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Silence & Torment

By Jim Kirwan


SILENCE has virtually been the only weapon which the public has tried to use against this nightmare for the last thirteen years. All that has been produced has been an ever-greater isolation on all sides, as well as a particular kind of interior-absence of life that has only deepened our treason, by being unable to deal with anything.

The more the public withdraws into silence, the less able they are to do anything constructive about reversing the circumstances of our enslavement to those who already claim to OWN us.

The pain thus produced has lead to a kind of torture that is usually not visible, but it’s almost totally paralyzing in the interior TORMENT which ultimately haunts every hour of life. “Silence” is useless as a weapon and it’s non-existent as an activity. In this case silence has reached its limits and must now be dealt with by each of us in our own way.

We could begin by labeling those who own us for what and who they are. The traitors and outlaws that have been blackmailing, torturing, raping and murdering Americans for the last hundred years need to be put on notice! Maybe then the public will come out of their self-imposed SILENCE that’s been keeping millions paralyzed with an artificial FEAR of every action by those who claim to own each and every one of us, which is a flat-out lie! (1)

Speaking of inert and counterproductive thoughts: I have a particular would-be correspondent that I call “World-Chaser” who believes it’s his role to constantly chastise anyone who refuses to remain silent. He actually believes that those who write must follow his advice and only his advice, even though ‘he’ refuses to write anything of his own. Here’s his latest advice, delivered in headline fashion:

Show us YOU resisting and quit leading from the rear and preaching to the choir.”

He calls himself “World-Changer” yet he’s still the furthest from taking his own advice. He’s no-doubt a bought and paid for useless-shill who’s clearly failed to stem the tide, in any way at all. He has no name of his own, no articles under his non-deplume. If the “World-Chaser’s” of the planet were to come out in the open they would be crushed like the cockroaches they’ve always been.

Throughout the 20th century and beyond no cause has been led by outright leaders, in front of any force, that was serious about changing anything. The Rabble have always used terms like “World-

Chaser” does to heckle and never to affect any real-changes in any “cause”. Hypocrites like World-Chaser have always been part of the huge amount of roadkill in every real war. It will be no different this time!

If the current global situation is ever to be changed, then we need to do whatever we can, each in our own way, to break this global hammerlock that’s focused on ending all our lives. We have to do it without any of the traitors that got us into these traps in the first place. It’s messy and will get uglier. There is no way now to not get involved: If anything is ever going to change for the better!

Every front in this society is under siege. Every aspect of our entire way of life has been targeted as if “killing us” is the most important thing that anyone can do for the whole sold-out planet?

I’ve fought with crooked cops, criminal-lawyers, perverted judges, politicians and thugs for my entire adult life and I’m still here. What the hell is wrong with this society that we cannot seem to grasp the simple truths: These creatures are not human-beings, they’re bent, twisted and devoted to their own lust’s and greed - no matter if that means the outright end of the planet or not.

They are that determined: We need to be equally determined to stop them from whatever they’re trying to continue to do—if we are going to survive!

That’s not hard to see. Yet it seems that people are still addicted to the delusions that have kept them from challenging anything since 12-12-2000 when Bush-Junior stole his first presidential selection. (With help from the

Supreme Court ­ Scalia was part of this too). Five Supreme Court justices committed treason against the Constitution and the people, by appointing Bush the Traitor and the military-Deserter which he still is!

NOTHING WAS EVER DONE about any of this!

There is no longer any law at all and we are left with a broken puppet whose strings are being cut more every day.

There are no servants of the public, anywhere, at any level of the society ­ everything is criminal and worse! Americans need to go hunting for those that have violated them personally. At least that way there will be some consequences which the law still refuses to implement…

Since there is no law now of any kind, there is no provision that requires anyone not to take the law into their own hands: Because if we don’t act, then no one will, and all of this will lead us all straight into something much worse than any “hell” could ever be! (2)

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2) Upside Down & Backwards




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