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Spitting On History

By Jim Kirwan


Dictators vs. Leaders

Robert Satloff, a top AIPAC staffer, warns President Obama today that he either abandon negotiations with Iran (and impose new sanctions) or its war. We will know this week if the lobby (using its owned Members of Congress like Sen. Menendez) can succeed in derailing negotiations and achieving war.

America and Israel are in uncharted waters. Just eight months since President Barack Obama visited Israel on the first foreign trip of his second term in an attempt to patch things up with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the two close allies are at odds once again—this time over a proposed “first step” nuclear agreement with Iran. Washington and Jerusalem eventually will find a way to move beyond this titanic clash, but no kiss-and-make-up effort can erase the scars that will be left behind.

The current crisis is already one of the biggest U.S.-Israel blowups, ever—and it could get worse before it gets better.”(1)

Here’s how Congress chose to celebrate

The 50th Anniversary of the Death of John F. Kennedy

For the first time in history our turncoat-Israeli-dominated “congress” is threatening the traitor, pretending to be president, with war: If the US Police-State does not unconditionally-surrender-immediately to the Rogue-State of Israel—outright!

No nation can survive when it is fundamentally divided against itself from within. The missing component in this titanic struggle are the voices of the public which both the Traitor & the treasonous-congress have spit upon as being of “no-consequence” when it comes to whether or not this nation will sign on to WWIII, for and by-Israel: Because Israel is demanding that Americans must not only agree to attack Iran, but we must pay for funding the end of this world—while having absolutely no-choice at all in any of this!

If we allow this treason to go forward—then this country really is dead! Whatever else is done no longer matters, because we shall have shown the world that Israel owns the United States and it’s not just our war-criminals that have been infected—this means that the nation will have signed up with this evil to upend the planet and terminate anything that does not surrender to Israel.

To this end Barry Soweto has fired hundreds of career military officers that would have opposed this treachery from within. (2)

The only real question left is: Will American’s allow this to happen: To confirm what Israel has been demanding since they murdered JFK, fifty-years ago - yesterday?

Not since Menachem Begin trashed Ronald Reagan’s 1982 peace plan has Israel so publicly criticized a major U.S. diplomatic initiative. In a rousing speech in Jerusalem on Nov. 10, Netanyahu even called on leaders of American Jewry to use their influence to stop what he called a “bad” Iran deal.”

k) “Influence” in this case is raw-unvarnished “BLACKMAIL” of the congress & the government that is supposed to make decisions based on what is good for the United States and Americans, not Israel or the criminally-enraptured-Jews that occupy Palestine.

Never has a U.S. secretary of state taken to a podium in an Arab capital, proclaim his pro-Israel bona fides and then specifically caution the prime minister of Israel to butt out of ongoing U.S. diplomatic efforts (But who) saved his critique for after the deal was inked. That is what John Kerry did in a remarkable Nov. 11 news conference in Abu Dhabi, standing next to the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates.”

k) This entire chapter of this nightmare stems from US officials trying to satisfy both Israel and the US, by continually putting Israel first; over every other interest from choosing war over peace, to elevating Israeli expansion over the survival of Americans in our daily lives.

And not in recent memory has the spokesperson for the president of the United States, knowing that Israel and many of its American friends have criticized the administration’s Iran policy, accused detractors of leading a “march to war,” thereby opening a Pandora’s box of hateful recrimination that will be difficult to close.” (3)

Israel has demanded that congress surrender-to Israeli-interests over everything that Americans need to survive—as well as over-reaching any accord with Iran that does not end in immediate and unrelenting war. Israel has lied repeatedly about Iran and Iranian policies. Israel forced the sanctions that have frozen Iran’s banking practices and forced Iran to accept changes in how Iran can sell its own oil and gas: As if Iran is not a nation but a Jewish-slave-state serving only Israel.

Lost in the paranoid-screams of Netanyahu is the fact that Iran has been attacked and had its government overthrown by the US, Britain and the CIA twice before—while still not having attacked any nation for the last 300 years. Israel has repeatedly lied to the U.N. and the world about the intentions of Iran, while concealing their own blood-drenched history that no sane person could ever claim as valid.

Today’s Israel is a global-infestation, an open-wound in the global-political society that seeks only more violence and death, to expand Israel’s illegal attacks upon every other nation in the world.

If the world stands by while Israel continues to demand and so far has gotten, the total capitulation of the United States: Now loser-Israel wants Iran, Lebanon & Syria as well to be added to their fake-war record. Israel’s “record” of total-failure against all its neighbors, except Palestine, speaks for itself. We were blackmailed into giving Palestine to criminal-Israel after the 1948 war. Billions of people have died because of the ever-expanding cancer that is Israel. This must end now or World War Three will end all further conversation, everywhere!

With the actions taken on the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Jack Kennedy, it now appears that America has now publicly become the target of the savage-hatred which Netanyahu and his bought and paid for criminals throughout the United States, inside what used to be our government, can “demand” from every man woman and child still alive in America today!

Israel is Spitting in the face of every American today!

Americans’ need to answer Israel with our own ultimatum

Cease & Desist Immediately”!

If you turn away now, then your lives and the lives of everyone you care about are over! Is this what you worked and suffered for, for the last 65 years? If not then you need to participate in forcing an end of this illegal-association with AIPAC by criminalizing that completely foreign “association” and all its members—now!

This will include well over 300 members of the 535 member congress, who are on-record as having sworn their allegiance, in writing, to Israel over their oath as Americans. Every member of the government must publicly renew the oath they took to defend the Constitution and the people of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

Once upon-a-time some might remember that whenever anyone was arrested for anything that required handcuffs: All those ‘arrested’ had to be read their rights under Miranda. That ‘practice’ has officially disappeared into the growing blood-bath of the Fascist Police-State that can now kill any American anywhere on the planet—thanks to the NDAA and the traitor who sits in the Oval Office today.

If America is to survive then we must eliminate the idea that Americans can serve two-masters while spitting on everything that once made Americans different from the Israeli-warmonger’s that have now targeted all Americans for war, along with Iran, Syria and Lebanon…(4)

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