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Surrogate Government Imposters


By Jim Kirwan


Since the 1980’s the government has been in the business of creating fake government agencies from the Office of the Surgeon General all the way through city, county and state agencies to impose ‘unwritten laws’ upon the people of the nation - supposedly because these fake laws are “good for the people”, even though most of them were never based on any laws that had legally been voted into effect.

Now we have come to the quintessential maximum series of lies that seeks to silence the population totally when it comes to how we see other people and their social right of “marriage” to exist, or even whether or not we call ourselves men or women, or some other artificially constructed designation that’s meant to please a very small minority that’s chosen to live differently from the majority of people on the planet that have generally lived according to natural law for Millennium.

Basically the creatures making these demands of the majority of people, are criminally saying that they have “the right” to make these changes so as not to upset the feelings of the minority. All of those now making these demands of the cities, towns and states, in the name of ‘fairness’ need to be singled out and challenged to provide their credentials for all to see.

The same kind of public bullshit has been used to supposedly prop up the aging criminal support of all the illegal Israeli foreign agencies that have not registered with the government as Agents of a Foreign Nation.

Americans need to start enforcing the laws that are on the books instead of creating a bunch of pure garbage to prop-up a different bunch of public criminals that want to end all Natural Law, along with any of the natural laws that should have protected all women (who make up more than half the global population) from the eleventh century interpretations of Sharia law…

But whether credentialed or not the current advocates who are championing the new ‘sexuality’ that requires the creation of a third sex all need to be challenged and physically denied agreement ­ wherever they try to control where we live, what we can say and how we can live our lives ­ because none of that is any of their business, it never was and just because this illegal ‘government’ is trying to hide behind the skirts of LGBTQ, does not mean that whatever the currently criminal set of laws that was wrongfully implemented by the Supreme Court - this does not mean that the USA is now composed of enough of a Rainbow Coalition, to change the flag or to rename the entire human population.

What’s been lost on the public now is that LGBTQ is not a legally constituted official party that has enough members to demand fundamental changes to the nation and the constitution without an election on these specific topics. Consequently every American that disagrees with them needs to forcefully tell them to go to straight to hell, especially on every new aspect of the upcoming re-assignment of housing arrangements that is being driven by the Ultra-Communists in what used to be called the Amerikan Left.

These creatures have no immunity from genuine American objections to their masquerade of being a legitimate political party ­ they’re nothing but one-hand trying to clap while the rest of the world continues to try to resist these traitors that are trying so desperately to consume this country on virtually every front…from education and society all the way through housing, freedom of speech and assembly, including the entire rearrangement of the time-honored social structure, when nothing of the kind has ever been called for globally before.

Americans have to stop giving in to these imposters and start punishing them, on the spot, for trying to censor the entire country on behalf of traitors that have been trying to end this nation for hundreds of years.

We must resist the LBGTQ movement as we would an international pandemic plague ­ if we don’t at least do that then we shall have sacrificed our independence and the future of the human-race upon an altar of pedophilia and crimes against children, not to mention the sellout of future generations to this criminal state that seeks to molest and take the children from their homes to sell them to the highest bidders ­ or to let them be sold into sexual slavery ­ because that’s what the state-agencies are doing with the children they continue to steal from their biological parents.

The larger picture that keeps going unnoticed are the massive violations of privacy which the state directed sexual-sickness is pushing ­ under the egis of “national-security-concerns” that have nothing to do with the everyday lives of American families or individuals: As has been proven by the absolute lack of any terrorist activities, since 911, that are not generated, except by this government itself.

We need to shut down the LGBTQ disease wherever it publicly raises its ugly head.

What any person chooses to do in their private life was their business, in America pre-911, but equally it is the right of every American to defend their choices now - as to how and where they chose to live their lives now. The sex-police do not get to decide how or where this society shall live, what they do with their lives, or how they shall think about anything they chose to think about ­ when and “if” government intends to invade these freedoms then they should face the same kinds of potential endings that the citizens will risk if they defend their right to live and speak for themselves ­ in the treachery of this police-state of today.

The time for more government games is over. The time for survival must be accounted for, and all those who fail to defend themselves will no longer be part of the living world.

Ultimately Americans must end their love-affair with Surrogate Imposters

In this place.

We must make the criminal government defend itself and

Stop hiding behind illegal constructs that began with the Fed & Israel,

Even before it was a state of any kind.

It’s your choice America, either defend your life and the lives of those you love or die in silence and disgrace as a slave to the continuing USI-Israeli war machine…




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