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Signs Of Alien ET Presence
To Be Announced Soon

By Ted Twietmeyer


It is now blatantly obvious that serious efforts are underway to change the population's belief in ET aliens in America. This may also be happening simultaneously in other countries. Any program to do this must be tailored for each country's culture.

Many people have written and spoken about a coming alien invasion. Several films have been made in recent years, show just how hostile they can be. Even Stephen Hawking has come forward claiming they maybe hostile. A veritable mountain of evidence exists from thousands of abductees testifying that these creatures are already here.s

Considering the size of this universes and the other universes, it would be almost impossible for them not to be here already. But let's look at evidence of what's happening in this area today.

Here are a few of the highlights:

* History Channel 2 has been airing, day and night over and over for several years a show called Ancient Aliens. Many episodes have been re-run countless times. Some episodes date back about 10 years, so this is not a new show. What advertiser would fund endless re-runs of the same show? Perhaps it is a covert group, funded by the government.

For those that do not receive or watch this program it is narrated off-camera by Robert Clotworthy. Regular show guests include Mr. Childress author of multiple books, Mr. Byrnes of UFO magazine and others prominent people publishing books in off-science and paranormal fields. Often show guests are out in the field examining evidence and making measurements.

In each show guests explain ancient archeological sites around the world built thousands of years ago. Some sites have massive blocks of stone, weighing from several tons to over 400 tons moved many miles. Some episodes are about the pyramids, engravings or ancient gods in Egypt and elsewhere which may have been built with alien help. More recent shows are now starting to focus more on abductions. It appears that a covert group is funding this documentary series.

* Homeland security was not formed only as a result of 9/11. Homeland refers to the entire planet, not just America. America's defense department (now called homeland security) already has divided up the entire planet into numbered regions. Regions are basically continents. Homeland is a attempt to unify the defense department to deal with the alien problem. Well over a billion rounds of ammunition of all sizes and types have already been purchased. It was the former homeland security secretary started these procurements. Now the latest homeland secretary is continuing procurement of millions more rounds.

Some congressman have gone public voicing their concerns, but soon they went silent. It appears a invasion is expected. Purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition goes way beyond putting down any civil rebellion. If the power grid is taken down for years, then no more ammunition will be manufactured.

* Implanted devices during abductions are real and have been surgically removed from abductees. Implants found in the brain are usually not removable, having been inserted through the nose into the base of the brain through a thin bone. Removal could cause cerebral hemorrhage and death. Some implants appear on X-rays while some do not. If only a small percentage of the population have problems with a implant, then it is likely there may be tens of millions of people who are completely unaware they carry at least one implant. Anyone can have multiple implants inside them and not know it.

* Physical evidence of UFO vehicles includes radioactive rings of Earth. These are often found where a UFO has landed. Darrel Sims has done considerable work in the this area to confirm landing locations of vehicles to confirm eyewitness testimony.

* FCC has announced one of their people will soon be in residence at all radio and television stations. When asked why the FCC refused to answer. Unaccountable, resident censorship is *not* a good sign. Perhaps congress will step in and stop it, unless they already know what's coming.

* Countries like the UK have now made their UFO files available to the public, however sanitized these files may be.

Clearly the government expects something very, very big to happen. Everything the US government does is usually planned ahead about 5 years. Some of these measures being taken appear to indicate we are nearing the end of the preparation period. And with it will come the end of the brainwashing cycle. When alien shows disappear from television, the indoctrination period will be over and a announcement about aliens will be made.

These questions and others remain:

1. How will people react when the announcement is made that we already have resident aliens? Or that one or more alien races have already taken control of Earth?

2. Will the on-going History Channel awareness program, and other programs like it such as Alien Files and Uncovering Aliens finish the job of increasing the population's belief in aliens? If so, then people will quietly accept a permanent loss of freedom and sovereignty. Uncovering Aliens is the hardest-hitting show to date, with a very serious tone and agenda.

3. What measures will governments take in North America and Europe take just before the announcement is made? Video projection technology to create a fake Messiah in the sky has existed for over 20 years. For those who are unaware of this happening, they may think Jesus Christ has returned. Technology also exists for people to hear inside their heads what they will perceive as God.

4. In Christianity, it is believed that when everyone is resurrected "not a hair on the head will be lost." It is well known that some races are already taking human DNA from countless abducted humans and created new beings. Is this what resurrection really is about?

Clearly something is about to happen soon which will change life as we perceive it forever. Thousands of people working for the defense department whose sole job it is to keep a lid on the alien issue will become unemployed - or permanently silenced.

Ted Twietmeyer



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