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Tearing The World Apart!
By Jim Kirwan

In the universal world Communication & Silence

Have always alternated their influences

But since we’ve chosen to tear the world apart everything

Has become far more difficult to grasp.

In the morass of public confusion, over what we are actually doing, versus what political-puppets keep trying to hide: There are many basic components in “every policy” that are continuously ignored.

Obama keeps trying to “explain the inexplicable”. In that process he continuously contradicts himself, often several times in the same ‘speech”. There are no follow-up corrections from anyone in the Tarnished House to clarify anything which is what is leading the world into total gibberish.

The CIA is training the “5,000 fighters” that Obama is sending into Syria. At the same time he states that the US will attack these fighters that were trained in Lebanon as members of ISIS or ISIL in Syria and Iraq—yet he has received the green light from congress to bomb those same fighters in Syria ­ where they can be seen as aggressors against the State of Syria. We’ve spent billions together with Israel to create these ‘alleged’ beheadings by barbarians: Yet Obama sees no problem with telling the world that we are going to use airstrikes to keep them “contained” in Syria: Without Syria’s permission to bomb anything inside Syria.

Obama has insisted that he will support only “moderate-fighters” in their attempt to control the most vicious fighters since Genghis Kahn. Why would we create something called “moderate-fighters” to confront a force that is now rich and armed to the teeth with our own weapons ­ in their reach to grab many more parts of many states throughout the region? Everything Obamanation continues to say is a contradiction in terms: Why does the world pay any attention to this failed puppet and his Israeli owners, or to any of their created mercenaries like NATO, CIA, or the EU?

Here’s a video-ad for Israel’s Secret Intelligence Services that has been going viral around the planet: Is this how the world sees their future—because it has nothing to do with any reality that ever survived, anywhere for long…

New ISIL Horror Threat ­ VIDEO!

There’s another huge problem that’s been growing in the world like ‘Kudzu’ for the last thirty or so years. It’s a totally illegal maneuver that politicians have used repeatedly as a substitute for actually going to war. It’s called “SANCTIONS” and they are totally out of control in every place where they have come to dominate Western Policies.

On Tuesday, the Argentinean Foreign Ministry summoned Kevin Sullivan, the US ambassador to Buenos Aires, over inappropriate comments on the Latin American country’s failure to repay its debts to US companies.

Our Foreign Ministry summoned Kevin Sullivan because we understand his statements were unfortunate and out of place, apart from being an undue interference in Argentina’s sovereignty,” Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said.

Argentina denies any shortcomings in its repayment of its loans and blames the United States’ judiciary for not resolving the legal dispute.

Experts have recommended tougher measures against Washington, including the expulsion of the US diplomat for violating the Vienna Convention on international relations.”

Argentina Accuses Washington of meddling in internal affairs

This approach to dealing with the West might work far more quickly if Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria all took the latest sanctions and threats made against each nation - directly to the Vienna Convention on international relations?

If “sanctions” are deemed “acceptable” by the Convention, then the growing number of nations which are currently buried under Western Sanctions ought to put their own SANCTIONS on Israel & USI, as well as the EU, NATO and the UN?

How would banning Americans and Israeli’s from traveling into a multitude of nations be accepted? And how would Amerikans and Israeli’s act if their bank accounts were frozen and their travel plans were blocked by lowly third world countries?

Everything that Washington does for Israel is in direct confrontation with the rights of every nation they have decided to interfere with since the New Millennium began. Of course it goes much further back than that, all the way back to over a hundred years ­ but if we just deal with those events that most of us know about directly: The record is clear. The current self-appointed leadership of the planet is totally criminal and must be confronted in every organization where charges can be brought against them…

TEHRAN (FNA)- Mike Harris, American political commentator, stresses the need for the establishment of an international fact-finding commission to bring the backers of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group to justice.

"I absolutely agree with whatever it takes to bring those (backers of the ISIL) who provide material support to justice," Mike Harris said in an exclusive interview with Fars News Agency.

He believes that the US has had a central role in the formation and funding of the ISIL. This is caused by competing factions within the US government and its approach to foreign policy.

"The ISIL is another CIA creation that is spreading terrorism around the world for the purpose of continuing the "War on Terror" because this is a major driver in stripping the American people of their civil liberties, while imposing a police state upon the USA, and it is highly profitable for certain businesses and elements within the USA," he added.

What follows is the full text of the Harris's interview with FNA.”

Harris Calls for Establishment of Int'l Fact-Finding Commission to Prosecute ISIL Backers

Part of the global problem that’s killing the public world wide is the completely one-sided world of sanctions and security threats that are aimed at the heart of the bulk of the global population: If Argentina’s case is picked up and backed by a preponderance of Central and South American nations, as well by the few that might be courageous enough from Europe and elsewhere—then maybe the world could begin to see an end to these illegal wars that are being fought with sanctions instead of bullets—even though SANCTIONS can actually kill or incapacitate more people that some of our “WARS” have ever done.

The world has let USI & Israel run wild with absolutely no consequences for any of their continuing global crimes ­ anywhere on the planet. It’s time to call these paranoid megalomaniacs on these excessively brutal invasions into the way so many nations choose to run their own affairs.

USRAEL must be told to shut-up and get out of other people’s affairs!

Obama was not elected to run the world and it’s way past time for the world to give the back of our hands to all those parasites, each and every time they open their lying mouths! Short of that, maybe initiating sanctions from many nations might send the message that is needed now!

There is no track-record when it comes to any of those who are panic-driven to keep all these wars going from Gaza to Ukraine and from Yemen to Iraq as well as Syria and Iran. Their ultimate goal has always been the same: To destabilize the growing global sphere coming from Russia and China, as well as any progress of the nations that are choosing to dump the West in favor of prosperity and life; over austerity, financial ruin and death with the EU, Washington and Tel Aviv!

This is a global problem that requires a global response. It needs to involve blood and teeth and claws—if anything is ever going to change before we all plunge headlong into that vast chasm of silence that we think of as Oblivion…


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