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The Shadows 'R' Burning

By Jim Kirwan


Some of the most important aspects of the world are still trying to hide in the shadows of this universe. Amerika is awash in rumors and doubt, in terror of imagined-terrors that have never existed until now.

To change this, the people in this country need to take a long hard look at those who are claiming full-spectrum dominance over the planet.

The supposedly impregnable physical powers that are demanding our unconditional surrender are definitely not who they say they are—and they never have been.

Who are ‘they’ and What are ‘they’?

They’re just the latest version of Globally Organized Crime pretending to have powers they’ve never been able to hold onto. That’s a major part of the secret that most people known absolutely nothing about. Some notes on how this colossus has managed to get where they think they are today:

Their lies never stop. The INSECURITY they have come to know never sleeps. Most of all Their ‘Fear-of-Failure’ only grows with every day that passes, in every one of them. That’s why they’ve chosen to concentrate on trying to terrify the public. That’s the unseen major-part of what haunts these fear-filled-creatures that so many Amerikans have actually come to fear.

If we had done a simple but in-depth study of who and what these so-called leaders and their followers really are or were, this could not be happening now.

We need to remember this:Everyone that we think of as part of ‘the power’ in every part of this global-war are for the most part just servants. They have ‘superiors’. The public has begun to recognize this fact in the criminal Zionist-Police Forces in the US: But the same is true for all politicians, bankers and business-addicts as well. There are always others which each cog in this corrupted-wheel must answer to. They must answer in much the same way as officers of corporation must answer to a Board of Directors, who must also answer to any of the many global-corruptions at any given moment.

This corruption has been going on for thousands of years, if we dare to look back into history. The problem we have now is that never before did the opportunistic-sociopaths and the megalomaniacal-killers ever have anything as globally obscene as the entire array of weapons that are being used today.

Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!

What keeps these hourglasses filled with human misery, compounded by the loss of all our laws and every last shred of the original constitution which once shielded people from this

Outlaw government and its fake-leader, who famously says:

I love killing and I’m good at it’ ­ is just the simple fact that we have accepted all these crimes against us and the world, without complaint.

Blackmail, addictions, sex, drugs, slavery and weaknesses:

That’s what keeps the Darkness supplied

With foot-soldiers & figure-heads

For this unending war on the entire universe!

In this “WAR” as it’s practiced now, the fields are filled with careless targets all of whom became what they are because of their false-belief in “protections” that neither we nor they ever had. This is equally true of the shills in the target population as well as all those uniforms that will be assigned to destroy them.

The direct result of our failure to even see the havoc that continues to visit every one of us, 24-7. This is what keeps this cataclysmic collapse on target around the planet. Just look at Syria today. (1)

In the real world “the power” being constantly sought—remains elusive, because of all the weaknesses that actually determine who actually has ‘power” at any given moment, of any given day. This global situation is as far from any absolute-control over anything as it is possible to get, because of all the unseen deniability that’s practiced every minute, by every outlaw, in their headlong rush to plunder, rape and murder as much as they can; while they try to globally-amass everything that was never their’s in the first place.

Hollywood brought the world “Alias” when that acclaimed TV series debuted on September 30, 2001. It had to have been in production for at least a year, prior to its television release. JJ Abraham and Jennifer Garner did a masterful job for a very disturbed American public that was psychologically bleeding from almost every orifice, after 911, which had happened just 18 days earlier.

Israel has always delighted in telling the world exactly how they have been able to do what they’ve already done. That’s where some of the astute-observations above came from. Throughout this television series the very human flaws, in most of the characters, can be seen fighting with each other in circumstances that can’t ever remain intact.

Watch the series. Listen to what’s said and not said between the cracks, but most of all follow the flawed designs of the various plots, that try and control that ever-elusive everything; which in reality can never be completely captured!

Alias” gives us insights into the international-evils that Americans involuntarily digest with every breath we take. We take it all in, but we have failed to understand the truth in anything in it. This is the true nightmare beneath the suspicion throughout the current global-war against the world.

This series shows the public just how effectively, people in every part of life are used and abused by fear and politics, which caters to those private fears that most of us still choose not to investigate: That’s why so many get caught in so many webs of deceit; time and time again around the world.

Ironically no one escapes these traps because they are linked to being human—including the designers themselves who thought they were creating this colossal tar-baby for all the rest of us: Only to just now discover as they are about to in the Ukraine and Syria, that no one is immune from the crimes that have already been committed thus far - throughout the world.

Payback is on the way and when it arrives she will be merciless!

Gaza in Syria



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