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Sheriff Not Protecting Halbig
Because Of His Sandy Hook Probe


By Wolfgang Halbig

Sheriff Borders...

You and I know each other and I respect you in your position who can make things happen in protecting someone is in fear of his family and my own life.

I do not know what else I can do in requesting help from your office.

Officer Hauss comes to my home after requesting assistants form your office.

He refused to read or look at any documents that would show my concerns for me and my family.

He simply told me to fill out a report and the Investigators will come out and handle it from there.


The problem is that Officer House decided that the incident only rises to the level of a misdemeanor which I have a hard time believing since he refused to look at any documents.

Corporal Bedgood came out after I complaint of Officers Hauss visits and how he decided the course of action which was do nothing.

I told Corporal Bedgood that I am in fear for my family's safety as well as mine.

When I am being targeted with Cyber Attacks and Stalking and having someone place an object in my mailbox in Red Tail a Gated Community then I perceive we have a problem

I have attached for you my concernsidentified in which the other two refused to look at or take those documents with them for investigators to review .

My request to find out who these people are which I identified four main players it was said that this would be to costly to investigate.


When threats in my opinion place me and my family in fear it should not be a deputy deciding whether we are in fear for our lives since they have not read all of the documents.

My father was in a Nazi Prison Camp in Poland for over 3 years and the Cyber Attack with labeling me as a Nazi leader is in my opinion that this is a serious HATE CRIME.

Hiding behind a First Amendment Right for Free Speech should not protect these individuals who know what they are doing in daily Harassment, Intimidation, threats to poison my grandchildren in special prepared items.

They placed me on notice after watching me receive those items not to give them to my grandchildren.  Your deputies could not see the connection hopefully you can as the Sheriff.

I need to issue Restraining orders on the four individuals that that Corporal Bedgood has.  I cannot issues those orders unless I know their True Identity which they did not get either.  I even told them that I would pay for finding them if the sheriff office could not afford it.

So please help me Sheriff it is my family that is all I have.

Wolfgang W Halbig
25526 Hawks Run Lane. Sorrento. Florida 32776




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