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Trying To Stop Time

By Jim Kirwan

When we began to leave the sixties behind, just before we began to move backwards in 1973, when wages began to go south, thanks to Trilateral Commission decision to reverse our ability to climb out of the ditch: People could begin to see what was beginning to become the end of our future.

What most of us did not realize at the time was that most of us had been instrumental in this massive project wherein the world at that time was already engaged in trying to stop the passage of real time completely and potentially forever.

That might sound bizarre, but it is nonetheless the fact of the matter now. What we all became involved in was the total effort by mega-business to stop the future from coming to us. Since that time we have elected to ‘accept’ the horse & buggy days of frozen progress in favor of clinging to the nineteenth century way of interpreting our future. Gasoline and Oil are ancient technologies that should have been surpassed and phased out decades ago.

The only place that we could all see the differences were in the breakthroughs that came from our very early explorations of space. The miniaturization of virtually every facet of life, made necessary because of the requirements which the space program dictated, which tended to make all out lives more interesting.

Yet at the same time the world was being prevented from producing the carburetors that would easily have gotten 100 miles to the gallon. Of course we could have used the free energy that Tesla tried to give the planet—but in both cases the government blocked those breakthroughs to protect the antiquated oil industry and their excessive profits which they are still gouging the entire planet with. Now we’re hearing that government wants to figure out how to charge us for the use of the sun and for the water which no one can live without.

The same was true with every other breakthrough that promised an easier and cheaper way to live our lives—naturally. Yet most of us never even noticed that what we have done is to literally stop the clock of almost all progress: Except perhaps in the continued growth of weaponry that benefits only the miniscule few.

Education, medicine, nutrition, ecology, but especially time has suffered greatly from all the things that we did not demand from the filthy-corporations and the totally corrupt governments that have padlocked their profits and kept most of us living like serfs in the mid-nineteenth century. Did you know that the Poor Houses are making a comeback?

Instead of moving ahead and freeing human intuition and creativity to flesh out the innovative geniuses among us to make life better for most of the people living on the planet—instead we let the so-called powers insist on keeping the world homeless and starving, with no future at all. For a pittance we could’ve provided clean water for the entire planet, and enough food to feed the millions that are starving, easily: but the Elite’s will not give up on the illicit-profits they are still demanding from the living dead among us all.

This is the real down-side of private corporations that were not forced to stay away from privatizing what every human needs just to stay alive. This continues because the rich have no imagination and they’re terrified of losing out on any alteration in their carefully constructed money-traps—while most of us are too busy trying to stay afloat to stop whatever we’re doing and challenge them head on with the life or death choices they need to make if they want to continue to live on this planet.

The whole thing is out there just waiting for people to grasp the truth. In the Late 1950’s the ‘better-off’ among us decided to move out of the cities so that they could dictate everything in their version of the now dead “American Dream”. That’s where the “Suburbs” came from.

The cities were “dirty”, “unhealthy” and riddled with problems that demanded attention of all those who lived in them. By moving to the “burbs” people convinced themselves that they had finally gotten their piece of what they thought was the real America McDream. But until those who paid top dollar to live “outside” the cities actually did the math, they had virtually no idea of how much that “home in the suburbs” was actually costing them’. The key component that clarified everything for most people is and was the “commute-time” that actually eats lives by the millions. “Great Price” for an idyllic home away from all that squalor and filth: But there was an unseen price that from day one begins to eat into their lives.

The TIME lost to the commute as well as all the little intimacies that the cities had, which the burbs excluded to maintain “privacy” in an ever busier life that soon begins to have no time left for anyone to think about anything, except keeping up with the schedules of others, day in and day out.

If it takes you from between two hours to four hours a day to commute to work, counting both going and coming back: Then that’s time that you can never get back again—ever! The cities were never paradise, but they did offer far more to the outgoing and the eager to move forward in life than does the semi-retirement to the burbs where there is little to no life at all for most of those who live there amid the squalor of “Home Owner’s Associations”. If you think the government is bad, the HOA’s can be much worse. They have their own banks as well as owning every small detail of the supposed “good life” that most moved out of the cities to find. Hundreds of identically painted houses, on faceless streets in sterile burbs that have never had a soul—but few even notice this until they’ve already paid the money and discovered the ugly truth for themselves.

In the real cities a car is not a necessity. Everywhere else cars are mandatory if you want to survive. The choices in the cities in every area presents those who live there with a great deal of easy to reach choices that just don’t exist in either the gated “communities” or the overly regulated “homes” that are criminally fraught investments just waiting for the next tenant to move in. But the real “hell” is everything about the day to day quality of actual life that is not available in the burbs, no matter how much you might want to find that.

America already made that choice and because of that our cities are dying at a record breaking pace. But the real hell is the fact that the society has not chosen to demand more from their countries, by way of new and improved real growth on the human scale.

