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Strange Flight Of CDC BSL4
Air Ambulance Ends In GA

By Patricia Doyle


Hello Jeff - Over the past few days, I have watched the CDC Ebola jet plane N163PA file flight plans and travel across the Pacific from Oceania to South East Asia to Alaska and back to the US near Atlanta, Ga.

Remember, the purpose for this plane - as well as its sister plane N173PA - is as an infectious disease air ambulance.  It has been outfitted to transfer patients with Ebola.

So, one must ask, WHAT is this plane - an Ebola patient transport that costs a minimum of $215,000 each time the wheels go up - doing going from Tucson to Hawaii to the Marshall Islands, and from there to Guam to South Korea and then east to the Aleutian Islands and onto Anchorage. Alaska.  It is scheduled to end its journey just outside Atlanta, Ga.  That's a lot of flying.  Secret flying.

One thing that the stops have in common is US military bases.  The Marshall Islands, Guam, South Korea,  US military bases.  

I have heard that some of the troops who served in W Africa are beginning to head home.  I read an article about the South Korean troops who served in W Africa as peacekeepers for the UN.   They too, are headed home.  South Korea has insisted they perform quarantine as well.  The South Korean troops are being held at an undisclosed location due to concerns for the public.  

Given the secrecy of the Ebola flight missions and the news blackout one wonders what is being hidden from the public view about Ebola.  Have any US or South Korean troops shown symptoms of Ebola, so much so that they were picked up to complete quarantine at infirmaries on US bases in the Continental US or are they being transported to US hospitals?

The truth of the flights might be much more mundane than what I am thinking of but if so, the government should tell us.  How can you not help but read between the lines on such a 4 day oddesey?

Below is the flight planes and destinations of the Ebola Gray Bird N163PA


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