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Oregon Nevada Standoff


By Jim Kirwan


The standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada began in 2014, but the family and their friends were not charged with any crimes, until 2016,

During the IMF & State Police ambush of a dozen people

and the Public Assassination of LaVoy Finicum,

on a public highway in Oregon.

Federal officials are speaking their mind almost two years after Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and 400 of his armed militia supporters confronted federal agents, causing them to release a herd of impounded cattle and hastily retreat.

The lack of immediate action by the Justice Department after the April 2014 confrontation at Bundy’s ranch near Bunkerville, Nev., provided fuel and encouragement for an array of other incidents, culminating in 41-day standoff at a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon that ended on Feb. 11 when the final occupiers surrendered to the FBI.

But now, a page has been turned in what Justice Department prosecutors describe as a “massive armed assault against federal law enforcement officers....”

The Nevada trial is months away, maybe even next year, given the volume of evidence gathered by federal investigators. Already, though, it appears the government’s decision to finally bring a litany of criminal charges against Cliven Bundy and the four others is heightening the level of fear and paranoia in antigovernment and militia circles, particularly for those estimated 400 individuals who participated in the April 2014 stand off with federal agents at Bundy’s ranch”

k ­ What happened to the defendants right to a fair and speedy trial?

Not to mention the fact that these two separate and equally evil acts by the government remain unanswered by the government and their illegal agents who were the people that broke the laws in place, in both Nevada and Oregon? Here's the goal that was the target behind both of these lawless actions that have been massively covered-up by the media as well as the government,

This action is leading to justifiable speculation and worries that others who assisted in security operations and who were at Bunkerville to show solidarity with the cause of resolving western land disputes may now find themselves rounded up,” David Cordea wrote Thursday on the Oath Keepers website.

It may be that a massive operation is in the works, but to react imprudently without actual intelligence is a good way to escalate things to the favor of those who wish to discredit the Patriot movement,” Cordea said.”

Whenever a federal crime has been committed: That alleged 'crime' and those charged with having committed it should have been made public within 24 hours of the commission of a supposed crime of this scale and import. That was true for both the attack by the government on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, and the attack and ambush by the government on supporters of the illegal charges leveled against the Hammonds in Oregon, in 2016 ­ which it took federal officials more than three weeks after they murdered Finicum, whose killers have still not been named—even though his murder was videotaped from the air by the government that caused those agents to do everything that was done.

The reason given for this was: “A reason the government didn’t just go in full force to ‘Waco’ either Bunkerville or Malheur is because their analysts knew [that] only would casualties play badly in the press for their political masters,” the Oath Keeper writer opined: Despite the fact that the government had murdered an unarmed American Citizen in cold blood with nine shots. Bad Press was the reason for withholding evidence from the public, especially when it was the government and their lackey's that broke the law on January 26, 2016. The goal behind these crimes which had their beginnings in criminal activity by the government, well over twenty years ago, that was designed to complete this segregation of the rancher's in the West from the rest of the nation ­ which looks like this:

The Cavalier Attitude of the Lawless Government

is what was always behind everything that's happened

to law abiding Americans for decades.

The “laws” that were supposed to protect the rights and lives of American citizens have been reversed to prosecute and kill those same Americans that the laws were supposedly designed to protect....

In fact this sordid story has been one very long and illegally corrupt saga which even the filthy media has chosen NOT TO TOUCH, because of the depth of corruption that is so obvious, once the truth comes out and despite the ambush, the assassination and the excessive and continuous property crimes and illegal fines fees and penalties that have continued unabated for decades ­ the public has been kept totally in the dark at every turn.

There's a huge amount of blood and stolen property on the filthy-hands of the government in all of this ­ especially in the Western U. S., where the lawless Corporation (USI) has continued it's illegal wars against the farmers, ranchers, miners and lumber mills that have been stolen at a rate that defies imagination ­ with only these last two rancher's as the lone holdouts. If you want to see what this 'war' looks like just 'Google' “Cliven Bundy Standoff, “images”.

