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That's It!
God's On Vacation And Obama Stepped In

By Jim Kirwan

Evil ~ Innocence

Announcing that the U.S. and its allies are mobilizing to isolate Russia, President Barack Obama has imposed sanctions on key individuals Washington deems responsible for the current crisis in Ukraine following a Moscow-backed referendum in Crimea on the peninsula's secession from the country.”

Kirwan: In the enclosed video he says @ one minute into the 4min video: “And as I told President Putin yesterday the referendum in Crimea was a clear violation of the Ukrainian Constitution and International law and it will not be recognized by the International community. Today I’m announcing a series of measures that will continue to increase the costs on Russia and on those responsible for what is happening in Ukraine.

First as authorized by the Executive Order I signed two weeks ago, we are imposing sanctions on specific individuals for undermining the sovereignty, the territorial integrity and the government of Ukraine: Making it clear that there are consequences for their actions.

Second: I have signed a new Executive Order that expands the scope of our sanctions. As an initial step I’m authorizing sanctions on Russian officials; entities operating in the arms sector in Russia and individuals who provide material support to senior officials of the Russian Government. And if Russia continues to interfere in Ukraine, we stand ready to impose further sanctions.”

kirwan: It must be pointed out that Executive Orders from any US President have no validity outside the United States on the citizens of any other nation.

In fact since Congress is in session Executive Orders have no validity at all even inside the US, because these Executive Orders are nothing but ‘wishful thinking’ that have zero standing in any law anywhere ­ because only the Congress has the right to legislate US official positions in law: Especially in any case involving the citizens or executives of any other countries—who are not bound by whatever bizarre writings this imposter might wish to commit into meaningless Executive Orders, for his own private political ends.

Obama has just declared to the world that he’s totally ignorant; when it comes to his grasp of the supposed powers that he has inflated, to those of an unappointed global dictator who has according to him: Absolute and total control over every person in any state in the world today—including in particular Russia today.

“Speaking at the White House, Obama announced that he ordered sanctions against 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials, including two top advisers to Russia's President Vladimir Putin, in addition to ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. All will be subject to asset freezes.

In an executive order issued earlier, Obama said that the policies and actions of the Russian Federation have been found to “undermine democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine; threaten its peace, security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity; and contribute to the misappropriation of its assets, and thereby constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.””

Kirwan: This has to be the most convoluted and contrived set of lies that even this unindicted war-criminal has ever come up with. Obamanation is clearly out of his mind, if he ever had one. Clearly Obama believes that he is the one and only god in this universe. (1)

Listen the words of George Galloway on the insanity of Barry Obama.

RT: “Just a few hours ago it emerged that in fact what’s coming from a leader of Ukraine’s far right group, Right-Sector, who was threatening to blow up the pipeline that connects Russia and Europe”.

Galloway: “Well it’s a very serious threat and they have the means and capability to easily carry it out, so the West must be wondering, at least if they have any sense, just what kind of a Frankenstein monster have they created in Ukraine when they encouraged and funded at $50 a head, per day - the people who overthrew the elected government, destroyed the constitution, set fire to the government buildings, killed policemen; that must have all looked rather thrilling in Western chancery: Unless they had read the novel Frankenstein right to the end.

Because if they had they’d know that the monster that Dr. Frankenstein created, quickly got out of control. That’s why it’s called ‘a monster’.

And this monstrous threat by the ‘Right-Sector’ is a very grave one for people in Europe because at least a third of the European Union’s gas-supply is coming from Russia. And if the pipeline’s blown up then we won’t have any; and then we’ll be in very serious trouble indeed.”

RT: “…Till now the West and the UK government too haven’t been reacting, really, to some harsh words coming out of Kiev.

Galloway: “No they’ve ignored not just words but actions. A Jewish leader was severely beaten in Kiev just yesterday by the openly anti-Semitic pro-Nazi forces that the West has been backing. But that’s because most of their population are not paying attention. But they’ll certainly pay attention if they turn their cooker on or heating on and there’s ‘No Gas’. So it does move us into new territory; that’s undoubtedly true.

RT: Will the finding’s that come from International Observers be taken into account? (regarding the referendum in Crimea)

Galloway: “You know when you destroy the Constitution, as these Coup forces did in Kiev: When you destroy the presidency, the buildings even of the presidency ­ When you have a revolution, what others call a Coup, all bets are off!

And when you cancel the Russian language, you can’t expect an area where 97% of the people are Russian-speakers, a people who live in a country, Crimea, which for centuries was a part of Russia and was given away in a very capricious act without consulting the people of Crimea at all, by Premier Khrushchev at the time, and in my lifetime in fact. Then you must expect reaction and their reaction is a democratic one.

The parliament voting overwhelmingly to hold a referendum, the people appear to be voting overwhelmingly, in the referendum, and everyone should respect that result. Afterall, in September in Scotland, the rest of the people in the United Kingdom will not be voting in our referendum, but the Scottish people will. And the British government will have to recognize the result of that referendum.

There are many other examples I could give but I fasten on one. The Western countries, my own included and deep in the front rank, have been pushing every which way for the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state even though it’s in quite a state, for a state that’s entirely dependent on the international community in military and on other fronts: To be regarded as an independent country: Because the people of Kosovo want in their majority to be an independent country. But of course the rest of the territory in which Kosovo lies, namely the State of Serbia, don’t want that. That hasn’t stopped the West from recognizing “Kosovan Independence”.

So it’s absolutely hypocritical, the stand that they are taking in the United Nations: They said” this referendum would be illegal”

Because of the Ukrainian Constitution. But there is no Ukrainian Constitution” (k - Just as there is no longer a US Constitution) “It was ripped up, which the western countries supported. And why are the Crimean’s not allowed to decide their future, in an act of self-determination: When the Scottish people clearly are?” (2)

The insanity being put forward today by the unindicted war-criminal in the Oval Office is beyond any and all norms of behavior on this planet. Obamanation has clearly lost his mind and must be forced from his stolen-perch, before he succeeds in fomenting WWIII, in compliance with the wishes of Israel and the USSA owners of this disgraced land we used to call the USA…

1) Obama announces sanctions over Crimean vote

2) Galloway: West Created ‘Frankenstein Monster in Ukraine’ 5min 39 sec VIDEO



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