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On the Missing Nuclear Weapons from US Arsenals

By Jim Kirwan

Israel's rabid Zionist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is casually reporting preparations for invading Gaza without so much as a whimper of protest from the US or Europe. The three missing settler teens and the ensuing overkill crackdown against Hamas and the West Bank has produced the desired test marketing result... not a single call for sanctions against Israel.”

Israel Choosing War on Gaza: West is Silent

The time for “Silence” on anything which involves whatever Israel does is over: Especially when that “silence” involves missing nuclear weapons from U.S. Nuclear Arsenals.

A few days ago I mentioned the existence of ISIS and its direct connections to virtually everything to do with US Security coupled with commercial contracts and the safety of both this nation and the world given the depth of involvement of ISIS in the entire U.S. Defense Industry:

That has led directly to another piece of this unofficial puzzle:

Welcome to Fort Huachuca

Welcome to Fort Huachuca, home of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM)/9th Army Signal Command. Located in Cochise County, in southeast Arizona, about 15 miles north of the border with Mexico, Fort Huachuca was annexed in 1971 by the city of Sierra Vista and was declared a national landmark in 1976.

On the CLIENT page for the ISIS website this is the first entry:

US Army Intelligence Center & Fort Huachuca (USAIC & FH)?

Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Instructors

With a bit of further reading between these two sites it becomes clear that Fort Huachuca and ISIS are responsible for the logistical transportation of weapons and operational routes involved with the movement of US nuclear weapons.

If there are leaks or missing nuclear weapons from the US weapons arsenals, then that something is critical to the integrity or lack thereof of Israel, as a supposed ally of the United States, since Israel is responsible for maintaining “the Security” of all U.S. Nuclear weapons. Think about this in the next few paragraphs, in black, of the opening article.

The most distinguishing thing about Gaza as threat is that it is totally defenseless, but does provide lots of group punishment targets like water and power plants, hospital and schools. Israeli Zionists love to kill people's kids and always have.

Hezbollah seems to have slid off the threat list, as does ISIS who has claimed to have kidnapped the three settler teens, and also to possess nukes they plan to use on Israel.”

kirwan: Given the enhanced ISIS role we’ve discovered recently in all things military where the US & Israel are concerned: It’s safe to say that nothing ought to be taken off the table in regard to this case of the supposedly missing teens, or the possible nukes which Israel plans to use against the United States.

In brief ­ A full public investigation ought to be launched into Israel’s nuclear arms as well as their misuse of nuclear weapons going all the way back to JFK, because only a full and open investigation would be able to clear Israel of the charges for nuclear blackmail, which Israel has been suspected of for decades: The far too-silent public opinion on this point not withstanding!

Israel knows right where ISIS is now in Iraq, but ahhh...we forget that Israel supports the ISIS and other terrorists in Syria. Faced with those choices the IDF picks the kids.

This had not only waived the green flag for more Israeli aggression but in effect makes the West complicit in everything that will happen now. Nothing will deter Israel from military action when it wants to completely change the geopolitical dynamic, other than the equally game-changing dynamics of immediate and strong sanctions from the world community. So far, the world has refused to do this, at our own peril, along with other major security threats, as you will read about below.”

And there are commercial reasons as well as political reasons for the world to stop Israel from further attacks against Palestine

There is no traditional security issue at stake for Israel in the current crackdown, which is the front for something else. And one dynamic is the Zionists wanting to torpedo the Palestinian UN integration momentum. Why? Because official recognition by the world community as a state will give Gaza and the West Bank instant and indisputable legal rights over the huge oil and gas deposits sitting off shore in easy-to-recover shallow water, like Qatar's for example. They are smaller reserves for sure, but more than enough to change Mideast dynamics.

Both Lebanon and Syrian have similar off-shore oil and gas potentials, the development of which would transform the economies and long-term development of millions of long suffering Arabs in those countries. It would also provide them the cash to defend themselves from Israeli military aggression by giving them, not only access to state of the art defensive weapons, but a retaliatory capacity... mutually assured destruction, one which actually served us well during the Cold War. We have had more nukes go off, the mini-nuke version, since the Cold War theoretically ended. There’s more at the link:

The very last thing the world needs now is a completely unchallenged Israel, on any question, regarding whatever that outlaw state is engaged in now.

Instead of meekly going along with whatever Israel is doing now, the world needs to begin international sanctions against that outlaw place, in preparation for charging Israel in the world court for the international crimes they’ve been committing for the last 66 years of their miserable existence.

During all that time Israel has not followed any of the UN regulations passed against them, so why should the planet simply turn a blind eye just because the offending party is always Israel? Take a close look into the eyes of Lieberman (in the video in the following link) and see for yourself if you don’t think that he’s a seriously psychotically disturbed freak of nature, instead of just another inept political player from the home of most of the problems in the world today?

Netanyahu vows all-out war on Gaza

The remarks come as Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has called for the reoccupation of Gaza as Israeli military forces are gearing up for a possible all-out war on the impoverished territory.

Israeli warplanes have already conducted a dozen airstrikes in central and southern Gaza since Saturday, injuring a number of Palestinians. Israelis claim their attacks are in retaliation for rockets fired from Gaza. However, the Palestinians lack any drones, warplanes or even sophisticated missile systems to attack Israelis.”

kirwan: Israel is always claiming they were attacked by rockets from Gaza, but there are never any casualties reported and Israel has been accused of firing those missiles themselves down thru the years, to keep up the pretence that somehow the starving Palestinians have gotten hold of sophisticated rockets to waste on Israel?

The people of the world know exactly how corrupt Israel is. The only thing keeping them in power and away from global investigations, international embargos and sanctions are the criminals at the top of every government that do exactly what Israel dictates ­ each and every time! It’s time to break out of that mold and spit in Israel’s face. They must be taken down or there will be no world left for anyone to live in!

Israel is the single greatest problem for the entire world today! They must be dealt with now before the brain-damaged psycho’s inside that illegal cancer can destroy the whole damned world!


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