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America - It's Time To Stop Supporting Hypocrisy

By Ted Twietmeyer

Like many Americans, I for one have had enough of "political correctness." It is just plain sickening.

Cross the border of most any country in the world without going through customs? You can expect to either be shot on sight or arrested and tried as as a spy. You will NOT be called a "immigrant." You would be a illegal alien.

Is there a Animal House-like college fraternity on a college campus somewhere? No such ultra-liberal, law-breaking college or university exists today in America. It is all about political correctness. Say one wrong word at a college or university today and expect the worst to happen. There is always be someone around who will be "offended" when you use your freedom of speech. When they hear you, even if it is a sentence fragment they take out of context, they will turn you in to get their revenge. Count on it. Freedom of speech is now just three words without meaning.

There is far more to cultural and government hypocrisy than illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande and demanding a handout. We should push these people back to Mexico who whine about their corrupt government, and yell at them "GO FIX IT. That's your country; have some pride in it."

America should be renamed USH (United States of Handouts.) Billions of dollars each year are doled out like pocket change by Congress to every whining, begging country and illegal alien around the world. What happens when Americans need help who earned those give-away dollars? Americans become invisible, and even laughed at.

Billions of dollars that SHOULD have been used to help Americans who really need help and new jobs has been pissed away. Use American funds to help Americans. Forget helping ungrateful, back-stabbing countries or illegal aliens that won't even give you the time of day. Thousands of families in America now eat dog and cat food EVERY DAY just to keep their electricity on. Millions of families are so poor they feel no hope at all.

In the summer of 2014 REAL unemployment numbers were released. More than 92 MILLION AMERICANS are now unemployed and have GIVEN UP trying to find a job. Can we really comprehend how bad this news really is?

1 OUT 3 AMERICANS ARE PERMANENTLY UNEMPLOYED. Does that sound like the "6 to 9 percent unemployment" or similar numbers you've been hearing in the news for decades?

A few highlights of what the dark house on Pennsylvania Ave. has accomplished daily:

1. Continues to give money away with both hands to dozens of countries around the world in the name of "stability." We have seen how well that works - dozens of on-going wars  around the world.

2. Forced abominable health care on everyone that no one wants and certainly cannot afford $7,000 deductibles plus monthly premiums

3. Has done NOTHING to stop economic hemorrhaging caused by the Free Trade Agreement and General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. These two agreements helped insure the fall of America to where it is today, and the simultaneous rise of communist-capitalist China to become the manufacturing king of the world. Yet no one on capitol hill is repealing these two treacherous acts. Why? Because it is same body of government in Washington, DC who worked to make these acts become law - giving away the store. Don't expect them to admit their screw-up/giveaway anytime soon.

4. Instigated and started wars around the world, feeding the defense department's insatiable appetite to buy more ordinance, weapons, ships, planes, etc...

When the crash of 1929 hit American factories these were closed temporarily. When the economy improved a few years later, they re-opened and the economy began to re-boot itself into the prosperity that eventually followed. This time, factories were closed for many years BEFORE the crash hit. Political correctness labels closing factories and businesses as  "downsizing." A nice short word for short for "screwing Americans out of what is rightfully theirs." Now there is nothing to restore our country.

Hypocrisy has hit EVERY corner of American life. We give money to endless starving children in other countries. WHY? We feel sorry for them. Yet homeless, starving children are right here in America which everyone seems to find invisible. Everyone feels so sorry for all those children crossing the Rio Grande. WHY did that happen? Because the white house encouraged it to happen, and he HELPED MAKE IT HAPPEN with a stroke of the pen.

It is just as the dictator bragged - "I have a pen and I have a phone." He has already used these to start one war after another for years. I say TAKE BOTH OF THEM AWAY. America's founding fathers KNEW something like this could happen, which is why we have Congress.

Globalism starts with the letter G and has wrecked America. Coming right after G is another word starting with the letter H - Hypocrisy.

I could go on about the hypocrisy which permeates America today. It is not a question of when America will fall. It already has but few have noticed. Now it is up to each and every AMERICAN of us to lift America back up. No illegal aliens will help. It's hard to do anything else when you are holding out a hand palm-up 24/7.

Let nothing stand in our way. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose, except poverty and slavery.

Ted Twietmeyer


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