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By Jim Kiran


Time to roll-the-dice:

What are the odds of actually getting 7-11?

The first thing you need to understand is that the old USA bears a very strong resemblance to the Humpty Dumpty of folklore. In our case we’ve already been thrown off the wall, and all that’s left of the U.S. are some splintered fragments and a whole lot of smoke that’s finally beginning to clear ~ which means as a nation we died a very long time ago, and now our rotting corpse is beginning to smell up the universe.

How do we know this?

Just look at the numbers in the world today. The EU is not nearly as large as the US, and while the numbers of our illegal-immigrants continue to dwarf the numbers of the same war-ravaged victims trying to flee into the same nations that blew the now fallen nations, that had been theirs, into nothing but scorched earth for millions of dead civilians.

In addition: American’s still haven’t realized that the USA no longer has any borders at all, and the forces in Mexico have already shot down US helicopters from Mexico. That’s just the beginning as the cartels are just readying themselves for the cross-border fire-fights that are due to begin in about ten days. The same ‘Amerikans’ have been approving of this treachery since the 1980’s under Reagan who wanted to give the filth that put him in office ‘nearly-free-labor’, despite the fact that there were then immigration laws against everything those traitors did from the 80’s until now – roughly that means that this has been going on for about 35 years: And people don’t tend to get arrested or deported for the current form of illegal invasion that just passed the 52 Million mark recently.

The EU is a pitiful handful of pretend nations, when they come together as the G-7 - that all-together only accounts for about 32% of the world’s nations.

The just held a meeting where absolutely nothing happened at all, except that they gave themselves a few days to indulge themselves at the expense of the planet for them to do absolutely nothing and call that “a meeting.” No matter how ‘reporters tried to spin this there was actually nothing at all to say because there was only one point of view present – the US Foreign policy position, and no one challenged anything about that mono-maniacal position.

If the ‘international-reporters had any testosterone they would have boycotted the affair, or maybe just commissioned a “Saturday Night Live” skit, to show the world everything that’s not going on. Everything from Ukraine to the entire Middle-East is nothing but a continuously changing puppet-show with all the actual players wearing ever-changing costumes that vary with every daily weather report. Obamanation is nothing any more, not even a genuine puppet-master, he’s just a left-over MC yet he can’t even stick to the scripts he’s given – and that too is crystal clear to the planet that’s just waiting for the monetary collapse to bury all the fake-markets in order to finally end the worthless-paper of the global Monopoly game that only the very, very few plan to profit from, very soon.

Meanwhile the blood-soaked national-international memorials

Just keep on piling up

The only thing they all have in common is that the perpetrators

Are never charged with their massive treasons.

This “Anniversary” marks 48 years since LBJ should have been shot:

But the upper crust of the military refused to officially charge him.

I did my own version of LBJ’s Treasons in 1966,

Before computers or the 1967 War,

There were 66 images, in ink - condensed from over 600 drawings

This was my debut as an American- political-artist

I started drawing in 1958: After 59 years of WAR with this criminal tarantula, I still look forward to seeing the major Outlaws

Hang for their crimes against mankind & the world.

Whichever way that goes, I doubt that I’ll

Be around much longer…

I’m still looking for more abilities as have many others, both

before and after me, as life just continues to get more interesting and

It’s finally beginning to look like this war is about to come to an end.

All that remains seems to be whether or not

There will be anything left for anyone to ever live in again.



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