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The Survival of Humanity
Part 1


By Jim Kirwan


The last time that “Science” & “Art” worked together for the benefit of the human race, was during the Italian Renaissance, which appeared during a very dark period in European History. Breakthroughs of all types had their beginnings during that very special moment ­ which humanity has not replicated in the centuries that came from that period.

Morris reads an overview, with comments, on some of the problems which the planet is now facing, because as people, we have allowed ourselves to become victimized by the two most vicious parasites that have become the true enemies of humanity throughout the world today.

These parasites are the overbearing and unnecessary 'governments' and 'the global-corporations' that exist: With all the 'rights' of human beings but with “no responsibilities” whatsoever. If humanity were to eliminate the Oligarch's that control the Corporations, interlocked with the lawless 'governments' ­ then humanity could free itself to return to those natural ways of human-life that would end this nightmare and return humanity to the natural and healthy growth and prosperity that we were all meant to have.

Morris Reading: What is Wrong with Europe

The above represents the permanent destruction of the overarching worship of all that's inherent in this image of Ancient Evil, (1973) that has controlled the life of this planet for centuries. Here we can see evil incarnate as the goal, with the grasping, clawing battle of the Oligarch's upon his back: To eventually become one with the single image, in their attempt to dominate the evil, which they have secretly worshiped for most of recorded history. Hit the link to enlarge the image and you can see the hollows of his nets' are actually prison-cells, that trap the unaware as they fall from their individual quests for their impossible control of the unthinkable.

The golden-coins are the by-product of the eruptions behind the rise of evil, which have become their life-boats to sustain the 'survivors', in their quest to reenter the chaos of the cities to the right, that are about to be ravaged once again ­ which is where we are at this moment.

The Rise of the Lawless Political & Religious Oligarchy's

The Italian Renaissance happened in the 14th Century, shortly afterward, what had almost become the birth of the interaction and concomitant progress between Science & the Arts. These evil-seeds of corruption began to spread like a nearly invisible plague, which began to force the changes that murdered creative-incentives, where necessary, while at the same time fledgling-global-powers began their individual quests for domination through monetary control over the talent and unique skills that had their beginnings' in the Renaissance.

The religious powers each played their part in all of this. The Catholicism from Rome, did battle with Islam, over imagery and control of the citizenry of that ancient world: But the real victim in that ancient series of wars were the people of the planet that were being groomed to be just members of the herds of humanity, that were even then being managed by the very few. The current rise of The Third Jihad is a direct result of those ancient wars for minds and for total control over the human race. All of this has been based upon ending any and all cooperation between peoples, disciplines, and the vast differences from among people all over this planet.

This this did not 'just happened', every part of what we're living in now was designed by in-human forces whose only goal was and still is personal aggrandizement and wealth beyond all measure—never before seen in human history. The result that is at stake right now, is the enslavement and elimination of the entire human race.

One of the breakthroughs, made possible by the cooperation of Science & the Arts, was the recent discovery of the facts behind the ability of plants to respond directly to music. There have been many such barely-noticed breakthroughs, but most of them have gone the way of what we learned about the intelligence of whales and dolphins and their abilities in communications and skills. Once discovered, these fantastically interesting additions' to human knowledge were diverted to be applied to weaponizing whatever was gleaned to be put to use in war, rather than in expanding our knowledge of 'life' everywhere and what we might actually be sharing-in: Rather than in how fast and furiously we can kill the other species on the planet.

The same is true of what little we know about the universe and the Sun, solar and wind power, or the desalination of the oceans to furnish the water we have contaminated for all time, in military weaponry and development projects that serve only global-destruction. The same things have happened to what we could have learned about the rain-forests' before we destroyed them, in our quest to use up all the “free” natural resources of the planet, even before we knew much of anything about what what we were burning or killing in our zeal “to own everything”: While we failed to provide nature with what was needed to regrow the natural world that we have slavishly been trying to liquidate at every opportunity. All the while we have created the toxic-substances and the criminally-obscene weapons and products that are racing to seal the fate of the planet with plastics and nuclear radiation, both domesticity and militarily, which almost guarantees a totally unlivable planet, for just a few more-dollars that have become useless in the last year alone...

That's just some of what we've already lost

What we've begun to work on now is the total annihilation

of the remaining humans on the planet.

For this extermination we have chosen the total segregation of every person on the planet, in such a way as to isolate everyone, regardless of where they might live, into a totally artificial world wherein people no longer matter ­ to the point that most of us will be replaced with robots, or “Artificial Intelligence”, to those who are already worshiping this new “master” over what's left of the human race...

All of this has only been very briefly touched-on, because this is what's really behind all the diversions that fill the pages of way too many web-sites, even as all of this is still only barely even mentioned by the mainstream corporate media, because this has always been what's behind all the constructed-wars, the global-relocation's and the vast numbers of illegal refugees that are swarming over international borders worldwide; just as they have been doing for over thirty-six years in USIS....

End of Part 1


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