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Stuck In A 2,000 Year Quagmire

By Jim Kirwan

This is the Burning Flag of All Nations

Copyright 1974 & 1977 by Kirwan

This flag consists of a single star that’s equally composed of all the variations of the colors of mankind; fixed upon the dirty blue of the skies & the waters surrounded by that thin green line for what is left of the earth. It’s fair to say that “Conquest” has been carrying this flag for at least the last 2,000 years, as it is pursued by global war and all the hell that goes with this entire image taken directly from the Bible of that long ago time.

The problems we all face now have been the same problems which people have been afflicted with since that “bible” was supposedly written. The proof of that being that the people of this world have been unable to deal with Conquest, War, Famine or Death, since this concept became part of everyday life.

Most of us in this generation have not troubled ourselves with giving much thought to any of this. However most Americans would be horribly surprised to find that our ancestors bore a huge responsibility for much of what is being continued today, in almost every part of the known world. It was called Colonialism, when “The New World” was first “discovered”. But their behavior continued to morph from ordinary exceptionalism into “Manifest Destiny” which was the excuse that was used for rampaging through the America’s as the sole unchallengeable military power, to which all the people living here, back then, had to unconditionally surrender.

Somewhere in the mists of time our ancestor’s overlooked the fact that the red people here, had been living here for over 15,000 years, before our ancestors decided to wipe 70 million of them “off the map” of the world. It was a war that lasted 400 years and was committed almost simultaneously with the war on Africans, Blacks and Slaves that was also rampant during the same time frame. Somehow that has all just disappeared as this place was being murdered by the current “New World Order” which is bringing what was done to the natives, back to haunt the white’s, that are now being overrun by the same world that they used against every other color of being—since the invention of gunpowder.

Of course not all Americans believe that they had anything to do with any of that—as many continue to scream about any association with that part of the history. We can’t change the history, but many have tried many, many times to try and improve on what they discovered, once people began to question the realities in that global history. Of course no one is totally innocent when it comes to how we treat each other—especially today—but to allow this hatred of other people to continue into the New Millennium; is an obscenity upon the face of all humanity in this age when we are supposedly supposed to have become aware of who and what we are ­ so that we can move on into some kind of “future” where life will be valued over simplistically raw wealth, illegally gained!

FAME & FORTUNE, just how long does either of these last?

Yet despite our technology, globally, or our unimaginable physical wealth among the ubber rich, the world, as a place has become desperately impoverished and almost hopelessly chained to repeat and repeat and repeat the actions that made a very few people very rich, from slavery, brutality and torture down through the centuries.

A quick look around the planet shows anyone who cares to look, just how far we’ve fallen to this point, where we are about to assassinate ourselves because we still refuse to recognize either the crimes of the past or the non-existent future which our current behavior dictates.

We all bleed the same color of blood. We dream the same dreams for our individual futures, and yet we continue to try and segregate people into classes, colors and religious belief systems, that only amplify our hatreds and stain our lives with needless slaughters that never needed to happen’. In that process we have been ‘hired’ to end imagination, creativity, intuition and the kind of reality we would have deserved to live in, if we had not become addicted to this global obsession with fake wealth, deceptions and blatant lies…

We need to end this fascination with eugenics, with fake-power and with religious prophecies that have no basis in either history or the facts of life. If we could have done that, we would not now be waiting for the nuclear detonations that will mark the entrenched patterns of behavior around the world that we still refuse to end.

There is this myth that our collective past is still dictating the actions of billions of people all over the planet: And that because we “inherited” these problems, we must somehow “accept them” as inviolate models to be carried forward into the future?

ISIS and ISIL and Israel and USI along with the UN & NATO have brought the world to the entryway back into Stone Age: Yet no one even blinks when beheadings have become the norm along with sexual mutilation of women, burying people alive, crucifixions, unimaginable tortures of all types ­ not to mention genocide, crimes against humanity and openly committed war crimes that never seem to become trials, regardless of the heinous nature of the many, many thousands of those crimes? And all of that is added to the weight of the crimes we’ve already collectively-committed.

If we cannot find ways to end these criminal practices that too many places now call ‘national priorities’, then everything will end in blood and gruesome premature death—but it does not need to be this way.

Here’s a very clear summation on one aspect of the continuing crimes against us all. Below is a thorough overview of what’s happening inside Ferguson, and in the old USA as well. This is part of that worn-out model that we must absolutely shatter if we’re ever going to get out of this, before we kill the entire human race.

But one other unexpected thing herein, even though it’s not specifically mentioned, is that it’s the turn of the white race to begin their repayment to all those silent centuries of unasked for dominance, over all others that was so brutally attained.

No Justice in American Police State

If we ever hope to dream again or live a life that has any value, much less the potential for real promise in the ways we chose to live our lives: Then we must reject the Police-State in every country and end the career’s of these blood-soaked parasites that have been killing the world for thousands upon thousands of years…

This won’t be pretty and everyone will need to get their hands dirty in this process, but it has to be done almost immediately ­ good luck with that! I’ve been at this since February of 1958 (56 years) and it’s only gotten worse in every way: But that was before the planet had been openly and directly threatened in the way we’re all being threatened now!


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