Most of America’s transportation systems are ancient. Our roads and bridges are rusting out or collapsing due to the massive and non-stop traffic that no longer sleeps. Cities used to function 24 hours a day and it was fantastic. Today San Francisco has become a cowardly and timid place that rolls up the sidewalks at nine during the week. There is none of the spontaneous life that used to throng the streets and alleyways of this city around the clock: Now the only creatures who venture out at night are either marauders or predators looking for an easy mark.

The cops are everyone’s enemy and the city government is headed by a mentally deficient Chinese man, while the Board of Supervisors is made up of creatures that are not required to have any talents at all—except that they do need to know someone who will put them in their lackluster jobs that diminish this city further by the hour.

This city is one giant tourist trap, overrun with sightseeing buses, tourists, cameras and idiots that rove in packs where each person tries to out-shout the others: It’s as if the whole place is some nameless designation that’s on a permanent ‘Spring Break’ where no one cares about anything except whatever fix will satiate their warped appetites because for them—no one actually lives here: At least not to the tourists that only came to ‘get as crazy as possible’ before they go back to whatever dung pile they left to come here—and San Francisco is definitely not alone in this new version of life in the cities.

None of this can be fixed any longer because almost no one will take the time, any longer, to get involved in doing anything about it; which is probably the same in hundreds of other cities as well.

But the loss to the civilization by every means available is the real loss to humanity—especially now that all the rules of this society have been murdered in broad daylight. Hunger is no longer addressed, even eatable food is vanishing and now water in San Francisco is about to raise the water rates for over three million in the Bay Area, to build a series of tunnels that will allow the outlaws to drain the Delta.

Never mind that San Franciscan’s water rights were paid for since the beginning with Hetch-Hetchy so that city would never be without their own water, but what the hell, the Delta is just a part of the natural waterway that keeps the city viable. ‘But hey - It’s not doing anything—why not make another buck or two, off all those immigrants that no one really wants’.

$25 billion delta tunnel project will jack up users’ bills

California’s plan to build tunnels and siphon huge amounts of water from the delta will jack up costs for water users, including 3 million Bay Area residents, but farmers will be hit the hardest, according to a financial analysis released Friday.”

The Chronicle & the Examiner are nothing but paid for organs of the major corporations, along with the garbage put out by the NY Times, the LA Times and the Washington Post—so there’s no help there or from any other media outlet: We’re owned outright and that won’t change except to get much, much worse. The people who used to live here have become ancient when no one was looking and we’re overrun by Google, Facebook and an entire army of the semi-homeless complemented by immigrants of every description, most of whom speak little or no English.

The buses that used to serve the city and its working people are now what appears to be just transportation for the elderly and the infirm as they go about their daily errands. The buses are overloaded and now there are tariff-transport cops to check on anyone that hasn’t paid their “fare share”. Failure to do so can result in arrest and fines beginning at $109.00 for a $2.25 failure to pay the fare. If you fail to pay it doubles. But the public just puts up with this because they have no where else to go.

Parking is a game of roulette. You park at a meter and put in the requisite amount for the time you’ll be gone; only to come back and discover that while you were gone the status of your parking spot changed in your absence. And the tickets are not to be believed for that “improvement to the cities coffers”. Another reason not to need a car in San Francisco.

Through all of this I keep wondering what happened to the kind of world that we were all promised in that “Decade of Peace” which the coming down of the Berlin Wall was suppose to bring about? Ha!

Envy happened and new evils were discovered beneath every bed in the land: That had to happen. How else could the war-machine continue to function? And on top of that we now have the Criminal Just-Us System, a major part of the criminal government as they make nearly free prison-labor a part of the privatized industrial war-machine…

When we failed to watch this government or to “Question Everything” they kept right on doing what they do while we slept: We actually allowed all of this shit to happen and to keep right on happening: Instead of changing the goals of this society, we embraced their right to freeze time in place which almost immediately gave way to moving backward at the speed of light.

All those wars and all that oil—if we had dumped that shit decades back and forced businesses to move forward for their profits instead of letting them corner the markets on all the necessities that we all continue to need—we might have been living in a very different world right now: We failed ourselves, when we most needed to stand up and take our freedoms back. But then sadly it appears that History does repeat itself so we’ll have to go straight to the bottom of the bottom before the survivors will have the chance again to remake that “better world” that so many thought we once had a chance to reach.

Think about that when your alarm goes off in the wee small hours of the morning or the night to begin another round in the never-ending merry-go-round to nowhere and your dead-end job that is probably about to disappear anyhow—but whatever you do be sure not to disturb the status quo, because as you already know that would just hasten the end to you and your twisted journey, without which you’ll probably lose that albatross that you’re been wedded to for far too long already.

There’s just one other detail. It seems that the reason no one is being charged or arrested for all those genocides or mass murders worldwide is happening, because since these “crimes” did not take place in the USA, the government cannot charge those who did these Crimes against Humanity with any crimes. But since the “laws” that USI and Israel are operating under are all ILLEGAL, this government’s flimsy reasoning cannot protect them from facing international trials for their crimes ~ but then what have those “organizations” been doing for the last 14 years?

It may be too late for the cities,

But it’s not be too late for Freedom to begin to make a comeback

Unless we collectively refuse to get involved.


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