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Silencing The Internet
By Jim Kirwan

The major-media-corporations in the United States are moving to shut down Internet Neutrality. Tomorrow, on the thirteenth anniversary of nine-eleven, there will be a slow-down by many websites to draw attention to the latest efforts by the American communications giants to force the public into a two-tiered system.

This change will be totally controlled. Most former users will be blocked from access to the new-net unless they can pay the same prices as the global-corporations, under the new rules. It is not clear whether access will only be controlled by money alone:

There will probably be a no-access list as well!

About five months ago I was forced onto INTERNET 2, over my very strong objections to AT&T. This was a totally illegal downgrade of my ability to have the same services I had before “Internet 2”. Many, many people are in the exact same predicament now. Unless the heavy-weights on the web make it clear that they will act against this tyranny: Then ‘Global Communications’ will be largely SILENCED for the global-population which the net was originally created to serve, on an equal basis, with every other user on the planet!

There are no “technical reasons” for this new ‘segregation’. The access technology exists and has become much cheaper to use over the years. The only reason for separating ordinary users from the needs of major corporations is to create an unnecessary corporate advantage, to keep the public from being able to use the net to its full capacity. The two-tiered system will promote corporate and commercial purposes over the public’s right to communicate, or respond, to events in the wider world.

By dramatically changing both the costs and the access to the web, the Corporations who have already controlled free speech throughout the US, since 1968, will now own all the outlets for news and information globally as well!

The reason for creating the 2-tier system is to silence the one source of real information which the world has had; to combat the takedown of the planet by the Oligarch’s and the Puppet-masters of the world. This blatant attempt to shut down the web to everyone except corporations and their elite clients—must be stopped!

The costs of this change, which the Global-Corporate-powers can easily afford, will render the net unaffordable for ‘sub-humans’ and others who depend upon it for survival.

Internet Slowdown Day: Leading web companies fight for ‘net neutrality’

In Crosstalk today we can easily see how important the entire issue of free speech and communications really is right now!

In today’s segment the topic is “West vs. Russia”. This is a 29 minute discussion between four intelligent people. Their thoughts on the shifting quagmire contribute greatly to what Amerika’s relationship with Russia has become critical to know—for those who care about getting to the substance beneath the lies and rhetoric. This began well before Maidan Square and the beginning of everything that has become known as “Ukraine Today”. It actually was part of the dialogue behind the Cold War. Articles like this video will take hours to get “access-to” if Internet 2 goes into effect. We cannot let this crime happen.

One of the things brought out in the Crosstalk conversation is that the Neo-Cons have been working on this for decades. They want to crush conversation and free speech, not just in the US but in the world. That’s why they chose 9-11-14 to push their shut down of the World Wide Web.

Everything the Neo-Cons have done in the world has been about “global-confrontation”. This engineered tool has led directly to the current “hostile relationship” with Putin and Russia as discussed in depth in the Crosstalk video above.

The neocons are seeking to achieve total control of Speech for the Outlaws & the Corporations. The War on Internet ACCESS is the finalizing act for total control over the First Amendment!

In 2003 I made an effort to outline all of this, so that the public could see and track what was being done to us. It took five days to create the political sketches that accompany this story. My apologies for the lame-images of the criminals’. The bottom half of the hourglasses shown are what I wanted to delineate, so that this did not become the fact that it is today…

Through the Hourglass ­ Darkly


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