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Separating Us From Ourselves

By Jim Kirwan


For far too long we’ve overlooked the most primary segregations of the global society, between all the various peoples that were necessary to bring the world to the position we are currently trapped in. The process was long and complex, yet it has already taken place, while most of us failed to even notice the major changes that have been going on since the end of the Second World War.

The Federal Reserve was illegally established in 1913. NATO was formed in 1949. The CIA is the enforcement arm for the CFR which was established in 1919. The UN was created in October of 1945 and from the creation of these multiple-level organizations virtually everything else that has been forthcoming has colluded to end the United States.

In the U.S., immediately after that WWII this country had to be disabused of our own military might, which was in part, what the Police Action in Korea was all about. The United States went from a global position of military supremacy to a force that lacked the kind of real purpose which was what had driven us to victory in WWII. ‘We’ never finished the Korean War and to this day we have failed to sign an armistice.

From there we entered Vietnam, for shadowy reasons that had to do with saving the French from the massive losses they were suffering at the hands of the Vietnamese.

But the actual reasons for our presence there were never clearly explained. That was followed by fifteen years of wasted lives, the massive slaughter of the Vietnamese and the loss of huge amounts of military weaponry wasted, along with vast amounts of public treasure as well. In the end we lost that war too. That military defeat was probably part of the plan, in order to give our future the supposed credible threat that “Amerikans” would always need to protect America (as long as the cold-war continued), from any outside threat.

With 1975 and the end of the Vietnam War, the media throughout the United States, was purchased for a song, by major corporate interests. That enabled the literal takeover of everything from television and films to magazines and newspapers which was eventually ended by the wholesale selloff of all American publications to foreign publishing houses—in the 1980’s. All of this was just the beginning and is still in effect today.

That set the stage for the required “Second Pearl Harbor” which PNAC (Project for a New American Century) had called for. Exactly one year after that call by PNAC - 911 happened.

In addition: Thanks to the Internet, the technology which brought the world this fantastic connection to the formerly wider-world—has now forced the planet to become smaller each and every day. That’s why the diversity of the people of this planet has been shrinking at an incredible rate, due in large part to the instantaneous technological leaps and bounds of the planet as we once knew it.

By the late 1980’s most Amerikans had totally lost track of their place in the world. With the end of American News Bureau’s overseas, as dramatized in the film “Network” - again most Amerikans had reduced their awareness of real politics and life, to something much smaller and more easily influenced by addictions and personal greed than ever before. One of the more operative phrases of the time was “Greed is Good” and the nation drank that Kool-Aid with a lust for more and more of the same lawlessness which had already begun to afflict the nation.

As the EU began to take over from old Europe, the old Western World was undergoing a major facelift that in reality was far more than just cosmetic. Timeline of the EU:

Amerika had been undergoing this same kind of total makeover since the end of the Second World War, while Europe was prospering. But once the EU began to take over from old-world Europe, then everything begin to change and it was not for the better.

Using what they had learned by dissecting Amerika, the Rothschild’s, the Vatican, the City of London and The City of Columbia went to work on Europe, as most of their real work had already been completed once they had formerly killed the old United States.

The people in the EU today are largely no longer affected by their original countries, or those independent states which they had been born into. The same kinds of things happened in the US but here they were much more subtle because the government did not want people to be reminded of what they had been losing by leaps and bounds: In brief “INDIVIDUALITY in shoes of Blood” was the exact opposite of what most sheep in the US have become.

Where people in Europe had “joined” the EU: They had to give up many of those subtle personal identities that had once made them proud. Ironically they surrendered their identities to a bunch of bureaucrats: to throw away centuries of Individuality - for Money, but it wasn’t even for their own money, it was largely for the Euro that’s having so many problems now.’

The way the collective takes over begins when they take away your money, so that you’re on shaky ground. Then they take over the familiar forms of your old government, like the police. Everything you thought you knew begins to change…’

This is what Bush Jr. and Obama meant when they talked about Change under Bush and finally “Change You Can Believe In” under Obamanation. Have you seen those changes yet?

By the time they’re done, in Europe, they’ll all be just like cogs in the wheels of the machine, just like the slaves became in ‘1984’. Once the faceless powers that be are done, they’ll crush the Europeans as if they were nothing’

Crossing Lines Season 2 Episode 3 one hour video

And that’s what the current outrage is all about in the streets and byways of so many nations in Europe now!

The world is getting smaller every day. The trade-off now is that people are being told that they are becoming “citizens of the world” ­ but that does nothing to ally their fears of being driven out of the only bit of the nation that was once theirs, by immigrants, over which they no longer have any control at all.

And besides, if that was true: That people have become citizens of the wider world, then how can anyone explain all those cops, that are now the same in every nation, who are attacking their own people? And how will the Europeans react when their mercenaries begin to mimic the US mercenaries that are torturing and slaughtering Americans in the streets each and every day for no reason at all?

Most important of all ­ how many more will die before this obscene farce finally plays itself out?


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