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Sending In The Troops

By Jim Kirwan


Three Days Ago this was created by firebombs

Thrown by Right-Sector Nazi’s paid for by US Citizens.

Unarmed protestors were burned alive

In this crime!

Whenever you walk anywhere in any city and you discover an area where you are always attacked, at any hour of the day or night, then people tend to avoid those areas. If you cannot avoid these zones then eventually you go on the offensive, you go back to the endangered area and hunt down the creatures that have targeted you…’

This is what must be done against the internationally-illegal forces that are occupying the criminally run and captive state of Ukraine: Sponsored and paid for by USI-Israel, NATO and the UN.

Despite Western claims, the facts show that the unrest and violence in Ukraine has stemmed from Western subversion in that country, beginning with the CIA-backed street agitation in Kiev last November that led to an illegal coup against the elected government of Victor Yanukovych in February. We could go further back to the CIA-sponsored Orange Revolution of 2004 and the $5 billion invested by Washington for regime change from the early 1990s onwards.

The neo-Nazi paramilitaries and their political leaders who usurped power in Kiev have gone on to unleash a campaign of terror against ethnic Russians in the east and south of the country, and anyone else who opposes the regime’s power grab.

The second “anti-terror” crackdown unleashed by the Kiev junta over the weekend was preceded by a similar operation last month following the visit of CIA boss John Brennan to Kiev on April 12-13. The latest more deadly crackdown has resulted in more than 50 dead. In the southern city of Odessa, more than 40 anti-Kiev protesters were killed when a building they were seeking refuge in was set ablaze by hundreds of neo-Nazi storm troopers acting on the tacit direction of the junta in Kiev and its Western state sponsors.

As Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, the Kiev regime and its Western sponsors are “up to their elbows in blood” following the weekend deadly violence.”

There were mealy-mouthed condemnations of “violence by all sides” from the US Secretary of State John Kerry; and there were attempts in the Western media, such as the BBC, New York Times and Voice of America, to downplay the criminality of the Kiev junta in the deaths, saying that victims in Odessa came after “clashes between two sides”. The BBC even gave prominence to the spin from the Kiev junta, which blamed the violence on police incompetence and “pro-Russian activists”.

The fact is that people were massacred ­ including several others in the eastern city of Slavyansk ­ by Western-backed Kiev forces. Eyewitnesses in Odessa say that when people jumped from windows to escape the blaze they were “finished off” by neo-Nazis on the ground who had minutes before set the building alight with petrol bombs…

“…But Putin should not be blackmailed by baseless lies when peoples’ lives are being threatened by a Western-backed fascist cabal and their murderous paramilitaries. Besides, more and more people around the world, including the US and European public, can see through the sordid tissue of lies that the Western governments and their pathetic news media have been peddling against Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

The present situation resembles the previous covert US-led operation in South Ossetia in 2008 when NATO backed Georgian troops tried to destabilize that country, a Russian ally. Russia acted decisively then, sent in its troops and routed the NATO plot. And Washington backed down.

Washington is at it again: subverting, lying, killing and threatening. But it’s a cowardly bluff that Putin should slap down immediately. The reality is much too serious to entertain these cynical Western games. Peoples’ lives are in real danger in Ukraine from the fascist paramilitaries and politician-gangsters that Washington installed in Kiev and which it is now giving full vent to. The bloody events this weekend are tragic testimony to the urgent threat.

If Putin takes action, he can be sure that world public opinion is on his side. Washington will find that it is a loser, and deserves it. It has nothing on its side but malign and negative forces.

Seventy years ago, Russia defeated fascism in Europe. It is time to deliver that honorable blow again.”

What most Americans do not realize is that we’re the ones who pay for all this bloodshed. We pay for all those mercenaries, worldwide, who are destabilizing the planet. We are paying for the CIA, the FBI and our own special forces as well as the private corporate armies to act on behalf of Washington & Jerusalem, not on behalf of the people of America.

In this case the ultimate point is to create the next world war, seizing upon any defense of the innocent civilians inside Ukraine, when and if Russia sends in troops to put an end to this: Just as they had to do in South Ossetia when our puppet in that place pushed the Russian speaking population until the Russians sent in tanks to drive back the American puppet and his pathetic ‘forces’.

That’s the military situation now inside Ukraine. But the real test is going to have to be addressed in this country against all of these duplicitous criminals that are continuing to try to enflame the planet with their faked-encounters to bait their trap to try and force Russia into a position which they think they’ll finally be able to convince the world of something that has been false from the beginning of the coup that threw out the democratically elected government of Ukraine.

There’s a second part to this that’s been very quietly moving forward, in two stages. Part one is to activate the USSA-puppet states along the Russian Border to threatened Russia further, but that could be defused, if Russia simply confronts these puppet-states individually and demands that they back down, before they make the moves that the US is demanding of them.

Part Two is the coming attack on Syria and Lebanon, by Israel.

If the US can succeed in creating that something huge inside Ukraine, this time, then Israel will use that opportunity, in all likelihood, to blatantly attack both Syria and Lebanon: Incorrectly assuming that Russia will be to busy with Ukraine to be able to defend these trading partners, while the West, directed by this insanity which was devised by Obamanation and Jerusalem, who are the ones that are actually threatening to go to total war over Ukraine.

The Israeli premise is that Hamas and Hezbollah are too weak to stop Israel from doing her worst: But that assumption amounts to just more “facts not in evidence”. Hezbollah has kicked Israel’s pathetic “army” more than once out of Lebanon, and this time they plan on an all out war on Israel if they try to do what they have planned. Hezbollah has the weapons and the know-how and Hamas is not as dead as Israel thinks.

This is global-brinksmanship all round, but mainly from the losing side which is Israel aligned with the criminal-West. Israel is holding what it believes is the real ace-in-the-hole: Using Nuclear Weapons if they don’t get their way. They might not have to use nukes if they are able to successfully destroy some of nuclear plants inside Ukraine, just as they did in tandem with USI at Fukushima. But if they are caught and fail, then Israel will be finished as anything but a permanent pariah.

When Putin Acts Israel will Attack Syria - video

This time we must charge Israel and USI with their crimes, in the same way that any ordinary person will be forced to go hunting for those that have targeted ordinary people in the course of their daily lives. This has to happen if those of us who are not criminals are to ever have a life at all…

So yes: There are many cards about to played but this is not Russia’s first trip to this dance. Israel has been in this game as the major loser throughout the 66 years that she’s been playing without anymore victories than the captured nation of Palestine. Cowardly Israel has always used the Palestinians as their victims to practice on, during every day of their illegal-occupation, just as Amerika has been using the entire world as our targets to enslave the planet to the IMF, The World Bank and the BIS in preparation for the imposition of the Old World Order that is staring at total collapse if they can’t finish off Ukraine this time…

What can we do? We can start attending those news conferences where the barbarians are asked to speak. We can shout them down, demand that the Sheriffs and the US Marshall’s arrest them wherever they appear to speak. 16min 40 sec VIDEO

These people are not prominent Americans they’re criminals! They’re traitors guilty of high treason in most cases—yet we allow them to walk among us un-confronted by their continuing crimes. We can go to the television stations that air their diatribes and blacklist the publications that continue to publish their lies—but regardless of the methods, we must begin to make them feel our anger and our determination to charge them with the crimes they’ve done to bring us to this Endgame of our lives…


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