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Silent Orange Circular Light
Floating Over Boca Raton

From Brian Vike

Date:  July 28, 2014
Time:  Approx: 8:30 p.m.
A few nights ago (7/28/14) I viewed a silent orange circular light floating (around 8:30 p.m.) across the night sky for 30 seconds before it suddenly disappeared, it was as if a light switch turned it off.
No stars were visible as it was fairly overcast and it was flying in opposite direction of a nearby plane (which had the usual flashing lights, as I see and hear planes frequently and close by landing at Boca Municipal Airport a few miles from my house).
Picture taken with my iPhone as object moved in an eastern direction I would say 1000-2000 feet in altitude at a slow speed (perhaps that of a small propeller driven plane).

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Houston, British Columbia, Canada.
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