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Surrendering All Rights
Paradigm-Shattering Crimea Vote

By Jim Kirwan

We began Surrendering Our Rights in the year 2000.

Today the Global-Pirates of the West have begun to use their misguided axe’s to try to permanently separate the only world we have, that makes any sense, from the parasitical megalomaniac’s that seek to take over the planet. These global-outlaws are trying to use illegal Executive Orders to accomplish what they cannot physically do.

Yesterday a reader sent me this comment:

Obama is being set up deliberately, for the reintroduction of the GOP to Govern with Backing of Netanyahu, anti-Zionist orthodox Hassidic choose? Benevolent anti-Zionist “real Choose” and the Chabot backed Kremlin?”

To which I responded:

There won't be a "next election" because this shit is over with - The world will end it, because we won't!”

Criminality in the USSA is now far too heavy to maintain the continuing farce of our so-called political system for another round of false-flag everything: In politics, global-finance or the military false-flag adventures that have become routine to the point of near total insanity—not just here; but in the wider-world as well.

Paul Craig Roberts said it so well yesterday in his column:

Crimea Give the Finger to White House Tyrant.”

While Crimeans celebrate in the streets and international observers declare the referendum to be totally fair and free of all interference and threat, the neo-Nazi White House declared that “we don’t recognize no stinking vote.” The moronic White House spokesperson said that the White House and “the international community”­Washington in its arrogance thinks that it is the voice of “the international community”­do not recognize the results of democracy in action.

Democracy is not acceptable to Washington, or to the two-bit punk American puppets who rule for Washington in Germany, UK, and France, when democracy does not serve Washington’s agenda of hegemony over the entire world. The neo-Nazi White House spokesperson lied through his teeth when he claimed that the referendum, which has been declared by international observers to have been completely free, was “administered under threats of violence and intimidation.”

kirwan: The so-called USSA government is a total sham. It governs by non-partisan votes which mean that there can only be one view of their idea for total control over the entire world —and they’ve been doing this exclusively throughout the twenty-first century. People here have no choice, just as the people in Crimea were given “no-choice” but to renounce that government and go their own way, in their own country.

Other nations are now doing the same thing, thanks largely to the kind of spirit which the people of Crimea displayed by calmly holding their referendum to disown the criminal-state created by the coup in Ukraine. Scotland is breaking away from Britain, just as Iceland chose to disown the fake-debts of the international bankers and went their own way toward debt-freedom from the IMF and the bankers world-wide. The handwriting is on the walls of the open-air prisons of the world, like Gaza the Native-American Reservations and Liberia.(2)

“This statement, which the entire world now knows to be false, marks the government in Washington, and its subservient media, as the worst and most dangerous liar the world has ever experienced. All Washington is capable of is lies: Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and al Qaeda connections, Syrian President Assad used chemical weapons against his own citizens, Iran has a nuclear weapons program, Gaddafi gave his soldiers Viagra so they could better rape Libyan women, Russia invaded Crimea, Osama bin Laden was the mastermind of 9/11. I could continue with hundreds of incidences of Washington’s lies. Indeed, among aware people the word Washington has become synonymous with liar.

When will the world sanction the criminal enterprise that pretends to be a government of the United States?

When will the War Crimes Tribunal and the International Criminal Court issue arrest warrants for Obama and his entire criminal regime as well as the criminal regimes of Bush and Clinton?

When will the assets of the US government and its criminal members be seized?

How long will the world tolerate Washington’s incessant destruction of countries and peoples from Somalia to Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Pakistan to Yemen to Syria to Ukraine, with Russia, Iran, and China waiting in the wings?

The United States government is the worst criminal enterprise in the history of the world. Not a single member of the government has told the truth about anything in the entire 21st century. The executive branch lies consistently to Congress, and the cowardly, weak, despicable fools sit there and take it. Congress is so useless it might as well be abolished. I expect Obama to issue an executive order abolishing the useless institution at any moment.

But “we have freedom and democracy.”

The truth is that the entire evil of the universe is concentrated in Washington. It is this evil that is destroying millions of lives, and it is this evil that will destroy the world.”

The United States will either fight this tyranny head-on and defeat it: Or we will disappear from history as the cowardly place that refused to fight for the freedoms we supposedly created with the founding of this “nation”.

Freedom is not free. It cannot be given to anyone. Freedom must be continuously earned anew in each successive generation. And for the last five generations we have routinely assumed that every person here was born free with all “rights” intact. That has never been true, because to have the ‘freedoms’ we say are ours, we must accept the RESPONSIBILITIES that go with every one of those supposed ‘rights’. We have become an obscenity upon the people of the world because we’ve been living in total-denial for more than the 50 years.

The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time

With the blood of tyrants!’

It only makes sense that this entire criminal-syndicate has to be politically torn apart before any real changes can be initiated: Because “integrity” has to be lived day by day and just like freedom, it can’t be passed-on to anyone else—it’s personal and there are real consequences for the lack of that necessary pillar of life.

Reagan brought us “Me, My & Mine” accompanied by “Greed is Good” and neither of these totally self-absorbed philosophies can ever work forever—because as we can all now see, we’ve run out of things to steal and people to enslave. That means that the sharks will have to begin to eat each other. Welcome to 2014!

This is what’s beginning to happen in this artificial segregation of the planet, into the paper-world of dictated behavior versus the world of life & death and everything in-between…

It’s Decision Time America ­ Good Luck!

1) Crimea Give the Finger to White House Tyrant

2) Where’s the Reality?



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