The FBI Attempted Coverup

New special agent in charge brings impressive resume to Las Vegas

Laura Bucheit , FBI Special Agent In Charge is the woman that all of this has fallen on by design. Who she is and what she has done is listed categorically in the link below.

Some of her most recent 'talents' tell the story of what she is

and who she is not.

When she was assigned here between January 2005 until September 2007, she was the top FBI supervisor at the Joint Terrorism Task Force. She coordinated the efforts of 48 people representing 26 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. So she’s no stranger to the FBI’s priority: terrorism.

She left Las Vegas to return to FBI headquarters in D.C., where she moved up the ladder, snagging a plum job in 2010 as special assistant to then-Director Robert Mueller. She traveled with him to more than 70 countries and 60 cities in the United States and sat in meetings with him. Truly, she was inside the FBI’s inner circle.

Bucheit’s law enforcement career began with five years with the San Diego Police Department and also serving as a consultant for the SEAL Training Center in Coronado, Calif.

Her first FBI assignment began in 1996 in Baltimore, where she became the first female SWAT Team member and the second certified female sniper in FBI history. She also went undercover to infiltrate a motorcycle gang’s meth operation. She must have been good at that because in 2003 she was promoted to oversee the FBI’s Criminal Undercover Program, her first D.C. job.

Two years later she was in Las Vegas, then back to D.C., then in 2009 she became an ASAC in San Francisco.

It was obvious with that SWAT-SEAL-sniper background, she could take me out without breaking a sweat...”

k ­ So much for who she's proud of “being”. What about her familiarity with the law? We know she's proud of being a sniper ­ you know, the cowards that fire from a thousand yards away to take lives that they don't dare to try in court? So where is her legal expertise, because this story is not about any of the “expert FBI snipers” who ran away from the marines at the Bundy Ranch, because they were outnumbered and terrified ­ I guess our “First FBI Female Sniper”, must not have been among the cowards that fled the scene at the Bundy Ranch in 2014? I could be wrong about that, but probably not this time.

Personally I think Laura deserves to be arrested, not commended, as she and her supposed FBI colleagues ought to face RICO charges because they are engaged in blatant racketeering; which would qualify them to be locked up in solitary confinement while they await the outcome of several years of “investigations” for their criminal role in all of this ­ meanwhile the people that have been arrested and are today rotting away in Solitary ought to be freed on their own recognizance so they can fight all the false and misleading charges that Bucheit and her cohorts have conspired to “charge them with”..

The problem with emphasizing the violent side of Laura's career is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is not supposed to be trained as expert assassins they are supposedly charged with investigating crimes and they should leave the execution of individuals to the courts.

In this case it is the courts themselves that also need to be put on public trial because they have lied repeatedly about everything that these lawless courts allege took place, going back over twenty years before 2014 when this obscenity, overseen by Laura Bucheit, became the latest lawless attempt by the government to murder more lifelong working Americans who were supposedly allowed to use the real law to defend themselves ­ but all of that was just more perversion of reality: as there is now no actual law-of-the-land, that is exactly what creatures like Laura specialize in literally obliterating with a sniper-rifle or in a totally rigged courtroom ­ whenever or however the “opportunities” present themselves.

No doubt Laura has become accustom to taking out the opposition, as opposed to giving anyone a legal trial, because if that were to happen that would definitely be really bad PR for the lawless-FBI that's been at the heart of all the crimes here, at least since the murder of JFK.

The rest of her pathetic career is in the link below...

PS. By the time this comes to trial, three years from now the families of both the Bundy and the Hammond's will be dead, worn out the trials, by the lack of personnel to keep their ranches alive - not to mention all the fines, fees and taxes that will have by then finally finished stealing the lives and the ranches which these hard working Americans used their entire lives to create.

That is what all these criminally distorted crimes against the nation will have managed to accomplish unless we bring them down and put them where the Hammonds nd the Bundy's are now!



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