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Jeff With Harry Cooper & Jim Marrs
Hitler In Argentina - The TRUTH!



We hope you had a wonderful Easter.  As we know, we owe replies to many emails and we will be doing that today and tomorrow.  We have received other comments on this book which you may read below, but first....
RENSE RADIO - Remember to tune in RENSE RADIO tomorrow evening when Sharkhunters President Harry Cooper will be the guest and there is even more on this topic.  It is like an onion - when you peel away one layer, another is there waiting for us to get answers.  We are learning a lot more on this subject!  World famous historian, Jim Marrs, will also b on the program.  Jim has already called the book 'Fantastic'.  That's 7 pm Pacific, tomorrow, Tuesday.  
BOOK REVIEWS - We promised that we would ink ALL reviews of "Hitler in Argentina" whether good or not and.......thanks God, all have been good to superb.  Here are two more.
From U-Boat crewman HANS SPYKER (759-1988):

"Dear Harry; Your book is so good that I recommend it to my friends and relatives.  It brings back many memories as a WW 2 U-Bootfahrer and I was very lucky to be a survivor - and a proud Member of SHARKHUNTERS."
From James Baueranschmidt:

"I hope you like my review as much as I liked your book.  How often is the official version of a contemporary event challenged with evidence which demands a different verdict?  It seems anyone who does this challenging gets branded as a 'conspiracy theorist'.  However, just a little research will reveal evidence contradicting the official version of several major events.  Have we been told the truth about the murder of JFK or what really happened on 9-11?

Now the subject of this book is Hitler's fate after WW II.  One of my professors in the 1980's vehemently maintained the truth of the official story of Hitler's suicide in the Bunker.  Suggesting that Hitler had escaped to Argentina was just 'too outrageous' and would guarantee falling out of the professor's favor.  But in recent years, evidence supporting Hitler's survival in Argentina has been coming to light.  For example, most of the FBI files have been publicized and can be accessed online.  Copies of several of these files are displayed in this book.

EDITOR NOTE - It was our S.E.I.G. Agent TAUCHER who found all these files (and many more) five or six years ago and got them declassified.

The first several chapters of the book are the first hand account of Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco, a Spaniard who worked for the Nazis before, during and after WW II.  He gives details about serving in the Bunker the last few months of the war, travelling by submarine a year later helping Martin Bormann escape to Argentina and his involvement with the Nazis in south America for several years after the war.  He got flown down from Mexico in the early 1950's to a hidden Nazi complex, presumably in Bariloche, Argentina and met briefly with Hitler who by then, was a feeble old man.  Don Angel's testimony is corroborated by other books about Nazis in South America.  Another recommended book is 'Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile' by Paul Manning. 

EDITOR NOTE - DON ANGEL was a Sharkhunters Member from 1985 until his death.

The book, 'Hitler in Argentina', presents more evidence.  It quotes Stalin and Eisenhower, among others, who expressed the belief that Hitler was still alive.Interviews with eye-witnesses in Argentina tell of other encounters with Hitler.  Some of these eye-witnesses have since been threatened to keep their mouths shut, indicating a hidden network active to this day with its own agenda.  Brief write-ups are also made of several other top SS officers who also lived their lives in South America.

The author devotes several pages explaining why the powers that be (i.e. Israel, the USA etc.) did not 'go after' Hitler in Argentina in spite of the evidence.

Overall, the book is a fascinating and thought provoking read.  It is highly recommended to anyone interested in contemporary history who wants an insider's scoop about the details of events."
To read all the reviews, go to and click on the Books option in the upper left menu.  We have inked every review and will hold none back.  Your comments on this book, after you have read it, are most welcome.


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