down and down is up. What IS happening here? We fell down the rabbit hole a good while back and it is, collectively, just now beginning to dawn on us. The tragic consequence is magnified by a sense that the cultural tools to cope with this sort of problem have eroded as well. We have come to embrace bullies and demogogues and are loathe to listen to hard truth. We want a yellowbrick road to candyland and don't want to recognize we are lost in a pointless forest.
This ethic of surival at all cost is in striking contrast to the indigenous American philosophy of " is a good day to die..", an elegant and zen-like reverence of Divine will. Without this kind of acceptance and desire, on a broad scale, for an authentic existence, the world will grow ever uglier. Fights are breaking out in the stands of high shcool football games, men are killing each other over little league, soccer moms are arrested for assault and running amok...the recent election, sheesh, it all has the same smell. My dog's badder than your dog.
Are we doomed? Beatle George Harrison thinks so, and recently considered naming his new album "Your Planet is Doomed, Part One." He declares, "The world is going mental as far as I'm concerned...Basically, I think the planet is doomed. George Harrison Says 'The World Is Going Mental' George goes on to say that things are speeding up because of technology and "...everything that is happening". "Everything" paints it with a bit of a broad brush, but he is on to someting.
Fatcats grow fatter these days, while poets and painters starve... nothing new. White collar criminals retire to gated communities after a few months in countryclub prisons. Vile toxins bubble up in the landscape and in the drinking water and those that grew wealthy from it have died and passed on their wealth or live in quiet well-feathered obscurity.
It is all finally coming home to roost, and while many might agree, it does little good to don a sandwichboard and take to the streets proclaiming "The End is Near". The signs have become too clear, too evident. Clearly on the verge of filtering down to the mainstream. When that happens, it will be, as usual, too late and out of our hands. It probably is all ready, but what is there to do?
There is no easy remedy for the self-indulgence that plagues and rots America and elsewhere. Until this black tide is turned by soul searching and self-realization on a mass scale, nothing will change. If and when it does, it is probably too late anyway. Why bother? Life will go on, at least for a while, and the ethic that 'Anything that enhances the top line is good.' will continue, and the storm clouds will continue to gather.