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Strong Link Between WTC
And A Small Town In Sicily

  By Ted Tweitmeyer


There is a very strong possible connection between fires at the WTC in 2001 and fires in a small fishing town in Italy with a population of just 150 people.

When I wrote about what may have melted WTC vehicles back in 2007 [1], I was unaware of what happened in Canneto di Caronia di Caronia on the small island of Sicily in 2004.


First fires reported were a electric hotplate, television and a vacuum cleaner. These were reported to catch fire spontaneously. Later items which ignited included bed springs, wiring inside walls, kitchen appliances, fuse panels, furniture, etc... Car door locks began to act erratically, locking and unlocking by themselves. What do all these items have in common? Metal components.

When high powered bursts of radio frequency (RF) are induced into conductive metal items, heat is produced. It will also induce spikes into electronic circuitry causing malfunctions. Consider that electronic vehicle modules in all vehicles are carefully shielded by manufacturers. You can drive past truckers with CB radios putting out 1,000 watts or more, high tension electric towers, cell, radio and television towers and other RF sources without your engine controller quitting or malfunctioning. Electronic door electronic door locks do not become erratic. To penetrate vehicle electronic module shielding requires a abnormally powerful RF pulse to cause a malfunction. This has happened in Sicily.

Why would metal components inside a home catch fire? When a high power RF pulse strikes metal it induces eddy currents. These are the same kind of currents that cause the aluminum disk in older non-smart utility meters to rotate. Even though a magnet is not attracted to aluminum, it can be momentarily affected by alternating magnetic fields. Eddy currents inside metals like aluminum act like millions of tiny short circuits, creating heat. As the RF pulse intensity increases, so does the heat which is generated.

Local church leaders asked the Vatican for a blessing from the pope. Priests were sure these fires were the work of the devil. A papal blessing was granted and pronounced. Unfortunately this did not work. Fires continued to start.

Local government leaders were sure that this had something to do with the electric service supplied to the village. A local civil defense leader used his authority to have all power turned off to the village for a short time. While he was standing in the street, he watched a fireman fighting a fire toss a electric motor from a appliance out the second story window of the home to the ground. This motor had caught fire AFTER the power was turned off. So much for a utility company causing the problem.

Local government leaders brought in electronics experts to find the source of the problem. Right away they found fast high power pulses were penetrating the village with a power level of 50 BILLION WATTS. Canneto di Caronia is on the coast. Using directional antennas, engineers determined these pulses were coming from the direction of the Ocean. Soon after this became known, the Italian government ordered all monitoring of these pulses to stop...with giving any explanation.

The US Navy's sixth fleet frequently conducts training exercises just up the coast from Canneto di Caronia.
Eventually the fires stopped. You may think this is the end of the story, but that isn't so.

UFOs had been frequently been spotted out over the sea. One local man photographed a helicopter flying erratically over the sea with a UFO behind it. It is well known that some UFOs distort space-time. These distortions can also cause malfunctions in electronic systems, engines to stop running and radios failing to work. Usually normal operation is restored when the UFO leaves the area.

Research into local newspaper archives found a story dating back to 1939 about fires starting themselves. This was long before any advanced electronic weapons were known to exist. It was also  many years before the US navy fleet started conducting exercises off the coast of Sicily.


Vehicles at the WTC during the event in 2001 were catching fire more than a block away:

Police car ignited while parked in the street in New York City, September 11, 2001. Engine compartment fire burns violently but the rear-view mirror remains intact. Note how rubble and ash around the vehicle is not disturbed, showing that this vehicle ignited right where it sits.

Another vehicle which caught fire that day. Note how fire damage abruptly stops at the seam between doors. Hood, fender and grill damage show indications of a fire under the hood which burned off the paint and melted the light-bar on the roof of the vehicle.

Destruction of vehicles in a parking lot miles away from the WTC. Yellow lines indicate angle of electromagnetic striking cars parked along the fence.

Vehicles along the fence are destroyed as they receive the full exposure of radiation. However, these vehicles appear to partially shield other parked vehicles shown here along the bottom of the photo. Orange outlines show most of the damage was done from rear-view mirror level on up.

White material on the hoods of vehicles along the fence is not snow. This is white ash from a very hot fire burning paint on the hood above the engine. Apparently intense heat was caused by a burning aluminum engine block underneath the hoods of these vehicles.

Windows are blown out of vehicles seen in the foreground. Yet more delicate plastic parts such as red tail-light lenses remain intact. It would have been terrifying to see all this happen in the blink of an eye.

It requires a pulsed power levels in the multi-gigawatt range to cause this level of damage. High power pulses generate eddy currents in metallic, paramagnetic materials like aluminum. In two vehicles backed up to the fence we can see the front end is burned out.

Similar to vehicles in the previous photo, we see sacrificial shielding effects of vehicles which absorb  most of the energy from the pulse. Ash on the ground again shows these vehicles were not moved here, but were damaged right where they sit. Except for the pickup truck notated here, and other vehicles in the background.

When a high-power electromagnetic pulse hits steel, the self-induced magnetic field can permanently bend the material and over-heat it.

Furniture which self-ignited in Canneto di Caronia, Sicily.


Spontaneous fires in Sicily in the mid 2000's and vehicle fires in the area around the World Trade Center have quite a lot in common, showing a likely connection to damage caused by high power RF pulses. It appears lower power level RF pulses were used in Canneto di Caronia as compared to the area around the WTC. Otherwise, vehicles in Sicily could have caught on fire like those in New York City, too.

It's also interesting that both cities are on the coast, too.

Ted Twietmeyer

[1] di Caronia-di-caronia.html



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