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Speak & Listen
The First Threshold…

By Jim Kirwan


From the time most of us began to understand the basics of life we intrinsically understood these two basic components above which have always made everything so much more important: Especially when we learned to LISTEN, before we began to SPEAK.

People have always been responsible for teaching themselves how to make their own way in the world. Yet now we have allowed the criminal-state to invade our lives to the point that there is no longer any room for anyone to live or think here, anymore!

We are on a Prison-Planet. We have become slaves to the dictates of traitors and tyrants. These primitive-barbarians have been forcing their obscenities about how we MUST live, upon us, for centuries. After thirteen-years of non-stop demands from those that have sold themselves into the Old World Order: It’s time to dethrone these self-appointed CZARS that seek to rule over the rest of humanity. In reality they are afraid of our individuality and self-reliance: They are nothing! They resent the fact that we know that they are terrified.

We will use this to destroy them!

This is an introduction to something that has needed to be said since two-thousand and one. Everything this government talks about or demands from us is nothing but lies deceptions and pathetic attempts to control every aspect of American life. Wherever and whenever this is done, we are forcefully-denied our individuality and our heritage in the freedom we supposedly once had… which means that we are no longer free ~

To do this they have invaded every aspect of our lives; as if they and only they are all that we must ever-consider every waking-hour of every single day.

How have they done this?

Simple: We have contributed to a political system that has nothing to do with the facts of life, whether political military or financial. The idea that we have “this political system” is a massive-criminal-farce!

There are no political parties. There is no government. There is only an OUTLAW-BAND of criminals masquerading as politicians and thieves who torture and murder us as if we were nothing but herd-animals waiting to be slaughtered.

Having clearly recognized these facts: We must mandate the branding of these traitors before anyone can do anything about everything ­ which they have already done to us.

There is no time left to discuss future elections. All of that is nothing but more lies. Why give them more time to end this place forever? Anyone who still attempts to trot out this dead and buried set of political-horses is a blatant fool. There is no more time to waste on this childish-idea that we have anything like a country, or a life of our own.

If you are serious then discard all the contrived-crap they continually demand from you each and every-day. To collectively free ourselves we must go beyond saying “NO”. Instead, TELL the government what they must do to avoid being tried for treason.

We have forgotten that we are the government and that the uniformed-thugs work for us!

Media has become the government’s private mouthpiece and their reporting has nothing to do with the facts of what is happening anywhere in the world today. This is especially true here in Amerika where media refuses to cover anything of substance. Everything that media & the government say this government is - is a lie!

Unfortunately, the population here still tries to pretend that the USA is gloriously “NUMBER-ONE” ­ nothing could be further from the truth!

Today’s USA looks more and more like the old USSR—all that’s missing are the GULAGS which are about to be opened-soon under the guise of hundreds of FEMA-camps: There is no objection from the herds which will soon become inmates. Yet Amerikans maintain that they are still “FREE”?

This is just the first threshold that Americans must cross if we are ever going to change anything in this ruined place.

Imagine how much time and energy you could save by dumping the entire boat-load of LIES ­ so that most of your time can be yours again. Do this and discover that there are suddenly many more areas of life that you can enter into again.

Stop doubting yourself and live! Ending these creatures is deadly serious business. We have no more time to waste!



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