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The Staged CA Power Grid
Attack To Create Fear

By Ted Twietmeyer

An attack with semiautomatic assault weapons on California's power grid in 2013 has all the hallmarks of a staged attack.

 LA Times newspaper reported it this way:

 "A 2013 attack on an electric substation near San Jose that nearly knocked out Silicon Valley's power supply was initially downplayed as vandalism by Pacific Gas & Electric Co., the facility's owner. Gunfire from semiautomatic weapons did extensive damage to 17 transformers that sent grid operators scrambling to avoid a blackout.

 But this week, a former top power regulator offered a far more ominous interpretation: The attack was terrorism, he said, and if circumstances had been just a little different, it could have been disastrous."

 Look at this closer - extensive damage done to 17 transformers sent grid operators scrambling to avoid a blackout. If extensive damage was done, then WHY didn't some of those transformers outright fail, causing loss of electrical service to thousands of customers? Apparently that did not happen.

 So the attack was terrorism? Transformers are often out the open in remote areas. Attackers could have simply blown away insulators and electrical control boxes, quickly taking down the grid. Why did these "terrorists" stop short of doing that?

 And this statement in the same LA Times article:

 Jon Wellinghoff, who was chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission when the shooting took place, said that attack was clearly executed by well-trained individuals seeking to do significant damage to the area, and he fears it was a test run for an even larger assault.

 "It would not be that hard to bring down the entire region west of the Rockies if you, in fact, had a coordinated attack like this against a number of substations," Wellinghoff said Thursday. "This [shooting] event shows there are people out there capable of such an attack."

 What could possibly be the reason for these "terrorists" to not stay and finish the job? Did they look at their watches and notice it was time punch out on their time cards? We are not talking about one transformer, but 17 transformers. Yes, it was just as they stated: "This [shooting] event shows there are people out there capable of such an attack." Just as this staged event was intended to show - i.e., a drill. Authorities call it a "event."

 To read the entire BS-filled article for yourself, visit,0,5892405.story#axzz2shlQE3B3

 Ted Twietmeyer



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